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  2. Hi Guys, I have recently discovered a new way of cooling my system! I'm running quadfire 6990s which can get pretty toasty, even in my igloo which is well within the Arctic circle for maximum atmospheric cooling! I'm getting regular overheating crashes now :/ So I decided to attempt "Immersion Water Cooling". It has now reduced my temps significantly!!! I really recommend, here's a blue print for my idea http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ERGrznxTIwo/RkyULVJn92I/AAAAAAAACzg/wDL1r2pekHY/s320/bucket+of+water.jpg Regards, Ronald
  3. The success of baking a graphics card varies massively dependant on how well it is baked. For example, some people remove the card from the MO BOH and then bake it. Though this can yield pretty good results, I find that baking the entire system is far more effective. Here's a pic of my gaming PC which had a broken 5870 X4 in it. It now works perfectly after my friend let me use his blast furnace to heat up the system! http://maggiesfarm.anotherdotcom.com/uploads/dm-melted.jpg Regards, Ronald
  4. Guys, I don't think that embedded video is working. Is there an Admin we can talk to about this, I reckon it could be server-side. The player looks legit, I can't see what else it would be? Regards, Ronald
  5. I think you should buy some new Random Access Memory. 4GB is a little slow for RAM, I think that maybe you could overclock it to 4.5GB tops. I would go for an XFX Super Speedy Drive (SSD) Instead of that RAM

  6. Owenisbad that is such a troll comment! He wants a CPU not a bulldozer!? Are you serious? It's people like you that should have more repsect and stay off these forums. Also, it's my personal opinion that £2500k is far too expensive for any type of bulldozer you can buy. Regards, Ronald
  7. Hello Friends, Well to check my temps a put a few drops of water on the heat sink and they just evaporated straight off so I'm assuming it was above 100oC. I'm using the Black Edition 555 Phenom ii. I've tried making sure the heat sink is on fine but I think that is not the problem. I don't know if this is a good idea or not but do you think attaching a fan to the heat sink would help keep the temps a little lower or should I just send the chip back? Regards, Ronald
  8. Hi, I'm new to this website so please have patience I recently built a new computer and decided to buy the Phenom ii x2. My problem is that since the first time I booted the computer the CPU temperatures have been really high (above 100oC). I have under-clocked the CPU to 2.1 from 3.2 GHz to bring the temperatures down but I've noticed a significant decrease in performance. Why has this happened? And also, are these temps normal for this CPU? Regards, Ronald
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