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  1. Sell it for $600 then build that rig together too. Done and done. Nah but yeah, doesn't it suck being the good friend? lol
  2. Dude, that was days ago, leave it alone.. I know. Anyways every nub in there has already raped that thread dry, I cant see the difference. And how the hell is the panda guy so low key that he posts 2 numbers every round, rofl.
  3. I hope you guys learn to read by time the next contest comes around. And then maybe you could read the new rule where you can only post in that thread once a day, and that post should be your number. And no one should help one another. If you post a dumb number, that should be your fault, shouldn't be able to change or edit it.
  4. You should start a new "sudden death" round if no one gets it by midnight pacific, to be fair to those that voted before, which wasn't me, but still.. not a bad idea? lol someone has to get it within the first 50 posts.. if they'd even take notice
  5. Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa ahh this game.. is going to end now and I already voted. SUDDEN DEATH
  6. Oh no I understand, at first I didn't mean for my post to be thaat pointless, so I went back and edited it to clear some confusion. And I was just messin' with ya my dudes, I was pretty light hearted when I said that so no worries. And it definitely doesn't help when other people don't even read the thread, and some guy posts the SAME thing right after its been mentioned, rofl.
  7. Ya your dog would be my obvious choice too.. but why the snow covered photo? (seemed to work tho!) Haha, If I hadn't seen the other photos of her I'd of probably went with Oliver..? But I like big dogs more and your girl looks like a goodie so she gets my vote too!
  8. I had a dream last night it was in the 200's rofl
  9. Hahaha, never thought this simple of a number game could be so hilarious.. You learn so much. EDIT: Nah buddy you got the rules wrong, along with so many others.
  10. 5 - (aw yeayuh first to take out a row! muahah!) You guys be foxin' up my bingo sheet! I think it's round 3 now right?
  11. @wevsspot - Damn, didn't think anyone would look long enough to notice the underwear... @SpeedCrazy - NUUUUUUUU! ..Just look at it this way, one day you wont even remember it happened.. Until then, forgive me faja
  12. Remember that time I posted that picture? So young, so innocent..
  13. Yessss! This guy knows whats up! That is gooood beer. Double Bastard Ale and Firebrick you say? Alrighty then!
  14. @eisbar - thanks man that definitely clears that up @goxon - whoops! thanks for the look out man @computerED - so you'd prefer that AMD build more? yea i would like to have the sli/crossfire option if i ever need it eventually, and definitely want to be on board with the USB 3.0 wave Thanks for the replies guys, anyone else has anything to add let me know! Gonna hold out and see what this so called "Bulldozer" is all aboot Hope it ain't too pricey!
  15. Then you don't want it bad enough! EDIT: Nah.. I just feel bad for printing out a chart of integers 1-500 and keeping track. lol, over the top much?
  16. Welcome to my profile..

    Stay a while.

  17. So what I said was correct? That's how he's doing it?? Heh heh.. by the way, waiting is a double edged sword.. not so much any better than the other option. Due to the way the rounds restarted every day. Schmart. EDIT: Though ya shouldn't announce if anyone's gotten it until that round period is over lol
  18. Just so were clear, you've already picked all the set numbers? (or just going along?) None of the numbers can be from the previous rounds? (cause their obviously incorrect?) More than one person could win each round? (if more than one set number is guessed within that round?)
  19. Yes sire! So it really is that big a difference huh? Apologies all around, didnt mean it like that, get the frick back in here youuu!!! Actually lets all gtfo, he already bought it, case completo.
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