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  1. i say go for it... those beady lil' eyes will never stop staring at you until you get one ( OCD much?)
  2. well... i guess sitting at work is where i normally get on OCC so really no change for me.
  3. depending on the make and model, some of the ones you put in your PCI slots can have ALOT higher read/write speeds. they are also generally ALOT bigger in size and cost hella more.
  4. the MP3 sucks as bad as the rip. if you get a good bitrate rip, the MP3 can be just as good as the CD
  5. i know this may sound odd. but i have worked alot with UPS's. and i dont know how old it is or if you have it hooked up to that, but have you tried cutting that out of the equation. I have seen bad UPS's cause some really weird symptoms. The reason i ask that is because you mentioned the fan thing... which could be bad/faulty power issue and you could be getting inconsistent power draw/voltage/amperage. just my .02
  6. Ohhh yeah, get those cables all tangled... dirty man
  7. sooo i dont know if anyone else noticed this. But in the vote, at this point 13 people have voted 9 for backing up 4 against. Not too strange. What is odd is that in the second part of the vote, 5 people chose the last option.
  8. I just got a basic Toshiba for work purposes, and it runs REALLY nice. also read up that the Toshiba laptops last forever. that was another deciding factor because the last laptop i got was a $1200 HP dv9600(or something) and yeah, this thing only lasted just enough past the warranty to make it a brick. I will never get an HP laptop again nor a performance laptop just because i don't want to experience that again.
  9. sooo... still waiting on that sun temp!!!
  10. you have 4 dimm slots i would do 2x2 and you still have extra slots for expansion
  11. soooo... we should just do the contest... like now
  12. i do not back up my stuff anymore. i had my backup drive fail on me before the origina drive, so i feel it is pointless.
  13. i could vomit if i win this. SILLY... hopefully this weekend is not crazy and i will have time to be around for the contest!
  14. honestly i am impressed with you tom. was expecting you to share a pic of disastrous proportions.
  15. EPIC !! i literally rolled on the floor and laughing.
  16. soooo i duno what is going on with that board. but yeah... overnight shipping is like $650+ maybe it is shipping from the moon
  17. i hate that when stuff ships from the other side of the country. but hey ... better than out of stock.
  18. Yeah... so back to the topic. i heard about some sort of "giving away of things" contest. LETS DO IT!!!!
  19. i will be honest i cannot wait to get back to the States. I cannot see 99% of the pictures that people post on the site along with all the youtube links and other websites that are blocked. damn you fortigate!!! so what makes magnets even more interesting?
  20. Griever2003


    lovin the MtDew PJs... where are you waco, you need a +1. edit: grammatical err
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