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  1. Let me .. Try too say it like this. Is the 460 Better then the 4870. Yes. Is it alot better then 4870. No How much more FPS will you get for spending 140 .. probly 5- 7 more FPS. The way I see it .. you spend any money on A old 460 you are going too have the same issue next year. I would do this .. Sell your 4870 .. should get like - 80+ for it .. add that with your 140. and spend that on A 6950 .. can get one for 209.00 with MIR. or get a really nice 6950 for 250.00 that would give you A few years. Or / If , your Motherboard/PSU can do crossfire buy and 2nd 4870 for 50 - 80 Ish and you will double your FPS.. and start saving for the ATI 7XXX that will drop this Nov / DEC
  2. 140 is not much too work with at all .. If your motherboard can CF.. I would get A 2nd & 3rd 4870.. I really dont think spending 140.00 on A new card will improve that much from what you already have. or Save up another $60 - $100 and get something nice ...
  3. because the 6970s will pair up with the 6950s. And once the benchs are out for the Bulldozers I plan on building A new system with 3x 6970s. (might or might not be bulldozer based on benchs) and will use the 6950 / MB / CPU / Ram ect ect too make A windows media center / HTPC computer. The next thing ppl ask .. why no 2x 6990s .. Welll I have Crossfired almost all ATI cards ... and the one thing I am 100% sure of .. never do 4x GPUs .. you will lose FPS in ALOT games and only gain a few in others. So I plan on sticking with 3x GPUs ( might end up with 6970 & 6990 .. they will CF also ). But my plan is too have 3x GPUs in PCI-E and Revodrive 3 x2. So the motherboard will be GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD7 or GIGABYTE G1.Assassin .. 100% based off the out come of bulldozers. And this will be 3x LCD set up.
  4. Well I have been looking at newegg for about 9 days .. (planing / waiting for my check) .. and it has been listed as out of stock for all 9 days or so. Today went too get my shopping cart rdy for tomarrow ... i could not find the MSI 6970 Lighting with in the 6970 search .. not even shown as out of stock. It was removed. The only way I could pull up the newegg web page for the MSI-L was with A goolge search for R6970+newegg. I have order Many .. MANY things from newegg and when its out of stock .. items will still show up in search list saying out of stock and alot of time with an ETA of when they are going too get more. Only items I have ever seen at newegg that are Deactivated .. are old stuff they dont restock. Also somone else asked why the MSI Lighting. Its hands down the best reviewed 6970s ... As far as the ASUS DC .. I would NEVER .. use A 1xGPU that takes 3x slots.. that just seem foolish. I am really in know rush too get my 2nd 69XX ... onlything I think I will need it for is Rage (Open GL). Too me this just seems odd that the Lighting is sold out at alot of places and list at Deactivated. Wonder if they about too drop the Lighting II or Maybe and Extream verson like the 580 that just came out.
  5. So, I was planing on order the MSI 6970 Lighting ... to CF with my MSI T/F 6950. However when I looked it was not listed anywhere .. not even listed as out of stock. .. Did A quick Search for R6970 Lighting + newegg.com and found this link showing it Deactivated. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127581 ... What gives .. is the Lighting II about too drop ? ... Mwave.com also shows it out of stock .. however tigerdirect.com dose have it in stock .. will no longer do business with them. (long story.. not really they tryed too rip me off). Anyhow Really wanted too buy one tomarrow ... but not I am scared if I get one something better is next week.
  6. So back when SSDs first came out .. I owned 2set 2x Raid 0 .. well I end up selln them and going back to my Raptors. The value just was not thier at the time for the preformance. I know at the time ppl were getting alot better reads and writes when they were useing A highpoint Raid controler .. but i did not have room for this in my rig and never tryed. Was wondering what yall are getting in yalls SSD southbridge (fakeraid) raid 0 setups. Plz give info like .. Brand/ Sata 2 /3 what motherboard you are useing and how many for the raid. Planing out my system and really looking at A revo 2 ( or 3 if they are out soon).
  7. So , I have been wondering what everyone else has thought of the PC games that have been shown at E3 2011. I am going too state my top 5 and the worst 2. #1 Hands down, by far ... Battlefield 3. I have always been A battlefied fan, spent MANY hours on 2 and BFBC 2 .. even A few in 1942 & 2142. I must say, I planned on getting this before E3 but now I WANT it. #2 Skyrim, This was the game I wanted too know more about before E3 & would of been number 1 if BF3 was not shown. #3 Rage, id always makes good stuff and .. I like what they are doing with this FPS .. new stuff in it. #4 From Dust, been wanting this game since the Tech Demo of E3 2010 .. they did not show off much (that I seen) but I still want it. #5 Starwars : Old Republic .. I am A ex MMO junky .. Would like too sink my teeth into somthing good and waste hours The two worst for me. Need for Speed run, WTF are they doing with that. I bought the last one cause I was bored when it came out and it sucked .. this looks like a BAD idea. Prey 2 , I only seen A CG video ... and that dont fly with me .. this is not 1999. CG cinematics give us NOTHING to go on, if you dont have game play vids dont even try too put info out.
  8. every time i try South bridge (fake raid) .. somthing always goes wrong. Now this has mostly been Sata 1/2 amd some raptor dives .. i also tryed some of the first get OCZ SSD but that did not work at that well. But the plan I have. Is OCZ Revo 2/3 for OS and A few games .. and want too use my Sata 3 too build raid storage.
  9. ASUS http://usa.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3Plus/Crosshair_V_Formula/ MSI http://www.msi.com/product/mb/990FXA-GD80.html GIGABYTE http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3880#ov So, I have been tryn to plan out my Buldozer build. And as we all know this starts with your motherboard. I have been A huge fan of ASUS motherboards, however I really dont like what I see in the Crosshair V Formula .. The reason why is the lack / placements of PCI-E slots. I want 3x 69XX cards and A OCZ Revo2 ( or 3 if they are out) PCI-E x4 SSD for OS Boot. So for me that only leaves the Gigabyte .. just due to space. Side Question, how is Gigabyte .. my last 5 motherboards were all ASUS.
  10. I went ahead and got 4port linksys wireless router and 5 port switch ... grabed A MOTOROLA SB6120 modem at the same time .. Pay $7.00 A month as it is too rent one from comcast .. might as well own A better one. Thx btw ... I was scared to use A swtich .. but it works.
  11. Ok so my Router is having issues. Keep losing the net in my house (have too reset router). The main issuse I am having with picking A new one is. I need 8 ports. like 6 years ago we redid all the drywall in the house and I took apon myslef too Wire Every room with wall plugs. So I need 8x ports for all the crap in my house, however I cant find many 8ports .. I dont care if it is 8port + wireless .. just need A min of plug-ins .. and works well.
  12. Really, back in the day when was usen HD2900 .. their was a Huge difference when i use are 16/8 and the first 16/16. But, anyhow on your other point about the ASUS Crosshair IV Formula AM3 ... Its 230.00 + 260.00 ( 6950) + 100.00 +10.00 shipping. (newegg) .. puts me 100 over. So I really have too choose between the two. So i guess it really comes down too is Dx11 / tess all that .. its not really used in any games ( however I really want too run 3dmark11 .. LOL ). I am really Leaning toward ASUS Crosshair Extream .. i could OC more with it .. can put a bulldozer in it later (after i can get too Dx11 Cards) ... hell it can even take nvida cards. grr . replyed too the wrong post.
  13. Hello, I am in need of A new motherboard. I currently have A old M3A78-T Deluxe. One of the DIMM slots has stopped working and seems like I am haven more issues as time goes on. I have put this board threw its paces and its time too move on, However that being said ... I do not have the money too go all out like I have in the past. What I have too work with. AMD PII x4 965 (@ 4.1Ghz ) 3x 4870s ( 16 /16 /8 ) Ultra x3 1000w PSU 4x WD 750g Black SB X-fi (PCI) Asus M3A78-T Deluxe ( going Bad fast ) Crucial 4x 2GB 1066/8500 As it is I can play most Dx10 games at 1920x1200 on HIgh setting, No Dx11 / No Tess, If I get the Crosshair IV Extreme I will have too get DRR3 & all 3x 4870s will run at 16. And the thing that I really like .. their is info about 890FX getting beta drivers for bulldozer. or Should I buy A cheap MB/ ram and get a 6970 I only have about 500ish too spend .. (note the Crosshair IV Extreme is 300.00 and 6970s are about 350.00 ) whats better DDR3 & 16/16/16 or Cheap MB prob DDR2 & 6970 ? Notes: I am use my PC ALOT, I also like too O.C. as much as I can. Also anyone know if you can run 4x raid 0 on this board/SB850 and what DDR3 would you get (min of 8gbs) .. and would 16gb be that much better ?
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