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  1. Yeah, it was Bush. Bush went everywhere into Iraq for 8 years to find and kill him. Obama just got lucky deciding to go into Afghanistan and Pakistan of all places, wtf? :dunno:


    People are on Obama's ahss, worried about his birth certificate, if he's a Muslim or not, blaming him for . that's not even his fault, makes sense to get everyone to shut up by saying he killed one of the most wanted Muslims out there. Thus in the end makes a better campaign for Obama.


    These people have a ahss ton of money and resources to do and say whatever they need be.


    Whatever's for the greater good of the government, you'd better bet is being subliminally stuffed down your throat.


    It really escalated when mass communication was released and the media started controlling everything.


    The governments been working with the media networks since it all began.


    Not everything is exactly what it seems, there's a whole lot more to it than you'll ever know.


    How fast you are to quickly deny something only shows how delusional you really are.


    ..and I'd say the lot of you are" Americanly" spoiled into your own comfortable thought bubbles.

  2. lol the funny thing is that most good dubstep, you can't actually hear because regular speakers and all headphones can't play frequencies that are as low as 20-30hz. Which sux. You need to go to a dubstep party if you wanna hear real dubstep.


    pretty neat stuff.


    also good to see a fellow shroomer xD



    yeah see I like your taste in dubstep a lot more than anything else i've had the chance to listen too, thanks for the recomends!


    oh wow really? ha! who'd of thought!? another cool guy on campus! :cheers:

  3. In my experience, almost all scholls block the ports that steam needs to connect and play games. If anything, I would blame this on the schools network, and not steam.



    Yes, and it seems like Steam should be able to at least start in "offline mode" if there's a problem, so that you can at least enjoy the games in single player. And there's no excuse for CSS not being available.



    I like steam because it is extremely convenient 98% of the time. All my games are there and they get patched automatically etc. Steam also makes installing most games super easy, and purchasing them fast and easy.


    The thing is that we don't really have a choice anymore about whether or not to use steam because almost everything is on there now.



    There is an Offline Mode.



    Steam really should have an offline mode, and a few other features, but meh, doesn't bother me too much. I like more than I don't so it's all good.

    I can find easily find better things to complain about.



  4. ROFL


    dude i couldnt even make it a minute before headache, literally


    but it started to go away and i thought i was gonna make it to the end


    but at 2:50 i almost went crazy and reflex literally forced me to hit stop




    tomorrows another day poptart kitteh



    but for now.. what sort of fish are you!? :D

  5. Anyone? Best dub step song you've ever heard? Please? I wasn't trying poke fun at your music I just want to know if I can like it..




    now the last 2 weren't bad.. hmm

  6. Why'd they have to go ruin perfectly good genres of dub, with dubstep? I don't get why this shiz is even hot right now..




    I just don't get it..


    Random noise ftw? wtf?


    Someone please explain to me, or post the best dubstep song ever and maybe I'll see the light.

  7. I'd so be down to HL2 it with some OCC's. HL2 is the shiz!


    I'm with Deathmineral when it comes to going back to games like D2 though, any game you have to spend that much time on and have that much fun with probably won't be the same the second time around, especially if the community isn't what it used to be. I find older games that are more "jump in and play" seem to fulfill the thrill longer a second time around, but no doubt a great game is a great game, but they always keep em comin'! Just gotta wait it out a little bit if you're like everyone else and tired of WoW.


    Speaking of being tired of WoW, any post-WoW MMORPG's out there making a name for themselves yet or are they all just as boring? I hear the Guild Wars 2 hype but I hope and pray that its far different from the first, don't get me wrong, the first was great.. before I played WoW.. and if the second one resembles either of those 2 games I'm afraid I'm not going to like it. I really hate when they make cookie cutter remakes and don't focus that much on a different style of game-play when it comes to RPG's.

    FPS's aren't a problem really, they're simple enough so they're solid for the most part, as long as the storyline is cool and there's not that much repetition, I'm engaged.

    But as much as I love FPS, which I reeeeally do, I love em all, but I reheheheeeaalllyy love me a good (MMO)RPG, I just wish they'd start to incorporate more of a FPS style too, kinda like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, both of which I haven't had the chance to fully play yet.. :cry: Bioshock and Fallout were cool and kinda hit that hybrid mark, but they still have some work to do in that department too. 2011 just seems to be slackin' a bit on the RPG end of things, its got me 'Jonesing'


    Anyone ever play the game 'Savage' back in the day? It was free to play, they have Savage 2 out now, also recently made it free to play!

    http://www.savage2.com/en/main.php - it'll keep ya busy for a bit if ya never heard of it, I'm sure there's still a community..?

    If not maybe we can start one lol

  8. At least it's good to know other people share a similar story.. just keep your head up man.. it's better than it seems


    It kinda sounds like the thing that gets you most is the money, and the repetitive grind, and I know exactly how that goes.. ya gotta stick it out though man, if ya can't find anything else with better pay while in school then just keep your head above the water and try to do good in school and just know it won't be like that forever.


    Im guessing with the ADHD it'd be hard to smoke weed every once in a while just for a breather and not get addicted.. I've smoked both wacky and tabaccy and they're really not worth the money unless its once in a blue moon. Ultimately you gotta try to be the best man ya can and try not to fall victim to vice.. In the long run they only really bring you down, but don't be afraid to enjoy them if you're thinking about doing something worse.. Weed or booze is nothing compared to other bad decisions.

    But yeah whats the situation with drinking? Any trouble there with binge? Or does it only strengthen problems rather than alleviate?


    You gotta try to be happy with where you are, of course you'll reach a different destination soon enough, but for now really just try to slow down and focus on things that really make ya happy. Go out with some friends or the girl, get a little goofy, and just sleep it off.

    Another thing is just try to laugh man, if you watch TV try to watch something you think is funny, or just mess around with your girl, get a good crackin' going.


    How about working out? There's ways to get close to the same feeling as being on that bike through exercise.

    Running gets me there, for me it's primal.. Running's all about focusing your mindset, just the repetition of focusing on my breath and how my feet land and how I push off, just listening to the beat and thinking to myself "don't stop, just push a little more" breaks me into a trance where the physical pain turns into pleasure and when I stop and cool down it only gets better.. but ultimately any activity that makes you feel free and kind of entrances you will work, right now you have the bike, but there's more ways than one to find that feeling! If it's not through exercising the body than find a way you like to exercise the mind

    For more of a "WTF I'm gonna go crazy" moment I usually turn to the punching bag though.. one of the best buys I could of made.


    Good lucks to ya dude, we're all swimmin' in the same schit..

  9. I say just do the same thing to them both and be done with it.


    I thought this at first too.. but really they deserve much, much worse than that..


    I say we use people like this in a series of live experiments (ie. "what would happen if this 'assbag' was exposed to this much of __")


    For science aaand justified punishment!



    People make me sick..

  10. Anyone seen Altered States?


    Haha I saw it for the first time the other night..

    I thought it was funny, a little mind-fk crazy.. but overall funny more than it was scary lol

    Very different though, im not sure if i'd recommend it unless your in the mood for a old cheesy horror flick haha

    Definitely one I won't forget, kinda like the schex scene in Splice.. rofl



    Recently saw Rango too.. me thinks it'll hold as best animated picture of 2011


    lol @ the Fear and Loathing cameo




    it's garbage, there's atleast 5 or more incidents where you can see the mic & boomstick :glare:

    how that makes it into a final cut of a world wide cinema released film this day in age just fkin' puzzles me

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