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    Jersey Shore anyone?

    Rhinos running with grenades down the hall and Snickers eatin all the kit-kats. fist pump my jersey guidos love this show because it is like a train wreck, on Steriods, in a tanning bed. just... cant... look... away! i hear ther eis a season three (being out of USA, i lose connection) i havent even seen all of season 2 !!
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    2011: Official What's The Story Behind The User Name Topic

    i feel it is fitting that this be my first post. Will introduce myself elsewhere i am sure, but the name Griever2003, well the Griever comes from FFVIII. I am a FFFreak played them all, beat them all. Except FFXI which i never could put enough time into, and FFXIV which came out while i have been on a deployment in Afghanistan. errr sidetracked.... Griever is lion's head crest that Squall wears on his necklace, ring, and gunsword. Griever is summoned by Ultimecia as the last boss (kinda). As a symbol the lion traits are: dignity, strength, courage, justice, military might, and i i feel it relates to me. And that is where i pulled Griever from. A lot of people ask me if it is an emo thing... too bad i chose the name before emo was even "coined." Well, when i was playing this game, i also started joining the online community and never really had a constant name, so i when i started my first e-mail account (which was not in 2003) and griever was already taken, i chose the year that i would graduate High School. and that is all of that. When i play MMORPGS though, i usually use the names Djad (male) and Endra (female). Endra comes from the feminine version of the name Ender (Ender's Game). And Djad is from a video game.. i cant remember from what one, but he was a reptilian creature whose people you were trying to same... i remember he dies... but i used his name when i played Alternity. **edit: added second paragraph**