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  1. so what does this mean for the rest of the hd69** series?? will prices slowly fall, or will they stay the same for a while???
  2. so many brands/cards ..... how is an uninformed person supposed to choose the correct card??? not saying im uninformed, but if its hard for me to choose a card, a person with no/little pc experiance could easily choose the wrong card. neway....sooooo, i think ill go with the 6950-2gb which is about 100bux cheaper than the 6970-2gb. i was going to buy it now, but ive decided to start a new subwoofer build . so thats going to throw the card back 1-2weeks, so hopefully the prices wont go up in 2weeks. since i have ~2weeks to decide on the card, is there any other cards/setups u guys would recomend looking into? remember i only have 300-400max to spend. thx again guys, its nice to find this much help on a forum...
  3. WOW...... so i guess i failed already lol.. so rite now im leaning towards the 6950 or 6970. not sure what brand yet, thinking about another XFX, but id like to try a diff brand.
  4. lol, alexandre i was actually going to ask if that was actually true or not, its like u read my mind ive had older nvidia cards that worked great(fx5200ep,6600). as far as new cards ive only owned this 5770, wich is awsome for the price. so any thoughts about the 5770xfire vs single 6950 or 6970??
  5. yup, im in the good ol' USofA. I dont really want to "hack" the mobo. I just figured that i should stay with an AMD GPU, since i have an AMD cpu, that way i can get the most out of AMD's technologies.
  6. thanks alot 4 the info fellas. As far as a budget, id like to spend less than ~$400. I was also thinking about maybe just getting another 5770 to run xfire, but i would also need a new posu. How do u guys think a 5770x-fire setup would fair against a single 6950 or 6970? MercuryDoun, you really think that a 6950 would barely be able to handle eyefinity??? I currently have a dual 23"1080p display setup. My 5770(OCed to 885/1325) keeps the framerate Above ~25 when playing FarCry2 on ultrahigh settings(no AA). I do plan on getting a 3rd display, so im deff going to need to upgrade, i just need some help to pick out what would be best for me.
  7. i havnt really been able to find anything on the web that answerd this ???. i recently asked a buddy if he thought i should buy a 6870 to run games on eyefinity. he replied, "i would never ever ever never ever run a 6870 with your mobo, you would need to buy a 890fx board to take advantage of the hd6*** cards, if u dnt you will just be wastting your money.". so ive come to you all, to ask, is this true. if it is true, ill possibly be buying a 890fxmobo and a hd6*** card to run 3display eyefinity in the very near future. like i stated above, i wasnt really able to find anything that answered/explained this. so, if any of you could help me understand this, it would be greatly appreciated. thx guys:)
  8. ya, i couldnt find a "bank cycle" in my bios either. i found the bank cycle time in CPU-Z so im guessing its not a changeable value in bios. thx for all the help man
  9. thanks alot for the link, ive been looking for sumthin like that but havnt found anything as helpful as that. my bank cycle is 40, i wasnt sure what i should change it to, or if i should even change it. i just got done playin farcry2, ultra settings, dual display eyefinity, and it seems that the changes to the ram have increased my average fps +3-4. not sure if it is because the ram or not, but im happy for the few extra fps.
  10. oh god..... i jst threw up a lil
  11. yes, i have it set to 800mhz in the bios. CPU-z says its runnin at 803.5 so it probly correct, rite? just got done messing with BIOS a lil more.. my ram is now running at 803.5mhz. here are my current timings--- CL8--tRCD8--tRP8--tRAS20---tRC40. should i change my Bank Cycle Time??? Also i have NOT bumped my voltage up at all, if it runs ok should i still bump my voltage??? thx mang
  12. k........ so.... im having a little trouble finding the specs for the ram on OCZ's site. CPU-z tells me....... MAX Bandwidth PC3-10700H (667mhz)... PART NUMBER--OCZ3RPR1600C8LV2G... ya.... i was under the impresion that it was 1600mhz ram. My MoBo DOES support 1800oc ram, so if the ram can ran at 1800 that'd b great. jus got back to my rig so i might mess with it for a lil bit here, see if i cant do what mastermush has suggested. thnks guys.......
  13. ive recently discovered, that after my buddy and i put my pc together, my ram was only running at 400mhz. i changed it in the bios to 800mhz. so, now i need help with setting the timings... when i changed it to 800mhz the timings went from 6-6-6-14, to currently, 11-11-11-24. not exactly sure what to change to get lower timings, so any help would be awsome. rig specs are in my sig, if u need more specs/details plz let me know.. thx fellas
  14. lol, u inspired me! that socket 7 is weird lookin to me.... i never knew u could put intel/amd on a board. BTW, what are those "ISA" slots for??
  15. found vid cards--- Nvidia G-force5200ep Nvidia * * * ?6600? ASUS V9180 SILURO T200
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