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  1. Heh, that Japanese Rap song is a great one to dance to. Did they ever come out with Extreme for PS2? If so I think I'm going to have to go buy it and bust out my old modded pad . I slapped a piece of plywood under it so it wouldn't slip around under me, then put some velcro under the plywood so it wouldn't slide around on the carpet.
  2. The first Matrix owned. The second one was alright, but was centered on life, instead of the Matrix itself, as the first one was. Then the third one was about death and whatnot, and the train conductor was totaly useless. As I see it, they got worse with each movie. I don't like all-out action scenes, which is what the Matrix turned into. I did understand it (at least I think I did). But, before I forget, I've got to say the biggest problem I had with all of the movies. The whole battery idea cannot work. I cannot remember the numbers I calculated a while back.. but they are irrelevant. That idea violates the law of conservation of energy, it takes more energy to keep a human alive than can be taken from them. And Agent Smith was such a cool charactor.
  3. Lolz. I'm surprised he wasn't Asian, them AzN people are always good at any video game. Best person I've seen playing DDR was Asian.
  4. Nah, light there easy, standard they get kinda tough.. And heavy .. not really crazy, just requires quick reactiona and movement. I'm sure if the arcade hadn't closed I would almost be able to do them Bah, now I feel like playing..
  5. Heh, I used to play.. Then the arcade in the mall closed for 2 or 3 months to renivate(?) and now I'm fat again and can barely do anything . I used to pwn anything but the Paranoia songs, MAX songs, and Afronova. But songs like A, 321 Stars, I owned all them on any difficulty
  6. Can't believe I didn't do that in the first place.. Well it fixed it, thanks a bunch.
  7. I was thinking about getting a cheap water cooling setup, but now I don't think I will. I idle at 35C and load at 41C with a 2500+ Barton @ 3200+. With a TT Volcano 9+
  8. Heh, you guys are slow at spending your Christmas money Mine was gone not but 3 days after Christmas . And you get HDs cheap by looking for crazy rebates on them. Best Buy has weekly deals you wanna watch carefully.
  9. I've got an A7N8X-X (Don't think that's the same as a Delux, but not sure) with, I quote from the box, "..an onboard Realtek
  10. Thank you guys Time to go spend money.. bluh. <_< EDIT: Do Thermaltake or Zalman have any good ramsinks? Heh, I like to buy from one site at a time to avoid crazy shipping charges and I've had nothing but good experiences with newegg, so I try to stay there. It won't let me post again, so I'm adding this in
  11. I got that at http://www.whatisthematrix.com click on the terminal in the upper right and hit next once
  12. The Pro only fits on GeFroce 4s? Blearhg(nice word, eh? ) And thank you muchmuch I think I will order one once I get some cash.
  13. Well, I've heard IceBerq was the way to go for GPU cooling, so I now need to know which of these two to go with. <_< This one, Or this one? Lets call the first one "Combo" and the second one "4", if that's not to complicated Any experience with either would be very much appreciated.
  14. Hmm... My ASUS Probe says I idle at 35C as well... Then says I load at 40C while BIOS says 45.. So when people ask me what I laod at I tell them 42.5 .
  15. c0ld


    And for some reason of late newegg.com has been slooow as a bean. Pisses me off for I'm used to instantanious page loads. <_<
  16. What are the differences between copper and alluminum ramsinks? Why would one be better or does it not make that much of a difference? And thank you for the help so far.
  17. I was wondering what a decent, inexpensive solution you guys would recommend for a regular 9600 in desperate need of OCing. I was planning on flashing it to pro then maybe a teeny-tiny voltage increase and finaly crankin' up the core and memory speeds. I was very interested in the ICEBERQ and hav't heard anything bad about it yet, or a Zalman ZA80C-HP.. possibly an Orb if I can't get any money soon. TIA.
  18. Hmm.. When I clean thermal compund off of a heatsink I simply wash the thing under a sink , let it dry for a few minutes, and vwa-la, clean heatsink.
  19. ATi cards were cheaper then nVidia cards last time I checked.
  20. VPU Recovery can be left on as well as FastWrite, I had the same problem only with a regular 9600. For playing HL (or a mod) you need the 3.6 CATALYST drivers. A complaint was made to ATi about this before the 3.10 drivers came out, but nothing was done.
  21. I'm no expert by any means in this but I would think a HUGE drop in performance because the card would have to process twice the information.. I could be way off so don't hold me to what I've said (typed, actually ).
  22. When you say you find them to "linear" do you mean you can predict what's going to happen..? If so you should read some of the mystery books my mom reads. You'de never see the end coming on 90% of them.
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