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    I love music. Favorite band has to be Breaking Benjamin. Really like paint balling, atving, snowmobiling. Oh and skiing.


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    *Case- NZXT Phantom (Black(
    *Power Supply- Kingwin 1000w modular PSU (Bought from El_Capitan)
    *MotherBoard- ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
    *CPU- Intel Core i5 2500k
    *Video Card- Will be Zotac GTX 680
    *Memory- GSkill 8GB 1600MHz

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  1. NumbWarri0r

    Built a Desk

    Wow that looks really good. Can't wait to see some pics of your setup!
  2. NumbWarri0r

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Can't find a place that has ANY 680's in stock hopefully by Friday someone will!
  3. NumbWarri0r

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Gotta let me know how the vita is... haven't owned a handheld system sense the GameBoy Advanced SP lol But I'm considering buy this!
  4. NumbWarri0r

    the Fitness Thread

    I eat breakfast at home usually a bowl of honey oats with 1% milk, not sure of measurements. Lunch depends I either bring something to work, or if I forget to pack a lunch I get something out. Dinner is always home cooked, well except for friday we get pizza.
  5. NumbWarri0r

    the Fitness Thread

    Hey thanks for the advice everyone... Going to try this workout Il_napoletano hopefully it'll be easier to get into then my last routine. I'll let you know how the first week goes.
  6. NumbWarri0r

    Weapon Time

    I would agree I recently bouht my first rifle in January. I got myself a little Ruger 22 LR. It was about $120 came with a cleaning kit and 100 rounds. So not too bad. But I'm looking into getting another rifle and a shotgun soon. For the rilfe looking at an AR-15 LAR Tactical Opeator 2. Not sure about the shotgun yet, but probably a siaga.
  7. NumbWarri0r

    the Fitness Thread

    Thanks for all the advice everyone. Basically i just go on the tredmil for about 30 mins twice a day, once when I wake up around 5:30 am and once when I get home from work around 4pm. The next day I use this total gym thing (some off brand version of the total gym) 45mins once a day when I get home from work. I do like 25 mins working on my arms and stomach region, then the rest of the time on my legs. And thats it besides the warm up and cool down of my work outs. The plan is to do it 5-6 times a week, alternating between the two different work outs each day. But like I said don't really make it past the 3rd or 4th day :/ Been trying to get into this rountine for like 6-8 months now
  8. NumbWarri0r

    Cougar Evolution Chassis Review

    Doesn't seem like a bad overall case, good for someone that want a sorta cheap full tower. I like the docking station on the case, wish my Phantom had it. Though I'd still recommend the NZXT Phantom over this case in most builds.
  9. NumbWarri0r

    Convincing someone to not buy Alien Ware.

    It all looks good, but if its just going to be mainly used for gaming and watching videos he wont need the 2600k. Hell is he doesn't know how to overclock, which he probably doesn't need to anyway, just have him get the 2500. If he's going to be gaming 1600MHz RAM is the way to go. Also, call me biased, but for gaming he should go with an nVidia card. Physx!
  10. NumbWarri0r

    2012: Official Happy Birthday Topic

    It will be my official Birthday in 10 hours and 6 mins lol. I'll be 20, teenage years are over!
  11. NumbWarri0r

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    I just bought the Intel core i5 2500k this past Friday... should be getting the rest of my parts this weekend. Oh did I mention I'll be getting a GTX 680 ^_^
  12. NumbWarri0r

    help for my build

    I agree with Fogel you should think about getting 2x8GB kits, the difference will be immense. Also if you've really got your heart set on an SSD you don't need anything really bigger than 120GB at this point. Put the OS and other frequently used programs on it. Mushkin has a really nice one with a SandForce SATA II for $120 USD.
  13. NumbWarri0r

    XBOX 720

    This would be absolutely absurd. How can they tell me what I can do with MY property. As long as I'm not make illegal copies I should have a say in what I do with MY stuff. Thank GOD i switched to PC gaming last year
  14. NumbWarri0r

    Guild Wars 2

    Yea I can't wait for this game... I've played the other three games. It sucks that Steam pre-orders wont be part of the beta. Really looking forward to it the game however
  15. NumbWarri0r

    the Fitness Thread

    Ugh... exercise. I try like every other week or so to get into some kind of routine, but I never get past like the third day. It's very frustrating, any tips on how to beat the habit into me will be greatly appreciated.