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  1. was looking at this. Its a lil over 50 but Frosty gives it good scores http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233029 http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2693&page=5
  2. Im not very knowledgeable in tis topic. But what is the absolute best CPU cooler in the 0-50$ bracket? Disregarding any Price to Performance options..just raw cooling power?
  3. Not an ounce of trouble from the e2200 which was Ocd to 2.8Ghz on this board. Its probably that this board just dosent like the E8400 for whatever reason. Or as wev put it, a fualty USB device ect.
  4. Ah whats up wev, long time no see. Funny you state that, I have a copy of it right here> I used it to zero out HDD when i reinstalled Win 7 after CPU change. Im pretty sure the HDD is still good as it is only 7 months old same as cable, but still good to check. wireless USB adapter is 7 years old now. Havent had an ounce of problems with it untill recently. It has been dropping connection at random, leaving me no choice but to reboot. It happens in games as well. You may be on to something there.
  5. Ive disabled stepping if thats what your referrign to, it didnt help. Also this Mobo (30$) only has the ability to change FSB/Ram frequency's. It dosent allow for voltages or multiplier manipulation.
  6. Reflashed BIOS to 2 diffrent versions. Hasnt helped it at all. Ive even under clocked the CPU and lowered memory frequency, all to no avail. Ive reinstalled Video, Chipset and Audio drivers again all to no avail. Never had a problem before with older CPU. MB and Chipset both support C2D E8400. What gets me it dosent freeze when my Roomate plays games, only when surfing the web or loading programs.
  7. I was asked a few days ago a question, That in all my PC days I honestly dont know the answer to. Hopefully someone can help? The question went something like this: When using only 2 DIMMS on a Mobo that supports 4. Does it really matter what 2 is used, so long as they are in Dual Channel mode IE Slot 1&3 or 2&4 when looking at mobo with slot 1 being closest to CPU? I've always thought its best to use slot 1 and 3 when using only 2 sticks, due to the relative distance to CPU since slot 1&3 and technically closer to CPU. His issue was his CPU cooler was blocking slot 1 and wanted to know if instead using slot 2 and 4 would take a hit on performance. Im guessing he decided to do so, but in my curiosity I decided to take this question here for more answers.
  8. I will give this a go. Ill keep you all posted. Thanks in Advance
  9. The RAM works fine, has been for 1 year in system. At the top of that RAM list it says "this is not a full listing, just a guide" Good observation though.
  10. Im not sure this thread is in the right place, so please redirect me if its not. I have a older custom built system that seems to like to randomly freeze at times and I cannot figure this out. Ive tried everything I know how. All drivers are updated, Ive re installed Chipset drivers, Video drivers ect. Virus scanned with several programs, took off the OC on all hardware ect ect. Yet the system randomly freezes 2-4 times a day no matter what I am doing. It does it the most if I go from idle or low threaded apps to loading a progam, or plugging in something on USB port. Its even done it a few times now on boot up when it gets to desktop. Ive ran MemTest as well as Prime95, all tests pass.. I dont know if this will help but here is the specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Biostar G41D3C MOBO Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 2x2Gb Patriot 1333mhz DDR3 Ram PNY Geforce GT 430 250gb Barracuda 7200RPM SATA 3 HDD it seems like it all started when I swapped the core 2 duo from a Pentium Dual Core E2200 and then put a 3.2ghz OC on the core 2 duo. Its almost like the mobo is having issues with it? but it runs great 99% of the time and all tests pass with core 2 duo installed. Both Intel Chipset and the mobo itself support the E8400 and when I popped in CPU system booted right up with no glitches. Ive recently did a fresh install of Win 7 and its only seemed to of gotten worse since, but it was freezing before I re-installed Win 7. Its not a big problem but it always seems to want to freeze when I am doing something important. It has YET to freeze in a high threaded app or Game ect. Its only freeze 2-4 times a day in a 16 hour window of use. Any one have any ideas? Im not getting any blue screens or errors, just a random freeze when going from idle/low threaded applications to loading programs or just idling in general and never during heavy use like games ect.
  11. In a way yes, but not by much. Honestly as far as desktops go, Id gladly pay 230$ for a i5 3570k over a 160$ FX-8120 ANYDAY
  12. yes, it depends on how you look at it. I was mearly basing that option off the over hype of BD being the i7 killer ect ect. I knew that couldnt happen. AS far as pricing goes. I think its safe to say that Intel has really stepped it up. Now you can get top end CPUS for under 350$ for i7s and 250$ for i5's. Not counting EE's ofc
  13. Yea there are some that can, but I was talking mainstream. typicaly speaking the i7 3610QM with a gtx 670m. Im partial to Nvidia on desktops, but hands down AMD is the leader is laptop gfx's IMO
  14. I never crossed my fingers, since I called Bulldozer a disappointment way before it was released and before benchies were ever announced. Despite being ridiculed many times on this site. I believe it was from your very own thread about Llano updates. Im more interested in Steamroller which is a TICK session. the laptop I got out performed even 1k$ Intel based ones
  15. Never said it was, just stated a bought a new laptop with Piledriver based trinity chip and that I really liked it. Mobile versions of CPU and GPUs are always watered down versions IMO. Even the best mainstream gaming laptop cant play BF3 max settings yet. Your still much better off gaming on desktops, not to mention at half the price.
  16. Yes ive read this, its disappointing to read since Nahalem to Sandy wasnt much of a performance improvement like we saw going to Nahalem from Core. Based on Wiki we should see 8 implementations of the Core i series cpus?
  17. Just wanted to stay in the loop, haven't really be able to find any results but Whats next for Intel? 4th gen i series? I know AMD will be releasing their Piledriver Arcs here in a few weeks ( just bought a Toshiba laptop with the new Piledriver based Trinity chip A10-4600m and I'm very impressed) And Intel has already released Ivy but im curious if anyone is in the know or has some base knowledge of whats down the line for Intel? I was hoping it wouldnt be in the form of say a 4th gen i7..dont get me wrong thier good chips, I would milk them too but I was hoping for a fresh new architecture like they did when they went from the Core to Nehalem arcs. Which was a HUGE improvement if I might add.
  18. Overclocking is a great way to get more bang from a CPU, without the added costs of buying the "factory overclocked" model which is usually just a factory set higher multiplier and sold for more of a premium. Under the umbrella of a higher model # (AMD 8120 vs 8150 is a great example of that) to OP- Re seat your CPU and heatsink. sometimes a sliver of dust underneath the contact pads can cause sensors or even the BIOS from misreading the CPU. "I think i ranted"- you did.
  19. Corsiar Vengeance is great ram. get the 2x8gb kit with tight timings
  20. No real reason, just like building PCs. Its not really an upgrade, im keeping my 2600k rig. Might donate it to someone less fortunate or in need of a upgrade but cant afford one. the 3770k build is a separate build.
  21. Agreed, my main rig is a 2600k and next week im building a 3770k rig to replace it. No matter what 2nd gen i5/i7 route you go, they are still damn good chips for everyday tasks and more then enough for the average gamer. Even on the high level. When I first built my current rig, I did everything I could to Bog the CPU and system down: 3 games running (crysis 2, Dragon age 2 and Shift 2 unleashed), an HD movie, 2 virus scans and had a 6gig file decompressing in background all at the same time. Didnt notice a single hitch on either games when I swapped between them and they all ran just as smoothly as they did when i ran them solely. That to me definitely sold me.
  22. How do you like it thus far? Next week im starting my 3770k build but im gonna go with the Maximus V Gene ROG board. I dont need the extra real estate found in a full ATX board. By what ive read the ROG board has all the features im really looking for and ive always wanted a ROG board. Im choosing the 3770k over the AMD FX 8120. I hope i wont be disappointed.
  23. If your looking to make this a budget gaming PC i would look beyond any "Pentium" cpus, as they are designed and marketed towards businesses and cost efficient productivity options. not sure about the sandy/ivy Pentiums as I haven't been in touch with the lower end market. I still assume that those CPUs are still marketed twoards business options and not multimedia style applications. The Intel core i3 2100 is a great CPU for under 100$, you can also downgrade to a quad core Athlon for less then 100$ as well. there are alot of good GFX options for under 100$ as well but none that i know of will play BF3 smoothly at higher then Medium settings. You best bet in your case is to search the merchant threads here on OCC for a great used GFX thats still in your budget. If i was you though, I would spend more then 100$ on a GFX card, dont forget your PSU wattage when deciding as well. The AMD Athlon II x4 645 is almost 2x the CPU power as the Intel G630 and the AMD is 75$. The g630 is only dual core, the AMD listed is Quad. Heres the link http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103889
  24. Waco is correct, Branding comes down to prefrence and/or budget. You can get alot more bank for the buck in some cases going with AMD, but then again a good i3 2100 sells for less then 100 bucks. The noise your referring to is caused by the fans more then likely. A simple cleaning of dust and/or upgrading fans/heatsinks can make a computer much quieter. The CPU itself is silent.
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