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  1. hi im planning to run (in my house) 2x alpine type R subs on my 900watt rockford fosgate amp which requires 12-14.4v at 75AMPS. now i would like to know if i could join together the 3.3v and 12v rails. would this give me a total of 15.3v and the combined amps of 103. the 12v rail puts out 78amps and the 3.3v rail puts out 25. if this is possible could you please reply back.
  2. hi all you overclockers. just posting my results for IBT. i would prefer i5/i7 cpus. but you AMD ppl can also join in. first off i have my i7 2600K clocked to a very stable 4.6GHZ @ 1.34Vcore i have HT and TURBO BOOST disabled. i then did a IBT and set the Stress level to "STANDARD" and the threads to "4". i found that i had higher GFLOPS with HT disabled and i also had lower LOAD temps. anyways, i would appreciate it if you also post a screenshot of your results. many regards mitch. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI
  3. but why am i getting low GFLOPS with 8/4 threads with HT enabled. and also my cpu gets hotter with HT on. ino i shouldnt have purchased the 2600k but i just wanted the best.
  4. im pretty happy with my NH-D14. and my case is an antec 200. i have fans in every hole except the side. as my cooler is in the way. but i can get an haf 922 for 50 dollars off my friend.
  5. the max cpu temp i get with HT disabled is 66 on the hottest core wen stressing it. but thats at an ambient of 25 degrees. i live in australia and it gets pretty hot lol. when i have HT enabled the temps go to 73 degrees. i honestly hate heat so ill stick with HT disabled. i honestly havent seen a difference with HT enabled or disabled. i use Xilisoft when converting and it doesnt use my 8 threads to the maximum. i think HT will be good in the next year or so when more and more applications support it. im actually thinkin about selling this rig and going with the 2500k and a better mobo. becasue basically im not using the 2600K to its full potential as im disabling HT. anyways thankyou all for your replies. OH also i'd like to add, i cannot overclock past 4.6ghz unless i put 1.39v or more. its pretty annoying that i can get 4.6 at 1.330v but to get another 100mhz i need minimum 1.39v and that isnt even stable lol. just to post. many thanks mitch. i might get a CM HAF 922, i used to have one and it improves the temps alot with those huge 200mm fans.
  6. ok so i overclocked my i7 2600K to 4.6GHZ @ 1.330Vcore. i also disabled turbo boost. now i did an IBT test with HT enabled and the max speed im getting with 8 threads is 50GFLOPS. but wen i disable HT and do an IBT with 4 threads i get a max speed of 66GFLOPS. i also did another IBT with HT enabled and did a 4 thread test and got 58. so what i wana know is should i leave HT disabled or enable it? im kinda regretting buying this 2600K. when i could have saved 120 dollars and gotten a 2500K. anyways you're replies would be greatly appreciated. many regards mitch.
  7. ok is this weird. i have HT enabled and wen i do an IBT set to Standard stress level and 8 threads i get TIME. 18s and SPEED: 49. and my max temp is 68 on the hottest core. then i went into bios and disabled HT and ran another IBT. Standard stress level but with 4 threads. and i got TIME: 13s SPEED: 65. and my hottest core gets to 72 degrees.
  8. ok i cant get past 4.6ghz on my i7 2600k. but i will be returning this ud3r for a ud4 or ud5 when they get the FIXED p67 chipsets in. i think its my board holding me back. but anyways. ive got it at 46x 100.2 @ 1.330V. max temps on the hottest core gets to 66C. but my IBT results on average are low. time: 18s speed: 49. ive tried 1.365V for 4.7 but it wouldnt post. but im happy with my 4.6 for now. i guees ill wait till i can return my current board for a better one in march/april. also just while im here. i have 4x 2gb kingston KVR 1333mhz ddr3 sticks installed and am wondering if i can lower the timings on these sticks. and how would i go about doing it? also ive been told that 1T command rate is better. but i dunno anything about ram and timings etc.
  9. are my temps high? from cores 0 to 3. 61-67-68-64. ambient room temp. 27C. clocks 4.6ghz @ 1.3V. got those temps running IBT. stress level: standard, threads: 8. i need to re seat my cooler dont you think?
  10. i see ppl are changing from 100mhz to 103-107mhz. would this be a good idea? or leave it alone?
  11. well my idle temps are 33. so i think i might have to re seat my NH-d14, i didnt put a lot of paste on tho. i only put a little bit. but i think i didnt put enough as it might not be spreading evenly. also wat are your results for IBT? set it to the same as i did and get back to me with your results. and i searched my BATCH and 1 person got good clocks and the other got bad clocks. :\.
  12. also i got my cpu batch number. i dont know much about how to check if my cpu is a special one etc. but i would appreciate it if u or someone could tell me. anyways heres my batch number. BATCH# L047A898
  13. ok i copied ur bios settings . got everything set the same as yours except the ram settings as we have dif ram. i ran ibt and the test completed at 118.58 secs. it said it was stable but wen running the test the little animated 'flame' was really lagging, it didnt freeze but was very slow at moving. in ibt i set it to stress level : standard, threads : 8 and i got roughly time: 18.5 and Gflops: 49. i also did super PI and for 1m i got 8.330. could you run the same tests and tell me wat you get? also what are your temps? my hottest core got to 64. which was core 2. but my coolest core was core 0 at 55 degrees. so thats 9 degrees difference. and my room temp is 21. im really thankful for your very helpful replies. i understand how it works i just want to compare
  14. jack, hwo have you managed 4.5ghz at 1.265v? have you adjusted the 100mhz?. can you give me a screen shot or details of ur bios. NO im not going to copy exactly wat you have done as we have different boards and YES i know every cpu is different. but uno i would like to use it as a ref.
  15. all my board offers for LLC is ENABLE, DISABLE and AUTO. ive got it running at 4.2ghz 1.265 v core. and turbo disabled. ran IBT and temps didnt exceed 60 on the hottest core. i have LLC enabled atm
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