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  1. Seagate 2.5" SATA Notebook 500GB XT Hybrid HDD VS Kingston (SV100S2/128G) 2.5" 128GB SATA2 SSD HDD pros and cons of both, which is more reliable,speed etc etc
  2. thanks Alexandre im going to go for the TX-750 as i do wish to get another 6970 in the future
  3. getting my NZXT phantom tomoro and ASUS croshair 4 fromula in 2 days

  4. i asked about the PSU in this thred beacuse i was originaly going to get 1 6970 but then considered that 2 6870s will be better but think i might go with 1 6970 for the moment thnd get a HX-650 or a TX-750 and what do you recomend HT-650 or a TX-750 both about the same price so which 1 is better/more reliable
  5. im just considering as i dont have the funds to buy 1 little own 2 6970s so i was going to get 1 6870 now and another later i would have to wait an extra 4 weeks for one 6970 and only 2 for one 6870
  6. need advice on buying either two 6870s in crossfire on this rig nzxt phantom black AMD AM3 x6 1090T 3.20ghz phenom II patriot Gamer2 PGD38G1333ELK 8GB(4GX2) DDr3 1333 kingston 128GB ssd, seagate 3.5'' barracuda green 2TB Asus crosshair IV formula corsair TX-650 or one 6970 on the same system p.s if needed i could get a different PSU
  7. thanks for the kind words wevs good
  8. ok thanks alexandre im gona get a TX-650 By the way i just brought my nzxt phantom and asus crosshair IV formula
  9. thanks Alexandre you are truly awsome as you wave replied to all of my posts if you could please tell me PSU i will need to run this with these parts NZXT phantom AMD AM3 x6 1090T 3.20ghz phenom II patriot Gamer2 PGD38G1333ELK 8GB(4GX2) DDr3 1333 Asus HD 6970 kingston 128GB ssd, seagate 3.5'' baracuda green 2TB Asus Crosshair IV formula +some form of blueray drive i was going to go for a TX-650 or HX-650 is this ok or am i going to go bigger or with diffrent sockets/ports
  10. sudden change of plan, just brought a ASUS crosshair IV Formula i dont think it has onboard graphics which means a longa wait but i think it might be worth it, just wondering what u guys recon, do u think its a bit overkill
  11. hey guys just wondering i you guys know if the formula has onboard graphics as i could not find any info on this anywhere im not planing to use them for to long just untill i get me 6970. if it doesnt have onboard graphics it just means im going to have to wait longer
  12. yeah im going to get a Asus 2GB 6970 and later if the need arises i might get another. with this in mind what do you recommend still the TX-650
  13. hey everyone im building a pc but im unsure about what wattage power supply i should get, these are the parts im thinking of getting nzxt phantom AMD AM3 x6 1090T 3.20ghz phenom II patriot Gamer2 PGD38G1333ELK 8GB(4GX2) DDr3 1333 kingston 128GB ssd seagate 3.5'' baracuda green 2TB Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB 3 and im thinking of getting a corair TX-650 but im not sure if this enough power and i will be getting a graphics card later so please keep that in mind
  14. im going to go with the Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 (its also cheaper) thanks for the suggestion can you guys give me some pros-cons about how you think my system will perform, that would be much appreciated P.S Potatochobit im from Australia and we don't have a microcentre here but thanks for the suggestion anyway
  15. so you are saying the computer will not function even basically like everyday operations with out a graphics card?
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