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  1. People are on Obama's ahss, worried about his birth certificate, if he's a Muslim or not, blaming him for . that's not even his fault, makes sense to get everyone to shut up by saying he killed one of the most wanted Muslims out there. Thus in the end makes a better campaign for Obama. These people have a ahss ton of money and resources to do and say whatever they need be. Whatever's for the greater good of the government, you'd better bet is being subliminally stuffed down your throat. It really escalated when mass communication was released and the media started controlling everything. The governments been working with the media networks since it all began. Not everything is exactly what it seems, there's a whole lot more to it than you'll ever know. How fast you are to quickly deny something only shows how delusional you really are. ..and I'd say the lot of you are" Americanly" spoiled into your own comfortable thought bubbles.
  2. Don't you worry child. Heaven has got plans for you.
  3. "I'M TALKING TO YOU LIZARD!" That line is what Will Ferell based his career on.
  4. yeah see I like your taste in dubstep a lot more than anything else i've had the chance to listen too, thanks for the recomends! oh wow really? ha! who'd of thought!? another cool guy on campus!
  5. Steam really should have an offline mode, and a few other features, but meh, doesn't bother me too much. I like more than I don't so it's all good. I can find easily find better things to complain about. /endallyourfutilerants
  6. ROFL dude i couldnt even make it a minute before headache, literally but it started to go away and i thought i was gonna make it to the end but at 2:50 i almost went crazy and reflex literally forced me to hit stop tomorrows another day poptart kitteh but for now.. what sort of fish are you!?
  7. Anyone? Best dub step song you've ever heard? Please? I wasn't trying poke fun at your music I just want to know if I can like it.. :edit: now the last 2 weren't bad.. hmm
  8. HAAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHA.. ahhh hahahahaha ..yeesss.
  9. and it ain't easy.

  10. F yes I can get down. Anyone know any other goodies?
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