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  1. Ok here's a few pictures of the fittings I was talking about, but I bought a Dremel tool last night so It wont take near as long to get the last few off. Unless there's a simpler way of getting them off without cutting them. Anyone ever seen these before? Sorry the pics aren't that great of quality. Only camera I have right now is my phone. Anyone know the trick to get these friggin things off? All the other ones took me forever to remove with a flat head and vice grips lol.
  2. True that. Sorry for the lack of pics. I'll get some posted when I get off work, my bad.
  3. Hey everyone, Sorry for the delay since my last post. The build plans have been altered quite a bit due to current unforeseeable events. On the 18th I was driving to Fry's right after work and on the way there a guy rear-ended me at a stoplight (that's my kind of luck). Anyways, had to drop quite a bit on a rental for a few days so the UFO case just isn't going to happen for a while . However, I'm not the sort of person that gets off track, went back up to Fry's on Saturday and bought a Cooler Master HAF X for the simple fact that i needed a bigger case. I must say, this is the first spectacular decision I've made completely on a whim. I absolutely love this case! I didn't realize just how big and roomy this thing was until i put it next to my Nine Hundred . I sort of half-a**ed the wire management since i still intend to sleeve the PSU, possibly this weekend depending on what all happens with my car. I went ahead and pulled out a couple of the LED fans from the 900 to use in it, and had a couple more blue LED fans sitting around that I modded in also; 7 fans total as of right now and still runs pretty quiet considering. I'm leaving the stock cooler on the cpu for the moment since I'm still working on the HC200 Anyway to get straight to the point, my idea is to build a sort of stand/base for the HAF X to get it up off the floor (it will accumulate dust horribly on the floor and my roomie's dogs like to piss on anything they can if i leave my door open by accident). That isn't that big of an idea, I know. I was thinking of turning this stand into more of an extension of the computer. Maybe isolating the WC setup inside along with some LED's and maybe a window or something. Maybe split it half n half and use one side for the wc and the other as a storage cabinet sort of thing. Even a hole in the top where the bottom mounted PSU sits to give it more breathing room. I mean really, if this thing was say 18in(W) x 24in(H) x 23in(D), there are a lot of things i could do with it. Maybe an iPod dock and decent fan controller, i could go on and on, but i wanted to get some of your opinions also and see if yall had any cool ideas. I would want it to look tough, but clean and keep the same sort of matte black look like the HAF X. It even crossed my mind to get the whole thing rhino-lined (weight is not an issue ). I'd like to build the basic structure from MDF because I've used it a lot in the past when I built custom sub enclosures for cars. Plus MDF is strong and sturdy. Running some of the numbers in my head for materials other than plexiglass(not sure how much that goes for) would probably be in the $100-$150 range, which i can definitely handle. If i can't come up with any extravagant ideas for it, I'll just make a basic stand and be happy, but I think there's a few possibilities to do something really cool with it. Opinions/ideas? Also, just to add some to this post. I've finally torn apart the HydroCool 200 for the most part and cleaned everything really good. There was no saving the rad, too much corrosion. I can't remove half of the tubing off the pump though because of these black magic fittings that corsair decided to use in this thing. Seriously, these fittings took me at least 1.5hrs per fitting to remove and i ended up just cutting half of the tubes out of frustration . I was also able to save the display from it that might look nice in a drive-bay or something. I'm still sorting out the wiring harness for it, but I think i may just hook it up to my tester psu and just do process of elimination to figure it all out. Anyway, thanks for reading, I'm out for tonight. AMDNemo
  4. Tax return gets direct deposited on the 18th so, as soon as I've got that I can start ordering parts. Sorry for not updating in a few days, I've had the flu and it's been kicking my butt.
  5. So, a few revisions on the parts list to save a little money here and there. - Decided against the second set of RAM for right now. At $55 I can live without it until my next paycheck. Currently running 4GB of 1600MHz RAM so I should be alright for another 2 weeks without the extra set. - Found another vendor for the wire sleeving on Ebay through a friend's recommendation. It'll end up being much cheaper than the MDPC-X sleeving. Although it's not as nice, most people would rate it 2nd best next to MDPC-X so I don't feel like I'm giving up much quality in that aspect. - Found a guy on craigslist that's going to sell me a GPU for half the retail price. Same exact GPU that I have fortunately, so that'll save me about $75 on it's own. Depending on how much these few things save me, the scratch built watercooling system just might happen
  6. A quick note on Speedway's question before I hit some zz's for a bit. Like I said before, my room is always hot because of either the heater running or it's just really hot outside and subsequently inside. Ambient temp in my room when I hit 83C on the GPU was probably 85F. Couple that with the fact that I'm running the Palit version of the GTX 460 and 83C is not unreachable. I was playing Supreme Commander 2 offline skirmish against 4 bots on medium difficulty, but that's irrelevant for the most part because the graphics engine that game runs on, it's programmed so that even lo-cost systems can play it on almost max settings. My old roommate was able to play it with a 4 year old GTS 250 if that's any inclination. I did some reading on my card after I bought it (I tend to buy on a whim when the price is right ) and it turns out that this card lacks any heatsinks on the GPU memory, then couple that with the fact that it is crammed in the bottom PCI-E slot on my mobo and airflow can be an issue. The way my mobo is set up, if I put a single card in the top slot, I only get x8 rather than x16. If I put it in the bottom slot with a little adapter card in the top slot, I get x16 on one card. If I run 2 GPU's I believe I get x16 on both. Also, since this is in an Antec Nine Hundred II, the PSU is on the bottom, so there's maybe an inch or so between my PSU fan blowing upwards and my GPU fan blowing downwards... It's not exactly practical, but then again I don't think this mobo was meant to be put into a mid-tower case. Roll all of those negatives into one and you get a big positive on heat. This is also with a very very slight OC on the card, just looked up my specs on MSI Afterburner and it's at a core clock of only 825 and Mem clock at 1800, Shader at 1650... But it came stock with a core clock of only 800 I think. So yeah, very very slight is an understatement. So the 10% OC that I said I had before was misinformation my bad. Mind you I bought this card less than a month ago so I'm entitled to call noobsawce on myself for the mess up. Again, my bad lol. Also, since I've got my rig fired up, I went ahead and opened up CPU-Z and AMDOverdrive just for kicks and to get my current numbers out there so this eff up with my GPU numbers doesn't happen with my CPU numbers. Core Voltage is 1.392V Core speed at 3813 MHz Bus Speed at 200.7 MHz HT Link at 2006.7 MHz HT ref. clock is 200.00MHz 19x multiplier Temp at idle right now is 29.8C on all cores. (with my 750watt heater going no more than 5ft away from the intake ) RAM Specs 4096MB CAS at 9-9-9-24 I need to mess with that a little (I've been a scared little girl to mess with my CAS since the last time I did so, it crashed pretty hard. I thought I had screwed the pooch with brand new memory) Now that I look at my CPU clock numbers, I think once I get all of this in the case where everything can breathe a little better, I may just leave that 19x multiplier and mess with the Bus Speed and HT Link to get everything else to scale withe my CPU a bit. I've never messed with it although I think it may be the perfect time to do so when I get the new case . Also Speedway, I pondered the idea a little more about just running the HC200 on the CPU only until I can afford to do a better cooling setup and I think that'll work out just fine. The interior of that case is going to look like absolute butt, to be blunt lol. But, I think it will perform alright for what it is. OH, I almost forgot to mention this, and I was going to earlier but decided it didn't fit right with the subject I was on (I do write with some sense at times ). I have GOT to post a pic of the Jerry-rigged way I attached the HC200 waterblock to my CPU. It was my very first actual "mod" and it looks so bad, but I ended up correcting a common problem with the wb without knowing it. This could also be the reason that I'm getting better cooling than the guy in the AMD threads. The pic is kinda dark, but you can still see very clearly that those bolts were not meant to be there lol. A brief explanation of this, the HC200 waterblock attaching deal that I got with the unit was for an older AMD socket type. Needless to say, it didn't fit whatsoever. So what I did was took 6 nuts and two bolts and took apart the stock heatsink/fan assembly that came with my Phenom II x4 925 and removed the bars piece that actually latches the heat sink to the mobo on top of the cpu. I screwed on a single nut onto each of the bolts and then put the bolts through the dual bars. I then just measured it out and then put another nut on each of the bolts and then tightened them down that it basically clamped the two nuts on the bars and held the bolts in place where I needed them. I then had enough room at the end of the bolts to screw on one more nut on the end of each bolt to give it more surface area to contact the waterblock and hold the bottom nuts on tightly. I then just set the waterblock on like it should have been and clamped down the clamp bar like it would have had it been on the heat sink and voila! A nice snug fit. Now the issue with a LOT of these waterblocks was that they were somewhat concave which would result in less efficient cooling obviously because the center of the waterblock didn't contact as well as the outer edges. Since both of the bolts were fairly close together and because it made such a snug fit on the waterblock, I theoretically could have solved the concave issue by putting more pressure on the center of the block. That's theoretically of course, but it makes sense IMO. Also, now that I've figured out the Bluetooth pairing with my Macbook, I can take some Ok pics to post up later. For right now though, i a couple hours of Comments? Concerns? Advice? Laughs about my first mod that still works like a charm? -AMDNemo
  7. I've gone over my list of parts so many times it's making my head spin because each time I wind up adding a little thing here or swapping few things there. My budget right now is $1200, and I'd like to be in that ballpark with the scratch-built WC setup included. Is that a crazy goal? There is obviously some wiggle room, but if I want to finish this by the end of March- beginning of April then that'll have to be my budget. The reality is though, that the more time I give myself, the bigger my overall budget will be. I'm sure this happens a lot, I think I've seen about 5 other threads between this forum and a couple others that started out as a strict budgeted PC and then turned into massive dual loop beasts by the end of the thread LOL. I'm currently working on coming up with a list of goals for this build to really give everyone a good idea as to where I'm going with it. Should be able to post that up later on tonight. I'm off work in an hour, but I didn't sleep at all last night (lost track of time watching youtube videos about people that actually drop money into oil cooling a computer) if you haven't seen the oil cooling stuff, it's worth about 10 mins of your time, thats about it. Anyways, nap when I get home then I'll check up on here and post that goal list. AMDNemo
  8. Thanks so much for the great feedback! The reason for not wanting to ditch the HC 200 is simply $$ constraints. Yes, I'm splurging on the U2-UFO because I've been drooling over one for almost a year now . But when it really comes down to it, that's the only thing I'm dropping an outrageous amount of money on and I cannot afford to get the extra RAM and GPU if I go knee deep into a scratch built watercooling setup. It would be possible to get everything I want, but this build will literally take 3 months if I try to do the all out watercooling system first. And to answer your big ???? in the middle I'm not denouncing the Swiftech 655, I know it's a tremendously amazing pump, I just don't have the $$ to drop on that with a 360mm black ice rad along with everything else that I want to make everything clean and seamless like the MDPC-X wire sleeving... that's an arm and a leg for friggin' wire sleeving lol although its the cleanest looking sleeving that I've ever seen. I could give up the RAM and GPU for a decent cooling setup, but at that point I wouldn't really need it. With the HC200 hooked up to my cpu only, I've hit 4.2GHz stable for 1hr on the AMDOverdrive stress test although, I was sitting at 56-60C for 45mins of that stress test... It was a nail biter to say the least lol. So, I guess I was just figuring that 4.2GHz stable would be a breeze to hit with a better flowing- higher grade system. Maybe I just got a lucky batch of silicon for a CPU haha. EDIT: Looking back through my archive, I was actually at 4.1GHz. And to explain further on why I keep it at 3.8GHz is because with the heater running in my room and how hot my room is in the summer, at 3.8GHz I usually sit at 42C while gaming for 2 or 3 hours. So, I really could keep it at about 4.0GHz and be very safe, but 3.8GHz is more than sufficient for gaming when it comes to my CPU. With the way my mobo's PCI-E slots are set up, I could probably get away with using the HC200 on my CPU only for a little while and just adding a couple of high cfm fans to the stock rad in push/pull and see if my temps come down a bit and just let the 2 GPU's air breathe until I can afford to do the full custom watercooling setup. Although it pains me to do so, I don't want to go through all of the work to get the cooling system plumbed just to add a new card and have to re-do the loop. Plus with 10 fans I'll probably be ok with regard to the air breathing GPU's... Not final yet, all this will depend on what kind of deals I can real in on my other little things (like the fans, the CM fans that I want will come to a total of almost $100 through newegg! ) A thought just occured to me. What if, and this is a really big IF, I came up with scratch built loop for my CPU, NB, and SB and then ran the stock HC200 loop on just my GPU's? I know for a fact that while playing Mass Effect 2 and SupCom 2 that my GPU never goes above about 55C and with a decent waterblock that covers the RAM and everything on two of em, I would imagine that the HC200 could handle that. The max temp on the GPUs is considerably higher than the CPU as far as I know so even if it held both of them at say 50C, modestly, while gaming it'd be worth it to give it a shot. I've pushed my GPU to 83C and about shat myself, but it never flinched haha. With that in mind, do you think 4.2GHz would be reasonable if the only things in the scratch built loop were the CPU, NB, and SB using a 360mm rad? Hypothetically, of course. On the note about 1 powerful PSU. That also is in the ballpark of the $$ issue, but also my house has a weak electrical system for whatever reason. If I run my main rig, my laptop, and my 750watt heater (it gets cold upstairs in the winter), and my roommate is also running her rig and heater, the breaker trips. This happens on about a weekly basis. I have found though, that half of my room is on one breaker and the other half is on another breaker so if I split the power between two different outlets in my room, Voila! The breaker doesn't trip lol. May sound like a stupid reason for using two PSU's but this combo would work with what I already have on hand and MAY work a little better with my house's crappy electrical setup. Hypothetically, again. lol
  9. I actually have this exact CPU in my system currently overclocked to 3.8GHz, but I have a low grade external water cooling setup. I will tell you that with my chip, in AMDOverdrive I was getting very close to the max temp during stress testing with the stock cooler at the stock CPU clock so I left it at stock numbers until I was able to get a better cooling setup. Now what Alexandre was saying is EXACTLY right, I've seen 965BE's that don't come within 10 degrees celsius of the max temp during an AMDOverdrive stress test completely stock. It all comes down your specific build and the quality of your chip. It's a lot of trial and error. Overclocking is not something that you can just do through following every little step in even the most well written guides. I learned this the hard way after burning up a brand new Phenom II 925 trying to achieve the same numbers that a noob guide told me I could achieve haha. <-- My very first overclocking adventure. Just take everything in a guide with a grain of salt. I've only ever overclocked AMD chips (mostly Phenom II's), so if I can be of any assistance let me know. -AMDNemo
  10. AMDNemo

    New to OCC

    Hi, I'm AMDNemo and I'm an Modaholic. I'm 21 years old I built my first rig about 2 years ago and haven't looked back. I'm now A+ and Network+ certified, and I'm about to venture into getting my MCSE certification. After I built my first rig I became completely addicted to anything having to do with computers and built up my rig to where I could OC it. I'm a gamer at heart and since I delved into the world of performance computers, I've looked at Xbox's and PS3's as if they were Gameboys. I currently work at a small family practice in northeast Texas running and maintaining the Electronic Medical Records system, workstations, main server and fax server. I have 4 running computers although I only use 2 of them on a daily basis and the other two I use as test systems for crazy-stupid overclocks or other antics. I use my MacBook for my basic uses such as E-mail, forums, music storage, chatting, research, and as of recently, a little Lua programming. My main rig I use daily for gaming, playing music loudly (lol), it's faster 5GHz wireless card when my 2.4GHz channel gets flooded, testing my Lua scripts in-game, and OC'ing of course! I just wrote up a pretty long, but descriptive New-build thread in the New build section. I'm laying down plans to do a Mountain Mods U2-UFO build, so be sure to check that out if you'd like a description of my main rig and/or would like to give any feedback on the U2-UFO build. Thanks for reading! - AMDNemo
  11. I've done quite a few builds in the past, but this one will be quite a bit more mod-intensive than my previous ones. I've almost gotten my list of parts needed finished. I'm having an issue with my liquid cooling system decision, so I'll make sure to hit on that. Most of this build will be utilizing parts that I already have in my current build, but there's so many new parts that I decided to go ahead and make a build thread for this. I plan to take my time with the entire build, hopefully extending it over about a months time, mainly because it's still in the planning phase and I'd like to get a few opinions on my parts list and mod techniques. These are the components I already own that I'm planning to use in the new build - and mind you, this is all in an extremely tight-fitting Antec Nine Hundred II -Antec EarthWatts 650watt PSU (Not modular unfortunately . ) -Old 300watt PSU (for powering small components such as the 10 fans, optical drives, etc. that don't require massive amounts of power) -Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 Motherboard -AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition ( moderate OC at 3.8GHz although my goal with the new build is 4.2GHz - should be easy to reach IMO) - 2x2GB ADATA Gaming Series 1600MHz RAM (second set will be purchased to add with new rig) -Palit GTX 460 1GB Sonic Edition GPU (NOT the Sonic Platinum edition. Moderate OC w/ stock cooler at 10% above stock - no voltage increase) -HP Lite-On DVD-RW SATA optical drive - 500GB WD Caviar Black - 7200rpm (not positive on the speed, could be a 5400 because it was purchased when I didn't know any better lol) -NZXT Sentry LX Fan speed controller/ temp monitor (I hate using this thing, horrible button interface, but still looks nice and the temp monitor w/probes is a big +) - Here's the kicker and the part I'm having the most trouble with using for reasons that should be immediately recognizable by longtime modders - Corsair Hydrocool 200 external liquid cooling unit - stock) ... I have some ideas to make this work, however, they're completely theoretical and I have no real idea whether they're possible or worth it to pursue. I'll go into this in more detail after I list the new parts that I have in mind. New Parts list - So far anyway -Mountain Mods U2-UFO modular case with the Duality front panel, acrylic or big window sides and top panel, and regular rear panel w/ vertical mobo mount - black wrinkle powder coat - a 2nd Palit 1GB Sonic Edition GPU ( using SLi via an AMD hack I recently found to make it work - fingers crossed) - a 2nd set of ADATA RAM as mentioned above - 10 120mm Cooler Master black w/ blue LED's R4 series fans - Sunbeam Multi-fan Power Port (since the CM fans use 3 pin connectors I can probably get away with using 2 of these to connect to the Old 300watt PSU and still look really nice) - Full system black MDPC-X wire sleeving and replacing all connectors with black or blue ones while I'm at it. - Having a hard time choosing between 12" LED strips and 12" Cold Cathodes - probably use 4 total of either one. Opinions? - OCZ Agility 2 60GB SSD (For OS's mainly) - USB SuperSpeed 3.0 hub for mounting in an HD slot- the mobo does have a USB3 header I believe (because I'll have a lot of slots to take up and I currently only have 3.0 slots on the rear mobo I/O which can be annoying to say the least) I will add the watercooling components to this list when I know exactly which components of the HC 200 unit I can salvage. So this is where I'll write up my ideas with the HydroCool 200 and what in the world I'm going to do with this thing. First off, I got this for free from the guy that ran our VoIP system at the office I work at, so any parts that I can use from this system would be awesome. What I'd love to do with it is ditch the pump, rad, and the retarded flow restricting fittings on the back. I plan to remove everything anyway to mount it all in the UFO case, so that would automatically get rid of all of the restrictive fittings. The rad is aluminum which needs to go and possibly add a 240mm black ice rad. I'm at a loss as to what to do about the pump. I was trying to stay away from going to a Swiftech 655 but I need to get away from the stock pump because it needs a special fluid mixture for lubrication. Plus, I don't think the stock pump will have the kejones (sp?) to pump through the bigger rad along with a single loop from the CPU and two GTX 460's efficiently even if I used the stock 3/8" OD tubing. I may be wrong on this, so please correct me if that's the case. I also think I'll be able to nix the need for the silly PCI slot- thing and just wire up a regular 4-pin molex connector. Might even be able to run the cooling system on that 300watt PSU with the fans and optical drive o_O ... Just maybe. I wouldn't mind going up to 1/2" tubing, but if I'm going to go that far I might as well just ditch the external unit and start from scratch. Any enlightenment or links to articles on this whole subject? I've googled the hell out of it and have yet to find anything related to modding an HC200.(probably because it's not worth it lol) Anyway, that's what I've got so far. Any opinions, advice, or additional ideas are all appreciated and I'm always happy to answer any questions. I usually just write this sort of thing up on my Facebook, although I think doing this through a forum will be of much more benefit. If you'd like, I can post a few pictures of my current rig setup along with CPU-Z and MSI AB pics to show I'm not just talking BS. Just waiting on my tax return to order my first wave of parts . Should be getting that by the middle of the month - possibly even start building/fabing mounts for everything by the last week of this month.... We shall see. Thanks so much for reading AMDNemo
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