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  1. This is a big time newb question, but I'm a big time newb here in the hard drive department. I know (or think I do) that the thick cable used for plugging things in is an IDE cable.. What's that stand for? What's the difference between SATA and PATA and what does ATA stand for? How does RAID setpus work and how many types are there? TIA for putting up with my utter nubness. <_<
  2. Heh. The PC3200 loose timing theory wouldn't surprise me either.
  3. I thought instead of just seeing what's for sale I'de ask the pros. I did a tiny bit of looking around and the best I found was PC4400 at 3-4-4-8(timings arn't that great <_<) Also ran accross something odd, 2x1GB Kingston PC3200 ValueRAM for $919?? Here it is.
  4. Hmm.. I've heard something about an OC192 connection that supposedly runs at (a pointless) 10 Gbits/s down... Which is pointless because hard drives can't write that fast (unless I have the wrong idea on how downloading things works)...
  5. Something in Chinese/Japanese/Korean or a dialect of one of them? Happy birthday Adrenaline!
  6. Here is what you do to stop things of this sort from happening in the first place: 1. Create a batch file that, first, deletes all temporary files from the windows folder, then copies the Windows folder to another folder "Mine goes to C:\x " 2. Create another batch file that: Renames the windows folder to something like "badwin", then rename the backup of windows windows effectively restoring windows to working settings. 3. Before installing anything, run the first batch. 4. If problems arise run the second batch. (Only if the problem is in Windows.)
  7. Or just get SpyBot - Search and Destroy. Which owned alll the spyware I've ever had.
  8. I've got one of those.. Works fine for me. 100% link quality and 97-100% Signal Strength all the time (#)
  9. I don't know if this would be considered going off topic, but it is an issure related to BF.. I can't seem to figure out what Desert Combat uses for it's -game command line argument.. DesertCombat, Desert Combat, and Dcombat don't work. Also, what's the command to get it to skip the intro stuff?
  10. c0ld

    Steam Problems

    Hmm.. I don't see the problem, Steam(ing pile) sucks big time, so why does it matter if it doesn't work? Counter-Strike lost it's fun a while back as well. I suggest you do this, however: Go to a cheap store (Wal-Mart) and buy either Call of Duty or Battlefield 1942. B)
  11. Heh. My dad doesn the same thing, on top of not taking me anywhere. <_<
  12. Heh, I don;t get grounded for grades, my parents just don't take me anywhere.. So I get "Grounded .5"
  13. A happy birthing day to all, and to all a good night. Err..
  14. My left speaker no longer outputs any audio unless I turn the volume for the right off and jack master and all sub volumes up for the left speaker, then I can barely tell what song is playing. I've got an Altec Lansing 2100 set with Realtek ALC650 integrated audio with the drivers that came with the motherboard. I'm not sure when the problem started, for I just noticed it the other day. At first I thought it was the drivers, so I downloaded the latest one from Realtek's site and then both of my speakers and the subwoofer quit <_<. The speaker itself works, so it's either the plug in the subwoofer or something software related.
  15. Well then my apologies Meow, it's just that I've never heard of anyone hating it because of any reason other than them sucking at it. When I first started playing I thought it was really dumb as well, but then kept playing and it only gets (more) fun(er) [hehe ] And heres a saying for you Ziggy "He who cares does not matter, he who matters does not care." Meaning who cares if you look like a fool? I'm not going to let society decide what games I play because I look like a fool, thats rediculous. I play what I want, not what society wants.
  16. c0ld


    Hehe. I'm hoping that's the last time I do something like that. I get so much homework if I miss a day of school this year <_<. Last year I did a grand total of 4 homework assignments and only failed one class (Honors English.)
  17. You just arn't any good at it so you think it sucks. And I sure as hell would play DDR over the Super Bowl, football is so boring to watch. *Ohhh, look at that guy hit that other guy!* *Repeat*
  18. c0ld


    Lol Junky, similar (not really, but who cares?) thing happened to me today. <background>If I'm not woken up, I sleep 'til ~1200</background> This morning my dad wakes me up at 7.5 and leaves the room, I then proceed to complain to the dog that I don't wanna go to school and then lay my head down on the pillow again. The next thing I know my dad is screaming "What the hell are you doing!? Why the hell arn't you at school?!?!" at 11.5
  19. Heh, after about a year of DDR I tried Pump it up and nearly broke my legs Crazy diagonal arrows.. pfft.
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