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  1. yea they both work in crossfire if I use Dx11 .. just when i switch it too OpenGL they dont both work.
  2. Frist off I have always know that ATI/AMD cards have had and issue with OpenGL, it really was A non-issuse .... till id showed RAGE. ... and well at that point I knew I would want A 2nd 69XX to run RAGE @ tip top. So I got my MSI Lighthing in the other day and well I am tryn too tweak it .. too rdy it for OpenGL. Not sure what I am doing wrong but.. cant seem too get both cards too work in OpenGL. I get 84 FPS in Dx11 @ 1920x1080 & 20FPS with same setting just open GL .. same FPS I get with just the 6950. Anyhow ... what Am I missing..
  3. Well got my MSI Lighting 6970 in the other day ... First off it is awsome ... 2nd off I have too throw out a warrining .... THIS THING IS HUGE! ... Everything about it is huge, including the box. http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m148/Neko77025/IMG_0369.jpg http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m148/Neko77025/IMG_0370.jpg Will note the one thing I dont like about it . It has an aluminum frame (bar) around the card because it is so huge ... that bar gets in the way of crossfire cables. My motherboard has A PCI & PCI_E 8x slot between the two 16x slots. So the 10cm Cable will not work going from the Lighting too my 6950 .. I have too put the 6950 on the top slot and lighting at bottom for the cable to work .. Their is NO WAY I could use 2x lightings with this MB. (inless their are longer cables I can not find .. and I did look ,, I have 6x of the longest and about 12x of the short ones ) Anyhow the card is awsome and i have yet too get into some real overclocking. And.. http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m148/Neko77025/ThunderLighting.png Heaven Benchmark v2.5 FPS 82.2 Scores 2072 Dx11 1920x1080 Shaders : High Textures: High Filter : Trilinear Anisotropy: 4x Occlusion : enabled Refraction: enabled Volumetric: enabled Tesseilation: normal My old score was 1004 with just the 6950 @ 880 ( wont unlock )
  4. Well you point out its $50.00 .. but that 50.00 more accounts for alot more value you . you get A badass aftermarket cooler. If were you too install a good one yourself it would cost 50.00 easy if not more. + from what I see you get A few more FPS in highend games like Metro 2033. This page here. http://www.vortez.net/articles_pages/msi_r6970_2gb_lightning_review,13.html ** 570 Stock = 82.74 Lighting 6970 stock = 91.34 <-- Dont post about how high them numbers are i know that looks really high .. have too read what they did in that review or http://www.guru3d.com/article/msi-radeon-6970-lighting-review/17 1920 x 1200 AAA Physx Off DX11 MSI Lighting 6970 = 30 FPS GTX 570 = 27 FPS Going too try some math now ... i might F this up . 30 / 100 % = 0.30 x 90% = 27 ... = MSI Light 10% faster $50.00 = 10% Faster + (aftermarket cooler = Quiter / lower temps ) Sounds worth it too me. After doing some looking $50.00 seems cheap for A aftermarket cooler. lets face it if you spend 300.00 + on card you care not going too get A low VGA cooler, Most of them seem to be 40 - 60 + S/H. And A few othe them come with if-y Ram sinks so.. I would add another 20-30 in Copper ram sinks ... but thats just me .. maybe not. http://www.frozencpu.com/cat/l3/g40/c21/s65/list/p1/Air_Cooling-VGA_HeatsinksCoolers-ATI_Card-Page1.html http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=54_196
  5. Yea i think you will love this card. Noramly I would tell ppl to get A 6950 and try too unlock it to A 6970. However I notice alot of ppl dont have luck doing this .. how however few do. If you read A few of my past threads you can see I have been looking for my 2nd 6950. I have had A run of bad luck on it , 1 lost shippment and 2 DoA Sapphire Toxic cards. And well I just bit the bullet and add $100.00 to my 2nd 69XX budget and well that led me too the Lighting. Right now I have A MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127575 and I love it, It overclocks with easy and it whisper quite... I have always wanted the Lighting but when it was time to buy they were always out of stock or I could not foot the bill. Maybe my computer did not want the Toxics to work it was tryn too hold me off till the lighting was back in stock. Anyhow after 2weeks of bad luck with the Toxics I ordered the Lighting sunday night .. it will be here thrusday. Anyhow I am sure you will love that card ... I should of never tryed another brand other then MSI ...
  6. No! IF, ANDs or BUTs about it. Sounds like you want this card. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127581 Hands down the best 6970 out .. it is not loud and you can overlock it even more then it is. All that being said it cost A tad bit more then other 6970s .. but you get the aftermarket cooler and a really good resale value. It is the King of the 6970s. I have one coming in thursday, after all the bad luck I had witht he sapphire toxics. Here are some of the reivews. http://www.hardocp.com/article/2011/05/09/msi_r6970_lightning_video_card_review/10 http://www.vortez.net/articles_pages/msi_r6970_2gb_lightning_review,26.html http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?268825-MSI-N580GTX-Lightning-amp-R6970-Lightning-Review http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/MSI-R6970-Lightning-Review-Supercharged-AMD-Radeon-HD-6970/Conclusion http://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-cards/zardon/msi-r6970-lightning-twin-frozr-iii-review-18-phase-pwm/27/ http://www.guru3d.com/article/msi-radeon-6970-lighting-review/22 I have yet too read any review that is bad about this card.
  7. List full spec of comp + any overclocks . Also, one of the best things about 3dmark you can search other ppls scores... here ----> http://3dmark.com/search Should note, when you do A search of somones scores and they seem higher then your, click on the info and see what speeds they have ea items overclocked ... also on 3dmark V , ppl can bump their scores with use of a Physx card. Heres what I get on an AMD 965 @ 3913 Mhz MSI T/F III 6950 DDR 2 @ 1033 Note: my motherboard is a bit old and use DDR2 so .. i tink that hurts my score. 3dMark05 27026 3dMark06 21164 3dMark_V P17706 3dMark 11 P4987
  8. Naw I have tested everything I can think of. The Toxic 6950s will not work in any of the 4x PCI_E slots ( 2 - 16x and 2 - 8x ) The MSI T/F III 6950 Will work in any of them however it gets alot less fps in the 8x .. as it should. I am really at A loss as why the Toxic would not work in my PC, and they both did not work the same way. I know it was not A driver issue base on the fact as soon as you power on the PC the fan on either of the Toxic-s fans would hit max in about 3sec .. I mean MAX .. that fan at max sounds like A delta fan. Also the red Led on the back would not go off. Now being the MSI-s card would work would lead me to believe both sapphires were DoA. The only thing that gave me A doubt was the Toxic-s used 6+8 pin and the MSI used 6+6 pin. With that being that I even tryed the adpaters that came with the card the 2x 4 molex = 8pin .. still usen that it would not work. Also I made sure too change around where the PCI_E cables to all cards were pluged in To/ and from, The toxic did the same thing no matter what 2 of the 6 cables I had and witch 2 of the 4 slots the PSU used. The MSI on the other hand would work with and of the 6pin cables & psu slots. Also I have ran A powercolor 6970 pcs+ and it would post and kind of work ( that was when they first came out and i think all the pcs+ had issues .. went to the msi t/f III after poor custormer support on PowerColors behalf ) Also wanted too test the Toxic in another PC however only person I know that could fit / run this card lives in austin (hours away) ... took it to 2x Mom and popshops too see if they had comps that could run it - The first one lol. when they saw the card they tryed too tell me that was Professional Graphics card for Graphics Editing and that why it was not working in my comp. I looked at the dude as he was the dumbest person I have ever seen and walked away. The 2nd place ask me alot about my compstats & said I should try these ( witch I had ) , in the end they wanted 40.00 to test the card , told them I would play 5- 10, cause it only took 3mins to install. but that was a no go .. so I just RMAed it
  9. As most on the fourms know, I have been tryn to get A 2nd 69XX for A crossfire setup. Right now I have A MSI T/F III 6950, I bought A 2nd about A month ago and its fan broke.. After RMAing it to newegg they were out of stock and refunded me. About that same time Sapphire started releaseing info on the Toxic 6950 So I waited for it. I ordered that , as my luck would have it .. it seemed to be DoA. RMAed it and got another it to had the same issues ( would not post solo / fan blew max With red led lit at all times ). That leads me too right now. I need (some ppl can say want) and 6950 / 6970. I really dont know witch I should go for. I was thinking about getting the MSI 6970 Lighting but it is 90.00 more then 6950 , also it does not come with any games. If I were too get some of the 6950s I could get another copy of Deus Ex / Drit 3 and sale them off too replace some of the cost ... I am sure the Lighting would have better resale. I can spend up too 400.00 on this video card. First off , what is yalls experience with these companies. HIS - I have never bought anything from them. XFX- I have never bought anything from them. VisionTek - I bought A Voodoo card from them YEARs ago ... and maybe an old geforce ( but that was when I worked at EB and got 1/2 off for employee discount ) What I would like from the card. 2gb - mostly want this for resale value when I go to upgrade, I know I dont need it. Better cooling then stock - Preformance / resale value. Custormer support - Good tech support & fourms. What I dont want. Sapphire - 2x cards in A row did not work. Powercolor- Had A 6970 PCS+ it had some issuse but my main issue with them was their fourms / techsupport was 100% worthless. 6990 - dont need 3x GPUs ... yet. 3x slot card - (Asus What I have to work with. Win 7-U-64 AMD 965 @ 4.0Ghz Asus m3a79-t deluxe 4x 2gb DDR2 @ 1033 MSI T/F III 6950 SB X-fi Mushkin Chrons 120Gb SF-2281 W/ Sata III contorler card Ultra x3 1000w Lian-Li Armorsuit PC-P50R Motherboard / CPU / Ram will be upgraded pending the outcome of Buldozer benches.
  10. Ok guys .. so I RMAed that 6950 back to newegg ... and they overnighted (for free) another one. It does the samething the last one did. I am really at A loss at this point. Both of the toxic-s will not post solo & when they are in any of my PCI_E slots the fans blow at 100% + red LED is it. I do not bleave it has anything to do with my comp. Because , I have A MSI T/F III 6950 and it works ... I have also had A powercolor 6970 pcs+ and it worked .. well it posted and would run for 2hours before it crashed. I thave the Ultra x3 1000w and it will run 3x 4850s. I am just at A loss ... could it be 2x DOA cards. Going too try to bring the card somewhere tomarrow and have them see if they can get it too post / do anything.
  11. First off My bad , 2nd off as you your self just noted many ppl thouhgt you could .. 3rd off Their are MANY websites / fourms that ppl can choose read & post at. The last thing they want too deal with is Rude Moderator's .. I would not dare not call anyone on these fourms A noob. I have built well over 20 computers (not all for me ) in the last 13 years, I have been overclocking since before EEs & BEs when you had solder to unlock the CPU, when you milled the tops off the cpus so are waterblocks hit the cores. right now I just counted 2x 6950s, 3x 4850s, 2x 2900pros, 1x 470 3x Asus motherboard 1xMSI motherboard .. about a thousand dollars worth of cases, hell that dose not inclue all the stuff I have sold on ebay over the years to help me supply my self with new stuff. Now I admit I have been out of touch modding/OCing last year or so due to $$$ issues and health problems. But for A Moderator to call me A noob. that is just rude
  12. I really think Asus's ppl have really lost touch with the world / customers. I dont understand where in the hell they think A 3x slot solo GPU is A good idea, I dont undertand why would would sell a motherboard with an add-on card w/ NIC & sound card when they could of put the better ones on the board in the first place and saved everyone A slot .. AND i really dont under stand why you would try too sell A duel GPU for such A overpriced .. price. I mean really you can get near 3x 580s for that pice and smoke that .. or even better 1x 590 & 580 and save money ????. Dose anyone rember the ATI ARES ... well they were on Newegg forever .. and ea month they kept gettn lower and lower in price, they were like 1500 when the came out .. at the end they were on sell for 699.99 .. and that was after the 6970s came out .. what A waste of time ASUS, should be F-n tryn too figure out how too put A 2slot cooler on your GPUs or how to fit the better sound card and NIC on your motherboard. Tell me how this works ... This motherboard ( A highend X-fire/SLI Motherboard) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131788 Now 2x of these 580s (3x slots per 1 gpu) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121431 Oh wait .. If you do Crossfire or SLI .. that only leaves the PCI slot open, cant use the NIC / X-fi "ThunderBolt" . If yall would of made the card 2x slots we could use the add on ... better yet if yall would of also installed these parts on the board & and had the 2x slots .. could of also so had some Airfolw ???? WASTE OF TIME ASUS.
  13. Ok , as some of yall know. I order these the other day http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816104015 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226236 & Windows 7 64 I have everthing installed & 100% updated. What do I need too do next ? ( as in when I first had Gen1 SSD on Vista 64, I had too turn off all kinds of crap in windows because it was A ssd ) Now, from what I understand 7 is SSD friendly .. am i done ? do I need too twink anything ? How can I tell if Trim is working ? Thx Guys!
  14. WOW ... i am REALLY MAD now. Ok so I made post on Sapphires Fourms last night about my issue ... after I post my issue .. I find someone else post the SAME 100% issue but they bought 2x & 2x were just like mine. So I replyed to his post and pointed this fact out & that I got mine from newegg ( so we could see if we got them out of the same batch ) & and linked my post .. when I awake today too check both post , my reply has been remoeved from the other that is like mine .. and my thread was eddit .. and they removed everyrhing that made my post like his ? WTF is that ??????
  15. well i am going too toss in my 2 cents .. are u playing on buying deus ex human revolution ? ... cause alot fo the AMD cards will give you that free right now when you buy . some come with drit 3 also .. and some have MIR . So you were going too spend money on say deus ex human revolution thats 49.99 .. so its like 49.99 off . Also add 39.99 for Drit 3 and 20.00 in MIR... sounds good right. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102951 However I should note .... I just got mine in and it seems too be DOA ... this is now my 4th 69XX ( only tryn too have 2x ... i am just haven some rottn luck ) First was Power Color 6970 PCS+ ... HAD ALL KINDS OF ISSUES / BSOD, black outs --- returned 2nd MSI T/F III 6950 ... Works AWSOME LOVE IT 3rd MSI T/F III 6950 ... Fan Blade few off .. ( Returned too newegg & were out of stock .. so I was given refund ) 4th Sapphire Toxic 6950.... Wont post as solo card/ Wont show up for X-fire as slave, Fan Maxed (LOUD) & red led lit on top 100% of the time ... Working on it now .. however I am sure this will be an RMA to newegg for samething. 5th /wrist is it too much too ask too have 60FPS Max Setting @ 1920x1200 at all times ... PC gods dont want me too have X-fire
  16. Hello, just bought A 6950 toxic 100312TXSR (THIS ONE ----> ) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814102951 I just RMAed A MSI T/F III 6950 like 2x Weeks ago .. but that was because of fan blade broke. I can not get it the comp to post with this 6950 toxic installed solo .. also when I have installed solo their is a red light lit at the front right side and the fan is going MAX very loud. Should also note, I have A MSI T/F III 6950 & comp will post and run with no issues witch ever slot that card is in. When I have the toxic installed as Slave crossfire card the fan does not max and red light does not light ... however i cant enable crossfire .. as in it is not A option. BTW... i have used crossfire Many times 1950s, 2900 pros & 3x 4850s for many years. Kind of think this card is DoA. EDIT. STOP THE PRESSES NEW INFO MY POST ON FORUMS HERE -----> http://www.vgaforum.com/showthread.php?25857-6950-Toxic-..-wont-post.&p=210767#post210767 SOMEONE ELSES POST ----> http://www.vgaforum.com/showthread.php?25846-6950-Toxic-Power-Issues seems like thier is A bad batch of TOIXC 6950s I have tryed both my 16x PCI_E slots. I have checked All cables over and over and over. I have pluged LCD into both DVI ports. I have wiggled and jiggled everything that I can. Just got the card today for my X-Fire Comps Stats. AMD 965 @ 4000Mhz Asus M3a79-t Deluxe 4x 2Gb DDR2 @ 1033 MSI T/F III 6950 Toxic 6950 Mushkin Chronos 120GB SATA III W/ SATA III controler card 6Gbs Win 7 64bit (fresh install as in today) Ultra x3 1000W gold Cert.
  17. Well .. after doing ALOT of review reading (user and website reviews) ... I went with Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR120GB http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226236. However I only got one & A sata 3 controler cards .. started too think .. if I get one & a sata 3 card would be damn close too raiding them on sata 2 ... + if I dont like them I wont be stuck with 2 ... and if I do like it .. can always buy another. Anyhow heres its stats Mushkin Chronos 120Gb SandForce SF-2281 Max Read Up to 550MB/s Max Write Up to 515MB/s 4KB Random Up to 90,000 IOPS 2,000,000 Hours it has the best "On Paper Stats" then all the SDDs .. and really No Bad reviews on the net .. however i dont think it has sold as much as OCZ ect.
  18. Sup. Well frist before ppl tell me I should spend the money on A new motherboard / cpu /ram.. I am later this year based off buldozer reviews. What I have AMD 965 @ 4ghz Asus m3a79-t deluxe 4 x 2gb DDR2 @ 1066 1x 6950 ( another on the way now) 2x WD blacks shortstroked -- os games 1x WD 750 --- porn / other Ultra 1000w Vista U 64 First off should note. this Motherboard I am working with is only Sata II. So I will not get speeds of the Sata III till I upgrade ... that being said I still want Sata III for when I do. Also I haved own SSDs before .. in fact I owned 4x 60Gb OCZ right after they came out ... and I had all kinds of Issues .. but that Was Gen 1 SSD. Went back too Raptors & then Vraptors .. untill they broke . Also ... I WILL BE BUYING WINDOWS 7U 64bit @ the same time of the SSD. I think it is time too get back into SSD. Not going too lie was really thinking of getting Revodrive 3 x2 240gb for the 730.00 .. but alot of ppl are having issues with that so I am going to pass. 1) what brand. 2) how many should I get --should I get one 240Gb or 2x 120Gb+Raid0 3) is Raid 0 Even worth the loss of Trim 4) If I do .. do raid should I buy A controler (based on Future highend motherboard .. not what I have now.) LET THEIR BE LIGHT!
  19. I think it was newegg. fisrt off I order it early on wensday so it shipped thursday .. was in houston very early friday... about 20mins from my house, tracking shows it would not get too my house till tuesday. I first emailed newegg at like 4am Central time pointing out the tracking date .. waited till about 12pm Central too use online chat with newegg that was pointles. so I called UPS just too check if the online tracking info was right. UPS showed me when newegg placed the order it was ground & if I called newegg, newegg could call UPS and change the shipping ... so I called newegg showed them that UPS had it as ground..first she said .. we have it list as sent shoprunner 2day. and well I have spent well over 5,000.00 U.S. @ newegg ...2 of my last 4 orders have had issues .. this and they sent the wrong thing ... and I never hold a reseller accountable for bad item. Infact, I tend not too the manufacter on the first go around .. if it happens more then once .. then I have porblem. That all being said .. i love my MSI T/F III and i truely think it was the best 6950 .. however from the reviews I have seen ... it now seem the toxic is the best .. and cheaper & comes with a game... I would not being after it .. if MSI fan did not brake.
  20. dont think you read my post at all lol ... i have A 6950 as need .. i want a 2nd .. the one i want is only a newegg .. and they pissed me off ... where else can i get the one I want.
  21. i do not think one of you cards is hot .. at all. The 4850 run hot no matter what. One of is getting hotter because it is between the 2nd GPU and the CPU. and dust will cause more heat issues, also the way that heat sink was installed .. (lol funny stuff). But anyhow .. I ran 3x (ever tryed 4x) 4850s for over a year. These cards run hot. with stock one slots they would reach temps of 90c and still run with no probs .. even 102 at times but would reset. One of the fan broke and Installed A Zalman VF1000 + A . load of copper ramsinks on everything the Zlaman did not touch. that droped the temps too about 55.. i think it would be lower if I did not have 3x cards. After A year or so ... they would crash alot when the temps got too hot ..so I installed a delta 220 CMF too blow on them ... that dropped all their temps too about 50c .. but had to move my comp case in the other room .. and make a hole in the all cause that delta was loud. here .. this will fix all your problems... the heat, the oc and the dust all 3 will go away. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36_403&products_id=20847 Should note. DONT plug it into your motherboard & watch your fingers ... really watch them.. oh .. and dont use a noraml fan controler it will die .. if you want a fan controler use somthing like this http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=52_87_137&products_id=24283 100w per swtich
  22. So .. I have huge string of bad luck with my 2nd 6950 choices .. and now I will no longer shop at newegg. First off I have A MSI T/F IIII 6950 works grate. order A 2nd about 2 weeks ago and the fan blade few off so i sent it back and newegg was out of stock at the time.. just got a refund. Was about too reorder A new MIS T/F III when the Toixc 6950 info started coming out ... so I waited too see some reviews on it .. and well all the reviews are epic. Anyhow Order the Toixc from newegg on the 9th. checked on it lastnight with the tracking number .. and it showed it would be here on the 16th. now that might not seem like a big deal .. but I am shoprunner member can get free 2day... this 9th - 16th sure in the hell dont seem like 2day. newegg says the shipped it 2day (even shows that on invoice) .. ups says they shipped it ground .. find that funny cause 3day shipping is free from newegg. ... anyhow ea other them are blaming ea other and wont fix my issuse .. so newegg lost a order and customer .. hell so did shoprunner. BTW this is the 2nd time I have issues with newegg .. 2x and your out .. my money can go elsewhere .. not sure what happen too them. Anyhow now too my point .. where can I get a SAPPHIRE Toxic 100312TXSR Radeon HD 6950 2GB. So far I have read 3x reviews all of them have unlocked the shaders & OCed too 950 - 1000+ ... I want bad... but can only find it at newegg. EDIT: also should note would like it not too be in TX for tax reasons. but if its the only other choice I will take it
  23. I dont understand .. how are you RMAing it too newegg ? .. dont you have too return it to sapphire. new egg only has A 30 day return on vidoe cards. Now if you payed extra too get like a 2 year from newegg. and they will give you 100% what you paid .. that would be sweet. Not sure how $$ we are talking here .. if getting a refund would pay for A Dx11 card .. then yea. I ran the 48XX seires in too the drit .. they were very hot and loud ... but severed me very well .. that being said .. I got a 6950 about 2months ago .. and just order my 2nd 6950 yesterday .. you will love them .. they run like ICE vs 48XX and i dont here anything .. ( took a delta fan too cool my 3x 4850s that were OCed all too hell)
  24. I will be runing at 5760 x 1200 ( 3x 1920x1200) 16:10 Right now I have 1x Samsung Syncmaster 245BW I have just ordered my 2nd MSI T/F III 6950 If if the 965 wont bottle neck ... i will order another 6950 and 2x http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824001371 And I do plan on building A new system once we see if the bulldozers are any good .. might use these Videocards might sell them at that time. Just want too know it wil not bottleneck. As far as the DDR 2 ... i really dont think its a issue .. I bench = or Higher VS other DDR3 motherboards that use same Video Card/ CPU setup in 3Dmark V / 11. I have used up too 4x (4850s) cardson this board however .. 3x seems too be the sweet spot.
  25. So ... I had planed on getting Another 69XX too Crossfire with my MSI T/F3 6950. And in A few months once benches are out on bulldozer .. build A new system (whats ever better based off the dozer benches). The new system would have 3x 6970s and leave the 6950 in this one and turn it into A HTPC. Anyhow... now I thinking I just want too get 2x more 6950s for this comp .. and set it up with 3x LCDs. Comp stats are. ASUS M3a79t-Deluxe AMD PII 965 @ 4.0-ish 8Gb DDR 2 @ 1033 ( yes DDR 2 old school) Vista 64 Ultra 1000W ( had 3/4 4850s at one point) Ect. How much would this Ram / CPU bottleneck A 3rd 6950?
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