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  1. unfortunately the heat from the XFX HD5770 frazzles the USB3 1x adapter everything fine, until I try the 3D screensavers from astrogeminii, after may seconds the machine resets but if I remove the USB3 1x adapter then no problem looks like the only way I may get good gfx AND USB3 is with that extender ribbon mentioned earlier but I'm not sure how thats used, maybe they have photos in the instructions
  2. right, the XFX Radeon HD5770 has already arrived, and I managed to install it without moving the tower, by placing the fans on my hand in order to guide it as there isnt much space on the Micro ATX board, gravity then holds it in place on the hand, and it doesnt get in the way of the 1x socket. I had hardware and drivers all installed within 40 minutes of the product arriving, it has 2 identical DVI sockets, and 1 other socket which is pinless, no VGA socket but thats probably better to have 2 x DVI, and use a converter if VGA is needed. at the top of the card there is a further connector, not sure what thats for, and there is a power connector of 2 rows of 3. I havent tested out anything demanding on it anyway, its been quite effortless to install, so far so good
  3. well, I was going to go for that, but the user feedback on that link looked dubious. On the other hand one of the comments is using too low a wattage, I think you need at the very least 400W for the better graphics cards, I bought a 550W to be absolutely sure. Some of the graphics cards tell you the recommended wattage. You can give your own user feedback there even if you purchased elsewhere, if you think the comments are unfair eg many problems are because of incorrect usage. I have now ordered the XFX Radeon HD5770, which according to the tracking should arrive today. I decided it was either the 5770 or the 5750, and as I had the amazon link for the 5770 I went for that. I didnt want to try to search on amazon myself as there is a high risk of getting the wrong product! with the ATi versus Nvidia, I'm curious also to see where ATi have reached as the last 2 graphics cards I bought were Nvidia's, and the one before that was an ATi. but I bought those 3 cards just based on advice from the shops, the Maplins shop advice is good, but all the high street shops here have a very limited selection. And the amazon prices are at least 20 quid cheaper than all the shops. At PC World you soon see that most people dont use graphics cards! I contacted Gigabyte about the problem of their GT 240 on their M68M-S2P and suggested that they put the 16x socket furthest out, they actually replied to this and said they are forwarding the idea to the designers of the M68M-S2P to study! I also said I liked support for legacy hardware, I think until USB3 recently reached the market noone used the 1x socket, so there wasnt feedback on that problem. While I wait for the new 5770, I'm using the Nvidia Inno 3D GeForce 6600 card from 2006, and am using the PCIe 1x USB3 adapter with 2 USB3 drives. There is literally just enough space to fit the 1x USB3 card next to that.
  4. can you give a link for the GT220? what do the numbers mean such as 5750 and 220? eg with Kingston memory, the model number is an abbreviated description of the memory, ie you can figure out the specification of Kingston memory from the model number, I was wondering if these numbers are some kind of summary info, or are they completely arbitrary? because maybe then we can select between ones by the same manufacturer just from the model name, eg is a GT240 better than a GT220 by having a larger model number? I may go for one of the Radeons, but I'd like to see as many options as possible, ideally as links to specific products, preferably at www.amazon.co.uk, but otherwise at any other place.
  5. but the one you posted is 0.5G, you said your graphics card was 1G and didnt obscure the next slot. can you give the full model number of your 1G card? or can you find the link from the www.amazon.co.uk search? from the info you gave I arrived at the above link, but you say this one has the obscured slot problem. also can you explain what you mean by non reference style cooler, by reference cooler do you mean an added on fan?
  6. if anyone can comment on the recent suggestions, either advantages or disadvantages or further suggestions this would be useful, as I have no idea at all what to go for! often you can only know for sure if hardware is any good if you've tried it yourself, thus if you've used any of the above recommendations please can you comment on what its like. or if you can grade the different links, subjectively of course, if you disagree with someone's grading please supply your own grading perhaps with some explanation of your thinking, or grade some of them, if you are eagle eyed perhaps you can find some fundamental problem with some products. in the end I'm going to have to guess which to go for, as its unfathomable until its too late. also things like quietness, low power consumption are important, and good multimonitor facilities are good. I suspect that all the recent suggestions probably are sufficiently good graphics, as they seem to be all at least HD resolution, thus the deciding attributes are probably: multimonitor, price, quietness, lower wattage, and its nice to have as many different kinds of sockets as possible, the monitor I use has a DVI-D socket, its an LG Flatron W2253TQ 1920x1030 monitor without speakers, I bought some separate small hifi speakers with good bass for the sound, intended for hifi use not for computer use. they have an inbuilt amplifier with bass, treble, and surround, and air vents for the bass. They are called "surf sound" from Maplins from the discotheque part of the store. By using hifi speakers I found that with CD tracks I could hear extra voices not audible with the earlier labtec speakers, and the bass is like a disco!
  7. do you know if the following gt240 wont obscure the next slot?: http://www.amazon.co.uk/KFA2-GeForce-Graphic-Card-GDDR3/dp/B003Z0BQLY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=computers&qid=1301497152&sr=8-2 is this card any good?
  8. are you referring to this one?: http://www.amazon.co.uk/eVGA-GeForce-GT-240-Graphics/dp/B00483ELBO/ref=sr_1_fkmr2_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1301494355&sr=8-1-fkmr2 will this one not obscure the next 1x slot? if it doesnt obscure the next slot I may go for this the purchase needs to be from www.amazon.co.uk as its with vouchers that can only be used at that website, I cannot use the vouchers even at www.amazon.com, just at www.amazon.co.uk
  9. looks interesting the next question is how to secure the graphics card, is there a further device for this? there are 3 PCI tower slots beyond the micro ATX board, the nearest one is 8cm away, perhaps that can be used, but the extender ribbon would need to go over the other cards, the above link says its 15cm, the link says "Can be placed in a variety of locations according to the case height and position" I wonder what they have in mind a photo or a drawing of example usages would be useful!
  10. I was asking about suggestions for graphics cards from www.amazon.co.uk in another thread, but the problem changed and I decided it was best to start a new thread. I'm looking for a PCI express 16x graphics card, Someone had advised me to get the Gigabyte GT 240, which looks like a great card, I bought this but then found that it obscures the adjacent PCIexpress 1x slot on the Gigabyte M68M-S2P motherboard. I need that adjacent 1x slot for a USB3 adapter, thus I have returned that for a refund. Now I noticed also that some motherboards (eg ASUS) have the 1x slot first, then the 16x slot, then say 2 PCI slots, thats better because the above GT240 could then be used as well as USB3 at the cost of a PCI socket but not at the cost of a PCI express 1x socket Unfortunately I'm stuck with the M68M-S2P. Someone else then suggested the XFX Radeon HD5670, but the review here criticizes the multi monitor aspect. I dont need 1 desktop spread across several monitors, and I dont need several completely different desktops. But what I want is to be able to boot directly to a remote monitor by wireless by the Q-waves wireless product http://www.amazon.co.uk/Q-Waves-Wireless-USB-HDMI-Extender/dp/B002RL9F38/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=computers&qid=1301432212&sr=8-1 by some wizardry with Q-waves, you plug a USB transmitter to the PC, the gadget on the right in the photo at the above link, then the gadget on the left is a receiver to which you can connect analogue VGA, by the VGA socket in the photo. To do this you need to use the multi monitor features, unfortunately with my graphics card from years ago you usually need a monitor connected by cable to the PC, then from that to switch to the other monitor via USB wireless. I also use the other Q-waves product http://www.amazon.co.uk/Q-Waves-Wireless-USB-Data-Kit/dp/B002T9VBVM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=computers&qid=1301432212&sr=8-2 to use mouse and keyboard wirelessly with a USB hub at the Q-waves receiver. you have to synchronize both Q-waves products, as the transmitters are the same, and you can use one transmitter for both receivers but they have to be synchronized. Actually you can connect lots of the Q-waves products by synchronizing their transmitters. As it may not be feasible for people to try out the Q-waves, the full question is like this: which graphics card should I get from www.amazon.co.uk which doesnt obscure the adjacent PCI express socket, which has the best possible multi monitor functionality, for about 70 quid. But it could be say 50 quid or 100 quid, subject to that, one which has the best possible graphics good enough say to watch blue ray on a 1920x1080 HD TFT monitor. ie in descending order of priority: 1. must be from www.amazon.co.uk, even if other places are cheaper, 2. must NOT obscure adjacent socket, the sockets on the M68M-S2P are like this: pci express 16x ---------------------- pci express 1x GFX CARD MUST NOT OBSCURE THIS SOCKET! (the GT240 DOES obscure this) ---- pci ------------- pci ------------ 3. must be a PCI express 16x graphics card, 4. must support 1920x1080 HD, and deal with datarates of blueray, 5. needs best possible multi monitor, but I only need identical desktops at different resolutions up to HD as I want to boot directly to a remote monitor via Q-waves without needing a main monitor connected. A main monitor is needed to configure Q-waves to monitor 2 say. But future boots should boot directly to the remote monitor. Not interested in other multi monitor uses, 1 screen across several monitors is no use if the monitors are in different rooms! ie I want a gfx card which can boot directly to monitor 2, 6. 70 quid is an ideal price, 50 quid is a bargain, 100 is a bit steep, ie go for 50 if you can, go above 70 only if you must, 7. other graphics capabilities would be nice, but the priority is the above. The main 3D stuff I use is just the 3D screensavers eg those from astro-geminii, perhaps a card where the multi monitor features are as good as the Gigabyte GT240, I havent used the GT240 but I looked through the manual and the multi monitor info looked impressive. The XFX Radeon HD 5670 info seems to talk of 3 frames per second for multi monitor which sounds a bit useless! I really just want 1 extra monitor without the main monitor. one other thing is that someone told me its possible to get an extender for graphics cards so they are connected outside the PC, I dont know if thats true? because then maybe I could use the GT240 and use USB3 but I dont know if I believe this!
  11. quid is the colloquial word for british pounds, I think quid is used because its quicker to say and clearer to hear, pound is a long vowel and a bit nasal. with threekwid the kwid is unstressed, but with threepaunds both vowels are stressed, ie quid is more of a declension than a separate word. people prefer expressions which are less effort. try saying "twenty pounds" and then say "twenty quid", you'll see that the latter is more ergonomic. fluent speech in any language is about ergonomics, about streamlined and smooth phonetics. Now if you change the accent, the ergonomics can change! Thus if you spoke ergonomic british english with an american accent it may become unergonomic! for pence one usually just says the initial eg 50p is said fifty pea, again for the same reasons that its less effort. 5 quid is called "a fiver", 10 quid a tenner, 1000 quid is a grand, special expressions for other amounts tend to be regional and will sound wrong if you dont have the regional accent. now if you arent speaking with a british accent it could be better to say pence and pounds as it can be incongruous to use an idiom without the right accent! anyway, I'm going to start a new thread on the gfx card problem as the problem has changed and someone who could help will be put off by the earlier stuff.
  12. as regards the HD5670, I'm interested in using a remote monitor by wireless via the Q-waves product, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Q-Waves-Wireless-USB-HDMI-Extender/dp/B002RL9F38/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1301341528&sr=1-1 when I tried this with my PC from years ago, I found it was difficult to use a remote monitor without first using a cable connected monitor ie each time I booted XP I had to boot to a monitor connected by cable, then reconfigure to the remote monitor. I dont know if with the HD5670 I can boot directly to the wireless monitor without needing a monitor connected by cable? the way the Q-waves works is you have a USB2 wireless transmitter connected to the PC, then a wireless receiver with VGA and HDMI sockets from which you connect the monitor The photo at the above link shows the transmitter and receiver very clearly. I didnt get full HD quality with the VGA, I think its analog but its acceptable quality.
  13. I want the GT240, but why didnt they put the cooler on the other side, or put the PCIe 16x socket on the other side, its a geometrical problem not a hardware technology problem. Do all motherboards put the PCIe 1x slot below the 16x slot? its bad planning, hardware should NEVER obscure sockets, its not rocket science to get it right, its placement level, put the socket here not there. I want USB3 because I move the drives between systems. eg when I visit relatives I can put the Verbatim 53018 in my jacket, its very small very light (plastic casing) very fast very quiet very cool and 1TB. The small USB3 drives are twice as expensive, about 90 or 100 for 1TB, large USB3 1TB is about 56 quid. But the convenience factor is too good. Once this new PC is built I will have 3 PC's, I want to be able to move disks between systems. Its too much hassle to have a disk locked to one PC. When I go on holiday I dont want to have to backup 3 drives. and I can then work entirely from the small drive on the computer at the relatives, AND I can use it from my laptop. Internal drives cannot be used with laptops. and USB3 is TEN TIMES as fast as USB2. Internal drives are stuck on one machine, cannot be used from a laptop, they are big, too big to carry conveniently in clothing, they have exposed circuitry and ribbon cables, according to wikipedia 7200rpm is up to 1Gigabit per second, USB3 is up to 4.8 Gigabit per second, in some years its going to be the only option as its so much better. if you've used the Verbatim even via USB2 you'll never want to use anything else, its light years ahead of SATA. I thought I'd get value for money from SATA, but when I looked at products I found that there is no price advantage to SATA. basically they dont make SATA to USB3 converters because USB3 is faster, but they do make USB3 to SATA converters! the ONLY way to use USB3 is via PCI express, all other sockets arent fast enough, even PCI isnt fast enough. I only use SATA because you cannot boot from USB, other than that there is no advantage whatsoever for SATA for technical reasons they dont even know if the FUTURE SATA can be faster than USB3, USB3 is here right now, its cheap, and its damn fast. what I read is that the future SATA6 is half duplex whereas USB3 is full duplex, no idea what that means. The tide is already going USB3's way. there's an article here comparing USB3 with SATA USB3 is going to win simply because its more convenient and cheaper for laptops, price is the ultimate decider. the above link explains better than I can why USB3 is better.
  14. I bought the Gigabyte GT240 + 1GB DDR3, unfortunately I'm now trying to get a refund! the problem is that the ginormous fan completely obscures the adjacent PCI express 1x socket of the Gigabyte M68M-S2P motherboard. I need the PCI 1x socket in order to use USB3, as the only way to use USB3 seems to be to use PCI express sockets. can you advise on any graphics card which doesnt have some ginormous cooling unit so that I can use the adjacent PCI express socket. The sockets are like this: pci express 16x --------------------------- pci express 1x ---- :GT240's cooling unit eclipses this socket, pci ------------ pci ------------ they really should have put the cooling unit on the other side, seeing as both the motherboard and gfx card are by the same company, you'd have thought they'd have spotted the mal design. Either that or they should have put the pci express 16x socket at the lowest point of the above diagram. USB3 is 10x as fast as USB2 and I've already bought 2 USB3 1T drives, unless someone knows an alternative way to get USB3, so far I've only found PCI express cards to utilize USB3
  15. the xfx looks like a good price at 45, the Gigabyte is 68 quid. But there is not much info about the Gigabyte, nor at the Gigabyte webpage http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3252#ov would you say the Gigabyte one is better in all respects than the xfx?
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