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  1. Jesus loves you.

  2. @ bowtie - Thats really good advice... but no I don't live under a tree.. even though tons of people do, whats really wrong with that? The main power line lived next to one though, nothing I could do about that.. Everything I had was hooked up to 3 separate surge protectors.. *blank stare at your stupid face aaaaand blink* It sent more than one surge, there were waves of them ranging with intensity and i'm guessing the silly wiwl surge protectors wern't enough for that kind of power. Shiz was like the poltergeist. 'Cept it ate my appliances not my family. I can still hear them screaming.
  3. Yeah Crysis2 demands way too much performance.. (just like the first) even with crossfired 6990's your lookin' at 50fps and spikes all around.. They could do better but none the less, this is awesome.. With all the recent advances and the influx of popularity the idea of fully realistic gaming is just around the corner If entertainment is our market then this has a big future I can't wait
  4. Must of missed it, my comp's a piece of crap, it skips frames on even the littlest of video. Just wished they revealed more, nice report though krazyxazn
  5. well i've come this far with em they're sure not holdin' me down any
  6. so look away and let it die already.. your idiocy is your own fault you people try to act like you have something better to do thats the laugh if your oh so too intelligent and in disgust of anything other.. then just look away let it die knobs
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bTbAsmPOKo just kidding
  8. Sweeeet. Love Tribes. But that video did nothing for me, ooooh big music and big words..! Big whoop, wanna fight about it? That wallpaper is more like it though. Nice find, lol.
  9. lol the last numbers game wasn't so bad was it? but if you're looking for someone actually in need of something i have got to be on the worst computer than anyone on the forum lol not to mention the smallest budget all my stuff blew when a tree ripped down my main power line.. my computer, my tv, my xbox, and my stereo system..! all wiped in a single moment! and nothing was covered so since then i've been in a cold, dark, entertainment-less depression.. i need a smoke just thinking about it haha but yeah another numbers game sounds good the only game i have to look forward too... *plays the sad card*
  10. agreed, even if you wanted to argue this by saying oh well you lose your crossfire slot, you could of had two 6990's down the road.. couldn't be more wrong.. on stock settings if you can even get them to both fit in your case they get so hot sitting side by side each other that they'll actually over heat and shutdown ..pointless, it's mostly for, or would be recommended for people who only have one pciE slot, unless down the road they come out with better renditions and lower prices
  11. Anyone post this yet? you might want to skip through some of the video I'm not exactly sure how to feel about this one.. lets just say im not entirely impressed. It performs amazingly, but it's not too solid.. Some of those tests and the Resident Evil footage..
  12. The 1055 or 955. Up to you but seeing as most people wont even need the x6 technology yet, I'd go with the 955. Mainly cause I always build on a budget.
  13. Haha, well put.. Dude I love your Avatar.
  14. Only every really spent 200-300, don't like to go over but if I have to ill probably go to 500.
  15. Haha Change your signature!!!
  16. Tree-fiddy. Central FL. Anyone going hybrid soon or already has? Im thinkin' i might get one of these: For back up.. cause ya gotta have a truck or car for carry space.. a bike alone just isn't logical.. They're startin' to come out with some pretty slick and considerably fast electric bikes but hell that baby gets 55-65mpg easy. I dunno though, not sure if I wanna be the bike guy.. Or am a bike guy.. Its fun and all, but its a lifestyle.. lol Some guys you see on a bike you're just automatically like.. ha-ha. I guess I normally only really do that to people who show off or have really bright neon colored bikes.. HEY DID YOU SEE MY BIKE THAT'S SO LOUD?!?
  17. @jdm_freak - yeah i was gonna post blade too, love em @flareback - theres atleast two i know of Another worst would probably be The Adams Family.. rofl Legally Blonde.. how in the hell did that make it to three? fml Im a Jim Carrey fan so I can't really talk shiz about Ace Ventura.. Im not gonna say Austin Powers was the worst either.. but its another one I dont think anyones brought up yet Oh yeah.. The Mighty Ducks... The Never Ending Story... yeaap The Butterfly Effect.. has a trilogy!? lol Crocodile Dundee.. those Step Up dance movies.. haha tho i never really even seen one The Hills Have Eyes.. meh The Grudge.. worst horror trilogy ever Honey I Shrunk The Kids.. lol.. it was a cool idea back when i was a baby. aaand for all you sticklers who dont know fun.. even though it gets a little homo sick and dumb.. you'd probably think Jackass deserves a spot here too
  18. Agreed. If you're into that whole thing im tellin' you.. drop the mind set. You're bout to end up the new wave douche. I agree there are a few haters on OCC but cmon now.. really?? Grown adults? No.... w- no.. really?? They must be huffin' that hair spray.
  19. @BluePanda - You're a girl. @SpeedCrazy - Go read Dilbert. @ Phil - Yeah its animated like the Flinstones.. lol No its not the most funny thing in the world, but it amazes me there's someone that dumb, and not mentally challenged. Somehow he never fails to word his stupidity in a funny way either.. I keep up with all comedy and comedians new and old, and I still find it funny I don't care what you think really.. I'm not sure anyone does unless they have some sort of relations with you. Im just explaining how my avatar came about.. I didnt want to have trouble with people taking me too seriously so I literally thought about it for a second and threw it up there.. Why so srs?
  20. That's not what im saying, that's just what my avatar is.. his head from the animated show. If you've only seen An Idiot Abroad then meh.. Here's a snippet from one of the episodes (rated: Mature (for use of strong language) 18 and up) *OCC nor myself take any responsibility for the curse word(s) that might be lay-ithed upon thou* [Flash] [/Flash]
  21. Anyone seen Vampire Hunter D? That didn't make it to a trilogy did it?
  22. Dude, he's so oblivious, he doesn't even mean to, but some of the things he says is just ridiculously hilarious. I don't care what you say, he's obviously not a comedian, but he's a fkin funny dude. I wouldn't expect you to know. You probably read Stephen Hawking for a good laugh.
  23. All I had to see was minutes into the first one before I was done and we walked to another movie. Seriously though, how can you turn something like that.. into something like that... ITS FKED UP!
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