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  1. First off download the newest version of zboard (ZEngine x86 v2.5.0.30) Uninstall the old ver (delete trace files) Then install new ver. Right click on zboard.exe, properties, compatibility, Run as "Windows Vista service pack 2" and as "Administrator" , OK. once in zboard, disable skins... (important) This should help, try it out...
  2. Hi guy's, Okay I figured out how to get this damn Z-engine to work with Windows7 x64. (without Steelseries poor support) Once you make your mods, you have to activate the z engine for that mod. You'll know it's working when the first red light (above the key pad) is on and everything should work as you've set it up. To activate the z engine you have to delete the sample game.exe, by clicking edit GameEXE That's pretty much it, now that I've the z engine to work I love this keyboard. I have mod's for different work flows on the PC, like Photoshop or file management, starting up different apps. It cool just to press a button and away you go. Hope this helps out...
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