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    lovin the MtDew PJs... where are you waco, you need a +1. edit: grammatical err
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    Tribes Ascend

    WOW i remember back when i first started playing with computers Tribes was one of my favorite games. Haven't been a PC gamer for quite some time, so i will definitely be looking into this.
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    Bosco's in a Giving Mood

    *whew* i thought i was the only one that really didn't see any problem with Bosco's demands... i would post pics except the fear of banishment ^.^
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    Project: Average-Mid-High End gaming PC

    Question. how is that SSD working out for you... i recently bought the same model for my computer build.
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    New guy

    welcome aboard.
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    he he he FTW. I got a crack out of this, maybe there is some sort of reasoning... as in you can hack the site with linux running chrome and you get more monies! idk
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    Japan quake

    wow this is heart breaking. my condolences are sent out to everyone involved.
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    NVIDIA 3D vision at 2 PC

    so you are saying you have 2 computers with 3d ready GPUs and you want 1 pair of glasses to work on both, i dont see why not... but both at the same time, hmmm that would take some research. depends on how the GPU send the info to the glasses, im guessing via some bluetooth puck plugged into the computer. so off the bat probably not. Dont take my word for fact though, i never have used the stuff nor know all the intricacies of how it works.
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    NVIDIA 3D vision at 2 PC

    i believe it depends if all the gear is compatible with each other. there are different rendering methods and different displaying methods. and different types of glasses
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    6990 Prices Increasing, seem familiar?

    here's your sign...
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    i made it THAT small HA HA HA. But yeah, check original post out again, i updated it to include the link.
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    Choose an opponent to a duel!

    this thread cracks me up. i cant wait to get in on this only a few more weeks until i get to work on my gear.
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    First Watercooling build Complete/Antec 1200

    wow, beautiful..
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    Vote for my dog

    i dont think campaigning is a nefarious act...
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    need some help

    A lot about networking is limitations and requirements. The prosafe, it kinda worries me, i don't know what type of business you are in, nor what services you are running on it. Are you using the VPN capabilities on it, how about the DHCP server, is it running the firewall, if not how about any sort of IPSEC? is it running as a router or just as a switch to the modem? are you using all of the ports on it or just one? there are too many variables to give you a straight answer. what i would need to know is what other services that it is running before being able to give you comparable replacement. if you are running no extra services than DHCP and using 1-4 ports i would say get a cheapo linksys/cisco like this one
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    Magnet Fan Filter

    This is working on the basis of what i am going to add. Like Waco points out unless you have something ridiculously strong, a magnet on the exterior of the drive will most likely do nothing. YET, if while in operation a magnet was to come close/connect to the SATA cable/connector; in my mind it wouldn’t be inconceivable that you could screw some junk up. Something along the lines of the heads writing in the wrong place to the data that is being written is not the same i.e. corrupted.
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    Hey everyone!

    one newbie to another, howdy howdy howdy
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    Major predicament...

    wow... i read this thread and my head exploded. now i am going to make some heads explode. I am a networking guy, so i am pretty sure i can help you out with this problem. there are a few things that we need to work on. the 192.168.x.x networks are all private IPs and do not actually get seen by ATT they get PATed. So your UVERSE box should have 2 different IPs one on your private network in your house, and the other that talks to the interwebs. It should also have a DHCP scope; something along the lines of 192.168.1.x-y. the reason that you cannot get the netgear and the UVERSE to talk is because they are on different networks (192.168.1.x vs 192.168.0.x) so basically you can make your private network whatever you want in the private schemes. but lets stick with the UVERSE default of 192.168.1.x. your UVERSE router and netgear wireless AP and your linksys "router" should each have their own statically assigned IPs. This also applies to any other media/application server you have (i.e. if you want you stream you videos to you xbox it makes it easier to always have the same IP address). It is standard to choose the first available IPs for this. in this case they are thru 5 -- should be set to your uverse router and the others just set aside for now. now to set this up i would start by resetting the netgear to its factory settings and plug in your computer to the switch port. Next you have to set your computer with a static IP within the netgear's network. go with IP as and subnet mask as and to login to the netgear follow this link. You will want to set the IP address of the netgear to one of the three that you set aside along with appropriate subnet mask and the default gateway and DNS server should be set as (uverse router). also ensure that the DHCP options are DISABLED on the netgear WAP. you may also at this time, want to change the log in and password as well. When you save and apply the settings you will no longer be able to access the netgear. DONT PANIC you need to change your computers IP address to one of the other IPs you set aside. go with re log in to the netgear and now you will want to match this guys wireless settings to your UVERSE settings. i personally do not have uverse and have not worked on either piece of gear but i am going off of the online manual. page 22: make sure the SSID, network names, and authentication(if you are using it very recommended) are the EXACT same, capitalization matters. now what you will want to do is separate the wireless channels. The recommended Channel spacing between adjacent access points is 5 Channels this way you get the least amount of interference between the two of them. now you just need to decide where you want to place your access point and run the cable to it. Then connect the UVERSE router to the netgear's switch port and you should be getting the goodness. From here i am going to gather you get the idea, and will be able to do the same for your linksys "router" and other sorts of business. just set your computer back to DHCP and you should be set to roam the house wirelessly without any interruptions in connection. if you have more questions or think i missed anything let me know. EDIT: P.S. Cat5e is perfectly suitable and preferable to Cat6: it is more economical and performs almost as well. However, if the volume of the data being transmitted calls for certified gigabit performance, then Cat6 is the way to go. They both are rated at 100M(~320ft) before attenuation will make the link unusable. One does not necessarily work at a longer length than the other, just depends on where you want to run it. Cat6 is a Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) which helps reduce crosstalk and other external sources of EMIm whereas Cat5e is Unshielded Twisted Pair.
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    Another Newbie

    Hello... ... i guess i should say more. I have been doing quite a bit of research the last few weeks about what i want to do about getting a new computer. After checking out the site a few times getting information, i figured i would join up and become a regular, because i will have LOTS of questions. i just ordered a bunch of computer parts, and i am wanting to do a silly-sick OC. this will be my first real OC. i had a computer that i built like 10 years ago when i was like 16 that had the ability to OC some thing.. but didnt know what i was doing at the time, and had other things on my mind then. freakin girls... Well i just went on a deployment and i had a few extra shekels and i have been wanting to build a wicked computer and figured i would look into getting some OC gear. i get back to the states later this month and by then all the stuff should be delivered so i am wanting to do as much research and hear as much feedback as possible about what are the possibilities prior to getting to work on it. well that should be enough of an introduction. TTYL p.s. this is actually my second post. my first was describing my name in the 2011 thread.
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    First OC build - First OC

    really i thought about doing a custom liquid job, but i was already over my budget. Another deciding factor from me on that was that if i was going to get a DIY kit, i would rather want to build it myself as well and liquid cool everything. I decided to go the cheaper (my wife still doesn't know how much i spent on this mother) and more simple route.
  21. Griever2003

    First OC build - First OC

    So this is my first high-end build, i normally work with a $600-800 budget. But this is the first computer i am building for myself in like 7-10 years. And i am getting back from a deployment, and this is a present to myself. So i figure go big or go home. Here are the pieces that i am working with. i am curious as to what you all think i can get on the theoretically high end and where i should be looking to go to for a stable level. i am very green when it comes to over clocking, so i don't even know where to set a goal... i am glad to hear that acpowell is having a lot more success with his build. with no further ado here is the list. CASE NZXT Guardian 921 PSU CORSAIR HX Series CMPSU-850HX 850W ATX RAM CORSAIR DOMINATOR 8GB DDR3 1600 CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition MOBO GIGABYTE GA-890FXA-UD5 AM3 SSD Crucial C300 128GB 2.5" SSD SATA3 COOL Corsair Hydro Series H70 GPU XFX HD-687A-ZDBC Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 any advice, comments, and what not are welcome. thanks **EDIT1 : i decided to number my edits because there will probably be a few of them. I was looking at the specs of my gear again, and i realize i made a terrible mistake. The GPU i got was an SLI and i have a crossfire board. and that was kinda the reason i got the 850hx because i wanted to later on down the road maybe get a second GPU to crossfire with... but i am dumb and wasnt paying attention i guess. so now i am going to get something else... just dont know what yet. **EDIT2 : So i decided to with the XFX 6870 card that has the dual cooling fans on it. looks sexy!
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    New To Overclocking looking for tips

    nice computer!
  23. Griever2003

    ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 / 1090T OC help

    well then. i guess here are the updates that i was looking for. i posted a few minutes ago in a different thread where you and james91 were saying you were having difficulties. hereis what build i will be working on but yeah makes me feel not so nervous now.
  24. Griever2003

    need your help overclocking noob here.

    So, this is slightly upsetting. this is really close to the rig i am getting. And it seems that you two are having issues with it. please keep this updated with your findings. and when i get to working on my gear will post my findings. till then happy hunting.
  25. Griever2003

    ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 / 1090T OC help

    So i am curious about this set up you have. i am ordering a bunch of parts and they are all (number wise) the same, and i have the same goal as you stable 4.0+. I am wondering, what cooling unit are you using or what you recommend.