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  1. katokato

    Project: Hell

    dont go for the nvidia TI series, they suck. get a gtx 460, which costs as much as a ti, but faster
  2. katokato

    zalman cooler vs hyper 212+

    the Zalman gots more copper though, so wouldnt it be more efficient?
  3. katokato


    lol yeh, i be trollin (got suspeneded doing it) need to lessen on trolling. just never seen 8k parts before.
  4. katokato

    Improving cable management?

    if some of your cables dont have slack (outstretched too far to bend), you can get an extension to lengthen a cable, at which then you will be able to tape them to the side or corners of your case.
  5. katokato

    zalman cooler vs hyper 212+

    case is 190 mm so it will fit (rosewill destroyer), err,m thanks for offering the cnps but i'll pass
  6. katokato

    zalman cooler vs hyper 212+

    Can't decide which one to get. Looking to get an after market cooler so I can start overclocking. I have decided between the hyper 212 plus, and a zalman 9500a, however, the hyper 212 plus is cheaper but i have been told that the zalman cools cpus better (in my case, amd phenom2 955). If you have any other suggestions please keep the price range below 50 dollars. One concern that I have if i get a 120mm heatsink is that it will interfere with the ram sticks (gskill ripjaws) as they are parallel to the am3 socket, and look a bit tall due to the jaws as the heatsink. hyper 212+: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103065 zalman: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835118223
  7. katokato

    New Budget Build

    see nothing about budget when youre talking i7s
  8. katokato

    New monster born :) NEW PICS UP

    i thought you said gaming computer, not a number crunching workstation...
  9. katokato


    cant even believe they got 8k ssds on market. cant even believe theres a review from a person that bought this piece of ****
  10. katokato

    best stress test tools?

  11. katokato

    Out of cash option :)

  12. katokato


    back in 2009 the word ssd to me meant: crazy rich butt fuzzbucket that wants nothing more than to show off why does it say fuzbuket when i mean to have ., s3xexcept say it in bad word? now that technology has evolved.... are you still a crazy rich butt fuzzbucket that wants nothing more than to show off if you buy a ssd?
  13. katokato

    first build

    in the end i decided to go with gskill i dont want to buy value ram. and its only a few bucks more which can save me a bunch of trouble.
  14. katokato

    first build

    i may get that one since its the same thing but cheaper (just the diff in speed is not that bad, but then again if i overclock ill be doing it from the multiplier black edition). it doesnt come with any fancy heatspreaders but i dont care for those. its just aesthetics and ram doesnt melt like cpus do in the first place. time to roll that dice again.
  15. katokato

    New Build, need opinions

    id rather get caviar black instead of velociraptor.