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  1. Anyone seen Altered States? Haha I saw it for the first time the other night.. I thought it was funny, a little mind-fk crazy.. but overall funny more than it was scary lol Very different though, im not sure if i'd recommend it unless your in the mood for a old cheesy horror flick haha Definitely one I won't forget, kinda like the schex scene in Splice.. rofl Recently saw Rango too.. me thinks it'll hold as best animated picture of 2011 FYI, DON'T BOTHER WATCHING THE MECHANIC it's garbage, there's atleast 5 or more incidents where you can see the mic & boomstick how that makes it into a final cut of a world wide cinema released film this day in age just fkin' puzzles me
  2. ROFL! BA-BA!? (okay its not a tv or movie series but it is a web series, lol..) but anyways I recently saw: -Battle: Los Angeles (i thought it was good, definitely worth a watch) -Paul (also thought it was a good one, i'd give it another watch)
  3. Another paragraph please. Awwww yeaahhh!
  4. IVIYTH0S you just made the super cool guy list good work son edit: same goes for cowking of course
  5. ..atleast watch 5:30 - 6:00.. epiiiiic ..but I wanna take-up the keyboard
  6. Yeah.. not really holding my breath for the multiplayer, hopefully its nice, but im all for the story on this one.
  7. who are you ... and why so serious?! Grats ya lousy winners!
  8. No worries I forgot too.. don't feel lame, at least you have hardware good enough to play a game like that.. I was busy playing Zelda.
  9. Thats a great deal! Anything wrong with it? Bad OC? Whats the catch!?
  10. ...whoops I likely would of picked those numbers too.. 286.. for '88, and 6 for the month of June (birthday) and 234 just cause im ocd about number combos containing 1234 and cause im psychic too busy to remember though fffffffffffffffffmeeeeeeeeeee

    Xbox 360 anger

    Man you fell for it thaat many times? Screw that, Xbox is trash.. along with the warranty and customer service. Realized that on my first RROD, and as I watched everyone elses around me slowly but surely fail as well.. Sad excuse for a console, no point in even owning one.
  12. Reboot. (anyone remember that show? no?? not now..? ok.) P.S. - I know.
  13. OMGOMGOMG SUNDAY! SUNDAY!! SUNDAY!!! wait... I mean... MONDAY! MONDAY!! MONDAY!!! Be sure not to miss it! I know its not time yet but Im gonna go ahead and reserve number 341.. we can do that right? Im so totally just going to act like its cool. @Bosco - On contest day you should post a pic of yourself staring into the camera while the number's in your head.. I'll bet you I can guess it first try! If I fail... I'll post the nudity video. @Phil - WHAT COMPETITION!?
  14. Are you kidding me?! Wow.. This is why I have no hope in humanity.. What is wrong with these people!? Man that really gets me.. Im not all that violent but this makes me wanna track em down so I can take a fire hose to their face. Catch em off guard, storm in and unleash the beast in the middle of their Wii session. *FWAP!* Just hose it all... ..I have a dream!
  15. All kinds of teet in this one. Win. *EDIT* Sorry Speed! I really didn't realize this one was that old.. lol it was only a few topics from the top.
  16. Jesus.. and they say natural catastrophes are only going to get more frequent and more intense.. God help us, and best of luck to anyone effected by this that you may or may not know. Really makes you cherish the moment. Safety is one thing never promised that we all take for granted.


    Niiice, blues a good choice (fav) Make sure to post back when you get that panda on there lol So is your sig outdated now or did you just get another gpu?
  18. Never played Tribes?! Oh man was it epic.. It probably still has a small community of servers left I might even give her a ol' run @Alexandre - here if it makes you feel any better its a Intel Pentium 4 1.6Ghz, with 1G of ram, and a Radeon 7500, and nothing else on it matters cause its all crap
  19. @Bosco - I say it's atleast $50 more than the 6990 @ekiM - ROFL (not referring to the fact that you owned a furby, but that's equally funny too) @BP - that's believable
  20. Someone's gotta stir the pot... I still say the numbers game we had last time was a damn good idea, just refine it a bit and it should go smoother Thought of a few other ways the contest could be had but that initial idea just seems really solid compared to anything else It was actually entertaining, I don't think anyone would be against doing that again.. unless its for the benefit of disagreeing with me We're talking about free stuff here! Anything if nothing will suffice. P.S. Thank you for turning down the nudity. I'd rather not have a poll on who's video was "best".
  21. Oy, I think the moral of the story was to go outside. God knows how much life I've wasted behind a screen.. croiky.
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