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  1. Congratulations!! i will be honest, i kinda already thought you two were married by the way you two nag on each other LOL
  2. your friend was shot and killed last night at a party... i got this call from another buddy of mine... on mothers day of all days. the only thing i could think about while he was telling me what had happened was that his mom had to of receive that call as well. just broke my heart.
  3. here is one thing to think about, a SINGLE HDD will never surpass SATA2 capabilities. but, if you run 2 drives in RAID0 on SATA3 you will definitely see a huge difference between putting that same RAID on a SATA2 controller. you will get about an extra 100-200 mb/s read speed, write speed will only increase slightly i wish i had the screenshots to give hard evidence. but this is a problem i just had with my mobo. wish i had another sata 3 controller LOL
  4. the first number indicates how many full range speakers that it supports, the .1 means that it supports a sub-woofer. almost everything now a days is compatible with a sub-woofer, so the .1 is kind of a moot statement. now about having a 3 speaker setup, that might be difficult because i dont know if there is a 3.1 standard. problems come about when you use an incompatible speaker setup with the wrong standard, you will experience sound loss. Like a conversation is really far away or muffled. this can come about when a 5.1 stereo with only 2 speakers and a woofer tries to push out 90% of the volume through the back satellites, and they aren't there so all you get is the 10% from the front. (made up percentages just a generalization, the concept holds true though.)
  5. ha ha ha it came in an ammo can. made me laugh a little.... and um yeah... so have you fired that bad boy up yet
  6. Consoles are a specialized "computer" from their OS to the hardware. their hardware is not like that of a computer specifically because the buses are built better and their specialized OS utilize those buses more efficiently. a console essentially has like a 32x pcie bus for graphics (over exaggerated example) and the CPU utilizes every bit of it and that goes along with the rest of the hardware, if you have ever opened up a 360 you would see that their Mobo contains more specialized links between I/O and CPU. the OS' boot faster because they do not do as much in pre-boot i.e. registry checks and the sort. in a nutshell consoles are built to use much cheaper technology yet utilize it past its normal capacity. EDIT: clarified "statistic" , also note that Microsoft embosses their name on the mobo LOL (under llama)
  7. thats what... eehhhh... she said! but to also stay on subject. i never realized what a can of worms i was going to start when i started this post. Wev stated a few good points, yes corporations are in the business of making money, we all get that. Everyone wants to make just a few more bucks, But most of that motivation is to make yours and your family's lives better in some way. how is it that those extra few "bucks" helping these corporations. they are not building a better future, else we would see the benefits of. they are not making their product better/more efficient/greener etc... it is that greed that drives them, not the enhancements for clients.
  8. wow that link has great info. didnt know you could do this. +1
  9. YAY now i can get to bed!!!! 227AM here congrats to you two!!
  10. WAH LOL i will be honest, this is entertaining to watch
  11. yeah this round (R3) is getting messed up. is there really anything wrong with that?
  12. its all good, i just feel kinda.. dumb
  13. and i feel like a tool. so i actually joined right at the end of the first numbers give away, and then Bosco said he was gonna have another numbers contest for the 5970.. kinda got excited. So when it went up i kinda didnt read ALL of the original post, saw the number spread and jumped through and posted. and there it is, you gotta be a member for over 30 days. NEways good luck everyone.
  14. i apologize, haven't been a member for 30 days, i got too excited and posted before reading all the fine print good luck you all !!!
  15. is this a no crap 6970, or are is it a flashed 6950?
  16. my opinions on this CPU: i7-990x ($1339) top of the line bro Mobo: ASRock X58 Extreme6 Motherboard ($255) - with USB 3, SATA3, & 3x PCIE16, this looks pretty attractive for the price range - anything fishy going on here? sick mobo! it has 6 sata2 connectors on the board to run your RAID, so that is good RAM:G-SKill Ripjaws 3x4x2 - run in 1600 on the 2200/1333/1066/800 mobo. How much performance variance between 1600-2200 MHZ RAM? ($378) one again running your VMs at the same time as gaming will kill, so getting two sets of these is excellent GPU: Thinking about a single GTX590, depending on price point & performance from March 24. AMD is looking more attractive with the linux assurances - might 2XSLI some 6970's leaving room for a 3rd later. Or I could just do this with 2 6950's. Advice please. getting 2x 6950(flashed to 6970, is easy to do) is more cost effective, you get like 2-5% performance difference but for like 200$ cheaper PSU: Zalman ZM1000-HP Plus ($275) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139007 i stand by corsair they have always treated me well and their products are well made. this is the same wattage,80+silver, for like 60 dollars cheaper SSD: Looking at a nice Vertex 3, 240GB or Vertex 3 Pro 200GB around march 23rd. cannot go wrong with SSD especially with the VMs heard they run silly fast, your gonna hafta pay to though >.< HDD: 3x Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 in RAID 5 (more for data loss prevention than speed) for 2TB total - This will mostly hold movies, old games, & swapped out games - will move newer games back into SSD before running. Still not sure if that justifies pairing SATA 2 drives with a SATA 3 mobo (the SATA 3 is for the SSD) ($177) sounds good Case: The HAF X looks good - but does anyone know any cases that come in non-black? I won't always have the luxury of running this one in a darkened room - just noticed that during the day in a room that gets a lot of sun, the black cases had a bunch more overheating issues. ($239) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146067 the NZXT Phantom comes in white also got occ gold award http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/nzxt_phantom/6.htm AND is cheaper than HAF X i did not do price totals
  17. and from the way i understand it, you should be able to do this via your eyefinity profile. obviously the three monitor spread all needs to be on the main card, and the secondary card you can run your 4th monitor , just gotta set it up right in that profile. someone please correct me if i am wrong
  18. how are the dual 6970's treating you? i am looking to get a second some time soon.
  19. soo do some calculations.... carry the one.... hmm(loading) that means 12:30am monday march 21st for me... bleh.. i will be there
  20. what about the way that the neurons are connected and how they transfer data and the memories they hold(data they hold), these are all relatively the same yes, but not exactly the same, doesn't this make up who you are, therefore making up your soul? maybe you are looking for your soul to be dramatically different from others, but we are all human, made in His image, why would each soul have so many differences? ***NOTE: i am not admitting these to be my personally held beliefs, just playing devil's(bad analogy i know) advocate.***
  21. the internet is very physical. the data you are reading are located in 1's and 0's saved on some data disk inside of a computer brought to you via electrical impulses. all of which are physical.
  22. you are correct, they built the infrastructure, so they own the cables the fiber the switches and routers. but they do not own that which travels trough them. regardless if there is only this supposed 2% (where they get this number is a mystery) that will be effected, this cap will not accomplish anything other than putting money in their pockets. now on a networking aspect of things whether 2% of your ports are using more bandwidth than the rest is not going to affect the other 98% because at any given time those ports have a max throughput (the monthly fee your are paying determines this). therefor the max download caps is not helping the 98% any... what is it helping? hmmm $$$$ what is their endgame in this? they want to enhance the performance for their majority.... the guy purchasing the 50Mb/10Mb is still going to be using more bandwidth now he just reaches the cap faster than the others. and has to PAY for that as well... seems like a lot of paying
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