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  1. alright will do tomorrow when i go home and get my good camera!
  2. i can retake the picture with a better camera if its not clear enough
  3. Hey guys, so i am getting this board RMA'ed and im probably being reeaalllyyy paranoid but i thought a heard a tiny scratch when putting the plastic shield to protect the pins, back on. I was doing it wrong initially and just need to make sure the warranty isnt going to screw me when they receive the board. ive never bent the pins on a mobo so i dont really know what to look for in person. does everything look ok at first glance? i apologize if the picture isnt good enough it was taken off my Note 2. Thanks alot!!!
  4. oh man yeah sorry i wasnt clear about this. its WINDOWS 7 Ultimate. I tried taking one of the RAM sticks out and trying it with just one and that did nothing. I tried plugging into the onboard gpu rather than my dedicated card and that didnt do anything (i reseated the card as well). im 100% its not the SSD unless ive had two crappy SSD's in a row from different companies. should i try purchasing new RAM and see if that works? ive been really busy so i havent had a chance to run memtest yet but i should do that to be sure LOL. When i went to NCIX and described my problem the dude said it didnt sound like a memory problem and that it was most likely a bad motherboard, but i dont know whether to trust him...RMA'ing a motherboard is a real pain Now that i think about it, the USB devices plugged in was a USB stick, an external harddrive, and a xbox 360 controller pc wireless adapter. would those make an impact on that? i pretty much cant do anything on the system right now because it freezes anytime i try to install ANYTHING.
  5. Hey guys, so im having a really frustrating problem with my build. I was re-installing windows cause i needed to do a clean wipe on my computer, and the installation went fine. However, when i tried installing the LAN or wireless drivers the system completely freezes and i am required to do a hard reset for it to start functioning normally again. The LAN doesnt work automatically for some reason like on my old mobo so im not sure if its a motherboard problem or not. A few months ago when i did a clean windows install, the system kept freezing during the install while expanding files, and then when it finally did install after like 6 tries it froze randomly near the beginning before i installed everything, but after updating and whatnot everything seemed ok for a bit so i thought it was fine. This time i tried over 10 times last night to get the LAN drivers going so that id have an internet connection to do all the updates, but it wont let me get past that point. Does anyone have any idea what it could be? i doubt its the SSD because the problem happened on my old OCZ vertex 120gb as well (when it froze during the install and randomly at the start) before i replaced it with the 240gb mushkin. The system also froze once or twice during the bootup as well, and after the hard reset it would occasionally take much longer to bootup than usual. i know this is all very vague but hopefully somebody can shed some light on the issue. Ill do my best to provide whatever info i can to help. im planning on going an picking up some new RAM and try that to see if it works, and ill also check by taking out the video card and using onboard. Lastly, im still a rookie with all this stuff so i dont know if this is related, but for the past month my sound configuration menu where i select my default playback device NEVER opens. it just randomly stopped opening, because im constantly switching between my computer monitor/speakers to my TV/surround sound but i could never get the menu to open up, instead id have to restart the computer with the speaker cord unplugged to have it switch by default to the surround sound. OH, and i also had the startsear.info virus on all my browsers that i could not for the life of me get rid of after many hours spent searching, it was one of the reasons i wanted a clean re-install of windows. my bad if any of this is useless info im just providing as much as i can so i can fix my rig, i wanna gggaaaaaammmeeeee Specs: ASUS P8Z77-V Pro Corsair AX850 3770k ivy bridge Corsair vengeance 8gb RAM (4GB x 2) MSI r7850 twin frozr 2GB (NOT the overclocked version at 900, but the standard 860 Mushkin Chronos deluxe 240gb SSD 2 TB western digital caviar green Corsair H100 cooler
  6. Yup It's set so the default device is the mic and not the front panel, right?
  7. Lol no worries, figured id get alot of hardware issue suggestions thats why I added that
  8. Also to clarify, the headset DOES work on other devices. I tried on my bootcamp on my macbook pro and the windows 7 picked up the mic AND my voice just fine so its definitely not a headset problem
  9. Im sorry about posting such a common problem but ive scavenged google for 3 days now, tried everything I read but zero success. My corsair hs1a microphone is not working on my windows 7 desktop. To be clear, the headphone part works great but the mic does not. The pc recognizes that there is a mic plugged in but its not registering anything at all even if I yell into the mic, it just plays loud static when I record my own voice or check "listen to this advice". Over the past few days ive reinstalled windows 7 four times, updated realtek audio drivers, updated bios, did many windows updates, changed any volume control related to the mic, gone into device manager and reinstalled etc. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, I dont know if this is something I should be worried about but since im paranoid ill ask. So after updating bios everything seemed great, it went successful and my boottime seemed to be enhanced by significantly less loading screens. However after that iwent to try and reinstall windows 7 again but for like 5 times in a row the installation froze once I selected which drive to install on. I then booted I safe mode and tried and it seemed like it was working so I canceled and decided to try again in regular mode, and this time it went flawlessly. Since then everything has been pretty smooth and most updates have installed (STILL HAVING THE MIC PROBLEM THOUGH of course), should I still be worried that something with the bios could be wrong? Thanks for the help!! Brief System Specs: Intel i7 3770k Msi r7850 2g twin frozr Asus p8z77-v pro Corsair vengeance 8gb ram Ocz vertex 3 120g ssd (this is for the OS) Corsair 600t Please tell me if you need any more info, any help is appreciated. I need to chat with my buddies for starcraft ii!!!
  10. did you swap the cooler or did you stick with the h100?
  11. Nono even when the pc is done loading up and its been on for a few hours, at everything idle i still notice the jumps, sorry should have made that more clear.
  12. The fans are on the highest setting. Ive also swapped them with bitfenix spectre pro's, amazing fan. If anybody with an H100 and 3770k could add some input that would be great! I thought it might be a mounting problem, but then i checked the screwed they are nice and tight and heatsink seems to be pretty snug on there.
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