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  1. Heh. I figured I'de post an "update" of mine, this is the desktop I used just before and after I saw Matrix: Revolutions at 0700 Wednesday morning the day it came out missing most of German II (which owned) . EDIT: Forgot to say this, I would play Halo but CoD is much more fun. Halo was great for the first 50 hours of play on the Xbox, then it died.
  2. Very interesting definition of a book Wallz. I also forgot to ask what people thougt of the Lord of The Ring books.. Hmm.. is "the" supposed to be capitalized? I always thought you don't capitalize common words, such as as, if, of, et cetera.
  3. I feel sorry for people that dislike reading, you can learn SO much from a good book. I picked up "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!" at the school library today after deciding to take a break from straight-forward physics books. It's time to add some comedy to my learning. But on the note of entertaining reading I recommend the Dark Tower series to people who like action/adventure/thinking books. It's by far the best series of books I've ever read.
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    Heh, I would have given a lot to have gotten a 10 hour a day $10 an hour job when I was 14. Now I'm 16 with no job or money and too much homework to get a job
  5. Maxtor 160GB 8MB cache for $49 I win!
  6. Heh. It's a great feeling when your friend says "Hey man, check out my 1337 desktop!" And it's a pic you've had since before you can remember And I don't play Red Faction as much as I used to any more... Got boring a little to quick for me, so that icon is gonna have to go pretty soon here...
  7. c0ld

    Fps And Older Games

    Hmm.. I find that last bit of your post hard to believe System for HL does have a cap of 100 . I would know I've been playing that game or a mod for the past.. oh man, this hurts... 4 or 5 years now... But hey, it's been a fun 4-5 years so no complaints here
  8. c0ld

    Total Annihilation

    Total Annihilation being the old, old game where you play a tank and annihilate things? I can remember playing that.. may even have the floppy of it laying around somwhere...
  9. c0ld

    Call Of Duty

    I have to say this is my current favorite game. Fianly a game to replace Half-Life and it's mods! . I still play BF when I need a good laugh at how unrealistic it is (going "4 wheelin'" with a Spitfire, for example) . But this is definetly going to be my main game for a few months.. Just until HL2
  10. With a 2500+ Barton @ 3200+ and a regular 9600 at stock speed I get ~10k
  11. Hmm.. I read not too long ago that AMD processors are safe at below 90C, which shocked me. Back in the day I had an 1800+ that ran at ~55C idle . But it never quit on me or anything.
  12. Hmm... I'm having a very similar problem. At first I thought it was heat related, I just got my 2500+ Barton and OCed it to 3200+, according to ASUS Probe 100% load temp is 40C (which is plenty low [AMD recommends keeping CPUs under 90C]). So that can't be it, can it? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hur be mine Also like to say you've got a nice site and forum here EDIT:Heh, my clock's off by about.. 12 hours
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