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  1. The APC I am using is 5 or 6 years old and still working.
  2. The only superhero I know that does not overclock.... Chuck Norris computer is so fast when he spills liquid nitrogen on it his frame rates drop to slow for him to play Mindcraft.
  3. I found that a #2 Snap-on screwdriver works well in this application... not that I ever did this... well maybe on Oblivion.
  4. Demo3

    Witcher vs. Skyrim

    I forgot to mention that I have over 200 hours in Skyrim... and been playing Elder Scrolls sense Daggerfall. I just thought Witcher 2 looked interesting. I guess I should have started this in the Skyrim thread.
  5. Demo3

    Witcher vs. Skyrim

    So I saw the trailer for the Witcher 2 on the main page and watched it. How does the Witcher 2 play compared to Skyrim.
  6. And now for something completely different.

  7. Nice 1911. Looks like my Kimber Gold Match. Without the bobtail.
  8. My question would be... Did the vender provide the movie to be rented (viewed a few times) or purchased to be viewed indefinitely. Fortunately it is not up to your friends to decide what the venders intentions were. Please contact the legal owner and they will provide you with that information. I am not a lawyer... but I sleep on a Sleep Number Bed.
  9. I answered yes because I always try to have a realistic expectation of what I have built. Baring a complete failure to boot I expect the components to function.
  10. Hmmm. Interesting As I sit here at work every day I hear many fathers and mothers talk about there problems they have at home. I also hear them boast about how when the cashier gave them $5 to much in change how good it made them feel, or how they got something on sale and returned it and got full price, or how they were speeding behind another car and how stupid they were because they got the ticket, they look over at there children and say "If that guys had been smart he would have been behind me". One of my favorite is a guy I work with that shops at REI. If you shop at REI you know that they have an unlimited, unconditional return policy, if you are at anytime unsatisfied with what you have bought then bring it back. Well he will buy a pair of hiking boots and ware them for several years then return them for a new pair. He boasted one day the he got a letter form REI saying that they were experiencing an unusual number of returns on his account. His fix for there problem was to change the return policy. I told him that peeps like him were the reason I could not afford to shop at REI. When I was building my last computer, the one in my signature below, I... out of stupidity touched the CPU socket with my finger and ruined my $260 mobo . To tell you the truth my first thought was how do I get out of this without taking responsibility... the second thought was how do I tell my wife that I need to spend another $260 on my computer which already was nearing 2 grand. When I told her I just said Honey I just screwed up one of my computer parts and its going to cost $260 to get another one. She said if I would wait till tomorrow she would go with me... Micro Center is on the other side of Denver, One of they guys I work with said that he would have returned it and said it came that way. How G*** is a nice guy but would I give him a key to my house to feed the cat while I go on holiday. I know this sounds like I am boasting, that I am better than anyone else and nobody can not live up to my standards, not that you really care and you really should not care what I think because I really don't care what you think of me, I don't want to be an butt or be one of those guys that just will say something to get an argument going... that serves not purpose. Who would I be if I patterned my life after what other people think of me. Like... if one of you guys says do this to your build and you will get some kind of super something I say Hell yes I'll do it. Like... if one of you guys said do to this site and get something for free that would cost you $ otherwise then I would not do that... Like someone once said... I just don't roll that way. OCC guys are a bunch of smart guys and gals and we can share our love of computer and tech... and Skyrim. Did I forget to say Skyrim? There is a discussion about the definition of legal property. I think I would define property as... A piece of matter (anything having mass and or takes up space including digital space) or idea that is in the possession of a person and that person expects compensation for that matter or idea if transferred to or used by another. If that matter or idea was not obtained by that person who holds it by the same rule as stated, then it would not be legal possession or property. So it you buy matter or an idea at a legal price form a vender and you lose it or it becomes corrupted or you forget it. If the vender expects compensation for providing that software to you again then you must provide compensation to the vender, whatever that compensation might be. I am not saying that you can not go to the vender and plead your case... I have done that many times with both positive and negative outcomes.
  11. This is just my opinion on the subject. Piracy and stealing are no temptation to me. Things that I did not work for myself have no value to me. An open cash register drawer with no one looking does not interest me. To use for myself something that someone else worked for only makes me ineffective. I would not use anything form you guys without your consent because it has no value to me until you give it, you worked for it and should receive all glory from it, and I would pay you for it, because you deserve it. John Galt said "I swear -- by my life and my love for it -- that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine." I am not perfect by any means... I have "sined" in this area many times in the past, I can give and do not attempt to justify my actions... they were wrong. But I have not given up on giving every man his choice and the opportunity to benefit from his on work. The pessimist says “The glass is half empty” The optimist says “The glass is half full” The objectivist says “I am still thirsty”
  12. I use www.pricegrabber.com.
  13. Just bought a 50inch plasma and could not be happier, paid around $800 for 1080. When u put a movie on like Blade Runner, Dark City or Alien and turn the lights out u really can appreciate the blacks. It's just me I know but the off white areas that should be black distract me, its not the same when the Alien jumps out of the gray area.
  14. Anything but humans will put soul power into gems. My strategy when starting out is to hack on whatever u r trying to kill then whip out whatever weapon has the soul trap on it then finisher it off with that.
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