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  1. bravo good sir! like zackhaf said this is a great starting point to compare and contrast different build ideas.
  2. this little tool looked pretty interesting
  3. skullcandy has some good earbuds as well. just throwing it out there
  4. ok so is anyone else getting some weird problems when you click on the link above and goto reviews??? for me it is giving reviews of some SSD???? or am i just crazy **EDIT: ok so now it is no longer doing it... i wish i would have gotten a screen shot of it now.. i swear im not crazy!! I SWEAR IT
  5. the next better question is why at 2:30pm on new years eve were you not completely intoxicated???
  6. i think that some of these builds are missing the point that he is wanting to run 3-4 VMs at the same time he is playing a game. on a performance standpoint if you do not want to notice any interruptions i would recommend getting a 6 core intel processor with at least 16gig of ram. if you are running those VMs constantly, depending on the configurations of your VMs and hardware, sometimes for ram it requires you to dedicate the whole physical stick(s) to be split between your VMs. depending on your technical know-how maybe getting ESX as your base and building your virtual machines off of that would be benificial as well.
  7. ahhh all those other ones are manufacturer cooled ones... kk i guess i didnt understand that the first time i ready it. cool cool. either way would hate to pay 200-300 dollars for something that doesnt fit.
  8. i looked at these blocks as well.. and the site says they are pretty much only compatible with powercooler... i dunno probably should make sure they will fit.
  9. i know the feeling.. cept i only got two LOL
  10. El_Captain wow +1 for such a good answer. now i am curious as to what reeds to be cooled on a GPU this is the pic i am looking at . ***EDIT :well the pic i got lied to me it is actually a 68(50) card... looking to replace it but ya get the idea llokin to see what parts need cooling what doesn't*** because i know some people who do A LOT of metal work, and if i was to see if they could build me the copper block for cheap what would it need to cool on custom ones
  11. I have been wanting to post something up about the 6950s as well, but i was going to wait until i actually got to mess with the stuff before i really started asking questions. But i am also curious about water cooling these as well. I have done a few Google searches, and read some of the basics of water cooling the graphics cards, but it seems i just can grasp it. what kind of water block would be ideal, what kind would be just sufficient? can i run 1 loop on 2 6950s? any suggestions/advice would be very helpful. what i have found so far is you can get generic universal blocks, but are they going to be cost effective. and the other gear i am going to need, should i just go to a Lowes and buy some tubing and what not to hook it up, or should i stick with computer manufacturer parts. just kinda overloaded with the info and need a guiding hand.
  12. i looked a bit for cheaper pricing in europe, but it seems that 156.73€ is the normal price. and from what i have heard, it is a sick MOBO
  13. i fail! no one else can use this promo sorry :-(
  14. correct. it is like what you are explaining. you are paying per month to use your 12Mbps internet connection, yet every month you only get to use 250 gigs total. this is just like the mobile phone limits, except in a wired environment. And it is something that AT&T is planing to implement in the net few months.
  15. So, i have a few questions as to what needs to be done with the bios flashing of the 6950. i did some google searches read some faqs, walkthroughs etc... the part i am having a problem with is the version of the bios... the only bios that i can find is based on the 6970 2gig cards... well what if i have a 6950 1gig card am i SOL? or maybe by chance the same bios runs on either memory version of the card?
  16. At this time AT&T does not have any intention of lowering prices as a result of implementing "The Cap." The current monthly rates will stay the same.
  17. being a Marine on deployment, i have not had the opportunity to see it yet... but let me tell you i am EXCITED to see this movie and the first chance i have when i get back i will be watching this with or without the wife. from what i have read about the movie, it is awesome. **NOTE : the linked site is to a web-comic that is focused on USMC humor. i forewarn you, if you do not have a military background, specifically a Marine background you probably will not get it**
  18. for the movie aspect i dont feel that anything beats a 46" Samsung LEDTV... it is a good size, without being obnoxiously huge. and i have done quite a bit of gaming on mine.. it is silly... but you definitely will see it if your fps aren't up to speed.
  19. The problem that i have it that they are limiting you at all. it is like charging you a monthly rate for your TV service.. and then only allowing you to watch 100 hours (rounded 3 hours a day for 31 days) of TV a month. NOT to mention some ISPs' practice of throttling your download speeds... who are they to say what you can and cannot download, i am paying them to provide a service; an uplink to the cloud, not to monitor and dictate what i pass over that uplink.
  20. and if there is not a competitor.. what would you do then?
  21. that doesn't just happen in the po-dunk country areas either. when i lived in Virginia near DC the only cable provider in my area was Comcast. and up until like 6 months ago the same thing where i live at in San Diego, the only internet provider was Time Warner. Some big city areas don't support competitive cable infrastructure, and at this point sometimes it is too expansive for the other companies to extend their services.
  22. that is exactly that i said to myself. if i stream my netflix, listen to my online radio , download a few "things", play internet games, etc. like i do, at a faster speed, i would probably hit the cap in like 15 days. so they are saying that i can only use the internet for the first HALF of the month and the i pay out the pooper for it >.< total BS
  23. So i don't know if anyone has read this yet. But in general AT&T is implementing data caps on their internet. i thought for sure this is an internet rumor. But alas, i call to AT&T and from the horses mouth this will be going into effect. This is absolutely absurd! i thought it was bad enough having data limits on my phone service... now it is going to be on the slow, price-gouged cable services... unbelievable. Comment/rant/agree/cry below. EDIT: English i cant type it
  24. i think i see a great background on your monitor
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