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  1. you need both ... read ea first. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2646060 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2645594
  2. Damn .. I did post this in the write place .. this is called Site Help & Feedback part right ... not the go off on the fourm users. Just because you are A Moderator/Editor dont need to get attitude about me asking / pointing something out . I now see the Send Us News link .. its bit hard to see. What I was tryn to do .. is let members of this forum/site know the Card was out and let them get A chance to buy it before it is sold out. But now I am so disappointed at the responses of the sites moderator/ news editor. Just rude .. when all i was trying to do was help members. And yes, sorry but this site is slower on news then the others that I read. ( I am disabled & do not leave my house @ all .. all I do is read hardware news and play games all day long. ) and will end it their before I saything thing I will regret..
  3. this refers to the OCC website & fourms. We need A way to get news to the website faster ... First off , the reason I come to OCC is for the forums or the ppl on the fourms .. As far as the website goes the news/articles are old or late vs other sites. Sometimes days late. ... How do WE past news to the website so it gets posted ? I try to spred info on fourms ... the mods will just delete a post if it is the same as another .. and well ppl dont read all the 23x diffrent forum links. Anyhow just tryn too put that out their to help.
  4. yea .. umm overpiced .. its 15- 20% faster then gtx 580 .. and its the same price .. once its overclocked ... it matches / beats 590s 6990s .. it seem too be a very good deal.
  5. this is what yall have been waiting for http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007709%20600286767&IsNodeId=1&name=Radeon%20HD%207000%20series
  6. Well .. I have tighten up the water block even more and CPU temps dropped again . Now 1) AMD 10h+ CPU Thermal Sensor CPU 0 6.5c - 7.5c (stock / Idle) & 33.9c - 34.9c (stock / 7min load ) 2) ITE IT8721F CPU 0 27.0c- 28.0c (stock / Idle) & 48.0c - 49.5.0c (stock / 7min load) Started at 34c / 56c today .. so .. looking alot better. but ... with 1.45v i got past 61c someone fast ... i tryed 1.4 with 22x .. and i get too like 61 ... and it stays their and then jumps too 64 ... oh this . me off. Update .. so maybe I am doing this wrong ... I am use to my old 965 .. where 1.45v was need.. Just got this thing to run with a 22x @ 1.368v / prime 95 for 10mins no issues .. 60c .. so 1.4 is high for buldozer .. dont rember reading this anywhere .. Now ..AMD says max temp is 61c ... is the the CPU temp or core temp ? ... also if I switch out these stock h80 fans with say some Noctua NF-p12 ... think that will help any .. other then sound ? ....
  7. i put just enough that i could spred it out all over the CPU .. used A credit card. When I took off the water block ... i cleaned up what squished out and was a very small (size of pencile eraser) that did not have past on it .. (water block slide ...like it did not make contact or lacked paste) .so put a small dab on that and spred it out .. When i watch ppl do it in videos i think they use alot .. .. so i try to do less then that.
  8. So ... I re-installed the block of the h80. Added A bit more ArticSilver .. and tighten it up a bit more . I think that is my issues .. not sure how thight I sould have the screws .. dont want too brake anything. Anyhow with it re-applyed and tighter (not maxed on tightness tho)... the Temps dropped A bit. Now reads (HiWiNFO64) 1) AMD 10h+ CPU Thermal Sensor CPU 0 6.5c - 7.5c (stock / Idle) & 33.9c - 34.9c (stock / 7min load ) 2) ITE IT8721F CPU 0 28.0c - 29.0c (stock / Idle) & 49.0c - 51.0c (stock / 7min load) So, that helped a bit with stock... when I try too OC with 1.45v & run Prime i go past 65c (ITE IT8721F) with in the frist test ( dont want too pass 61c) Not really sure how tight I should do them screw-latch thingies .. i can do more .. but dont want too crush CPU .... .... anyone install one of these on AM3 ? .. did you max the tightness ?
  9. Ok ... so this is what I think I know / can tell. In bios (ASUS Crossair V ROG) CPU idle temp is 34c ... CPU is running At 3600mhz (stock speed) [ I think this is right ] In Windows with " Core Temp program " CPU Idle temp Per Core is 9c - 12c ... However the CPU / all cores are at 1400mhz (drops when in idle) [ this seems very low ] In Windows with " AMD Overdrive " CPU idle temps Per Core is 9c - 12x ( this matches "Core Temp" & CPU is running at 1400mhz) In Windows with " HWiNFO64 " I see 2x temps they look like this. 1) AMD 10h+ CPU Thermal Sensor CPU 0 9.3c - 11.8 C 2) ITE IT8721F CPU 0 32.0 C - 32.0C Other Info. With System running Prime95 -64bit Core Temp & AMD 10h+ CPU Thermal Sensor show A max of 37c @ Full LOAD. The ITE IT8721F shows MAX temp 55c. Also in bios i have volts set at stock (auto) ... reads 1.308 Volts. in CPU-Z And yes I do not want to go above 61c with prime 95 ... .... witch temps should I go buy ... if I OC one temps see very high .. but with out OC .. the other seem very low. System Info. AMD FX-8150 , Corsair h80, Asus Crossair V, G.Skill 1866 DDR, Mushkin Chronos 120GB Sata III, MSI 6970 Lighting, Ultra x3 1000w, WD black 750gb, Window 7 64bit ultra
  10. well ... now I am confused ... I was useing HWinFO64 to see my temps ... I installed Core temp 1.0 .. and it shows them WAY lower ... Almost too Low. Core Temp is showing my Temps of all 8x cores at 12 -14c idle. What software do yall use to check temps ? Edit (added info) .. so ran AMD overdrive ... it gives the same temps that Core Temp 1.0 gives .. alot lower then HiwinFo64. ... as far was what the setting are .. right now I have all OC off .. everything set at auto ... just tryn too see where my temps are now. .. back too OCing tomarrow .. if I dont get 5.0 GHZ .. going too be pissed.
  11. So, just got my FX-8150. Also got A Corsair CH80. When I try too OC with 1.45 V temps get like 75c when i run prime 95 .. so i stop. Anyhow .. My Idle temp is 32 - 34 C ... 56c on Prime 95 with stock. What are yall geting for stock Temps ... and load temps ?
  12. do you think installing it in the front bays ... with the tubes coming out of the top of it will work .. . would the pump beable too prime if it is upside down ?
  13. well i dont think drilling or cutting would help .. that would only help up top .. and well their is nothing their too cut or drill cause the140mm are all cut out .. but would not want too drill or cut on this anyhow.. what do yall think about hanging the H100 with 4x fans .. from 140 too 120 adapter.. too much weight ? thinking of this as the adapter ( http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36_172&products_id=26348 ) (good fans not cheap ones ... so more wirght then normal fans)
  14. As stated, I want to install the Corsair H100 ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181017 ) into my Lian Li ARMORSUIT PC-P50-R ( http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=103_104&products_id=25716 ). The issues I would have are .. as follows. The 2x fans are 140mm ea ( their are no holes for 120mm ) If I were too use Adapters, there would be A large gape & would not be able to use all 8x screws. Was also thinking about installing it in the 5.25 bays ... however I would have too install it to where the cables would be coming out of the top (so it could reach the CPU) ... But I bleave the pump would not beable too prime ( but not sure on this ). Would like to do A 4x Push / Pull so will have alot of weight .. would not want too hang all that wait off 1x 120mm... Anyhow ... what do yall think. Thx, Neko
  15. WoW ... these post are crazy. First off this is the first set of Drivers, this the basic card .. want too be all fair .. compair it too the First 580s with their frist drivers ..... Just wait till the MSI 7970 Lighthing (MIND BLOWN) . The Overclocks on the basic is so high .. this is going too be A huge Game changer. Oh and the FACT that the 7XXs from nvida are not due for SIX months!
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