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  1. Thank you so much for the quick responses.I'm going to go over the Mobo in question in full in the next day or so. I set my coworker up another computer but using his RAM, VGA, & HDD with no issues after hours of testing everything I could think of.Btw, how did you guys know that a particular board has vDIMM issue?Recurring issue with the 870/850 chipset? Well discussed Bios issue I overlooked?
  2. I'm a terrible member of message boards. Sorry for the loss of my less than stellar writing skills. I need a bit of advice. A gaming PC I built for a friend is giving me massive pains in my dick; to place the issue lightly. I've built a few rigs for coworkers to play BF3, SWTOR, & Skyrim. This one is dragging my name in the mud. Issue is this: He takes possession of rig and says it "will boot into windows, will run games, will crash occassionally." I run MemTest 4.2 & find the 2x4gb Corsair Kit is throwing massive errors. Replace with another duplicate kit and retest, no errors. He takes possession and says the issue is becoming worse. Says a screen with mem dump and reboot. I get it back and worry it is the hard disk so I outright replace it with another identical unit I have. Return the old one as defective. The rig is still in my possession and after I reinstall Windows I repeatedly encounter BSOD during driver installations & large file downloads. My opinion is that the Motherboard may be malfunctioning somehow but I'm not certain of how to gain conclusive proof. What do the rest of you think? Rig is: Asus M4A87TD/USB3, Phenom II X4 965, OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W, Corsair XMS3 2x4gb, Asus GTX570 DCU2, Seagate Barracuda 7200 1tb Meantime I'm going to swap his Graphic card, Power Supply, and Hard Disk into another tower I have for a loaner.
  3. My choice would be their power supplies. They've been reliable, stable, & quiet throughout the range of models I've used. I also love what I see in their 800D Tower & intend to purchase one for the next big build I have.
  4. HatersGonnaHate


    So DIRT 3 is coming out tomorrow, and I am stoked! Anyone else looking forward to it?
  5. I'd usually start diagnosing by checking the Audio setting in Media Center, as well as the Playback Devices. If for some reason you have multi-channel audio selected but only have a 2-channel speaker setup the front speakers will play at a much lower volume than you are accustomed to. If you are running Vista or 7 you should open the Volume Mixer and be certain the application volume is turned up, the default slider is Device volume. I am not familiar with your Tuner and can only recommend these steps to being troubleshooting. Someone else may pick up the baton.
  6. I've recently caught the mini-ITX bug, and I'm very interested in more reviews. These little suckers seem perfect for an always on PC to have connected to a home server & act as a gateway to the HTPC. As well, why not let my Main Rig fold while I run steam on a Mini-ITX box and play less graphically intensive games or stream movies. I just stated the obvious to most of us.
  7. Well there are other issues at play here, but I did vote yes. It should be considered whether the processor is only compatible with FSB overclocking or if Multiplier is an option. With FSB it is then worth discussing whether the memory will be affected by the overclock; which a beginner should be mindful of. If the MoBo has an overclocking utility that increases the Multiplier does it also tweak other settings? I think everyone should experience overclocking for themselves, and I do recommened it. But, when is it the right time to learn?
  8. That's a pretty Prom Date you have there. I need to get out fishing on my next weekend off. Congratulations, sir.
  9. Wonderful interview and tour of the facility. Completely turned me onto Mushkin.
  10. Still failing on Test 7 of MemTest+. Certainly glad I kept sticks around!
  11. I'll run another test tonight, using 4.10. I do use a USB bootable version, but you may be right and another test wouldn't hurt.
  12. Always keep some reliable sticks around. Right now I'm in the middle of returning 2x4gb sticks to Newegg while starting an RMA for my 4x4gb kit I purchased from a Shell Shocker last week. Always fails test 7 on Memtest+ 4.20. So I'm back to an old 2x2gb kit I have left over.
  13. Slice up those same peppers, but wear contacts. Then when you remove those contacts later in the evening fall over in searing eye pain. The same thing the next morning. Because that stuff does not wash off.
  14. My score with just an OC HD5770 http://3dmark.com/3dm11/1061644
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