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    Recommended Cases List

    Corsair 800D $250.00-$300.00 @ Europe 350/400USD Personal Opinion Pros: 1. Top 360 rad mount or 480 [with some work] 2. Great and Unique cable management 3. All black and excelent outside finish 4. Hot Swap 5. Lot´s of space to work Cons: 1. High price 2. Bad Airflow [aircooling system] 3. Very heavy
  2. MasterAV

    Help overclocking CPU/MB

    Thank´s Alexandre that guide is excellent!
  3. Hello A few days ago I tried to overclock my machine but with no luck... I search in the web for someone who ever tried this OC on a config same as mine but didn't find anything, so anyone can help this nooobbb... The config: Asus Crosshair Formula II [bIOS 2607] AMD Phenom II X4 955 BlackEdition [stepping 3] 8GB Corsair XMS2 8500/1066Mhz [5-6-6-18] Cooling: Corsair H70 I tried to use the overclock utility in the bios and managed to reach 4.070Mhz with 220x18.5 @ 1.472, good temp´s [30º Idle] but every time I try to play anything the system crash! Help please