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  1. If you need to cheat to win, go home.
  2. If you are a slower learner or just like a deeper understanding of how stuff works, start with BASIC. Whatever language you start with, Google "<language> tutorial" to get started, unless you want to buy a book. If you do get a book, do _not_ get a Dummies book if you want to learn anything at all. I made the mistake of picking up a C++ For Dummies... the first program they have you do is a Celcius to Fahrenheit converter (WAY to complicated for beginners), they do not explain things in any detail at all... exampe: "When we say 'int main(void)', we are decalring a preprocessor directive." They then proceed to leave you wondering what a preprocessor directive is. And they throw a plethora of terrible humor in there instead of explaining things like preprocessor directive. Sorry for the rant, but I cannot stand the For Dummies books.
  3. How do you get file input stream to detect the end of a line? If I have a file that looks like this: Jim 80 90 100 Joe 70 80 90 And wanted output (cout) to look like this: Jim: 90 Joe: 80 With those numbers being the averages of Jim's three and Joe's three respectively, how would I get the program to detect the new line? If there was some special character to denot the end of a set of numbers, I could do it, but there is not, so I cannot.
  4. Here is what I would do, seems more effecient. #include <iostream> #include <stdlib.h> using namespace std; int nOne = 1; int answer; int main(){ cout << "Enter Password: "; cin >> answer; if(answer != nOne){ cout << "Wrong one!\n"; } else{ cout << "You win!\n"; } system("PAUSE"); return 0; }
  5. "That's only two types, STUPID." Hehe
  6. Eh, I will work on it, then we can race. (;
  7. It was a quad_rocket map, and I doubt I can do Exist, especially a race. (;
  8. My apologies, I am used to being active and knowing what the topics are of late.
  9. What is so special about FireFox? Other than it being the cool broswer to use. Do you play TFC Kamikaze?
  10. The best one: Jesus (6 050 000) vs Porn (147 000 000)
  11. Good job Roadkill, you should write some tutorials.
  12. After a bit more work, same deal as before.
  13. I was going for simplicity and this popped out.. Eh, I think it looks kind of nice I had to lower the quality so I could post it, at max it's 1016KB If you want the max quality one I'll have to give it to you directly, I don't have the means of hosting it. <_<
  14. You're scared over 42C load with half speed? I would be jumping for joy with 42C load.. specially at half speed.. and with that overclock..
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