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    Antec P190

    Intel i7 970 6 Core
    ASUS Sabertooth X58 Mother board
    12 GB Vengence DDR3 Trip Channel Memory
    MSI 560 Ti Twin Frozer II
    850w TX PSU

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  1. RX7Rage

    OC i7 970 Hex Core

    Oh ok. Thanks for the link. Running my memory at half the rated frequency doesnot sound ideal. Even-though the timings have been tightened. Why's the best way to go about this then. This is my 1st i7 chip.
  2. RX7Rage

    OC i7 970 Hex Core

    I just noticd the Timings on my memory in CPU-z. CAS-6? 6-6-6-18. Wow. I actually never touched the Ram Timings in the Bios... How could have these changed? They were CAS-9.<br><br>
  3. Hey guys. So i recently built a new rig: i7 970 Asus Sabertooth 12 GB Vengance DDR3 Trip Channel Memory MSI 560 Ti Twin Frozer Corsair 850w PSU all in-closed in a P190 case. Now i started Overclocking the 970 ( Which has stock Cooler still) and well i have the BLK @ 162 and Multi @ 25. for a clock speed of 4050 MHz, and when the Turbo Boost Kick in ive seen 4.2 GHz. Now i ran y-cruncher on a 2 Million Test. And the Highest Core temp i got was 81 degrees C. That seems quite low still. This stock cooler that awesome-o? Or what am i missing here? I wouldn't say im New to OC'ing. BUT i know that 81C is still a fine temp under 100% Load for that test. What do you guys think? I know a New heatsink would cost me like 50 buks, and ill be A OK for sure. But why change something if its doing the job. Im thoroughly impressed with this chip! -M
  4. RX7Rage

    Updated Official Y-Cruncher Benchmark Thread

    i7 970 @ 4.05 GHz 5.743 seconds
  5. RX7Rage

    560ti 2 monitor bug?

    I have a MSI 560 Ti and no problems! The card is absolutely awesome
  6. RX7Rage

    3dMark 11

    Heres My 3Dmark http://3dmark.com/3dm11/590650
  7. RX7Rage

    Intel i7 970 Build

    Well of course i post this then figure it out. Apparently i needed to change from HD audio in the BIOS to AC97...AND use the "Front Speakers" Jack instead of LINEin. Well there ya go.
  8. RX7Rage

    Intel i7 970 Build

    Hey guys, i cant seem to get my On-Board sound to work. The Mixer shows that there is sound and it working. But i cannot get any sound through my headphones using the LineIN Jack at all! Its very frustrating! Any ideas?
  9. RX7Rage

    Updated Official Y-Cruncher Benchmark Thread

    UPDATED OC on My i7 970: OC'ed @ 3.6 GHz 6.266 sec
  10. RX7Rage

    Intel i7 970 Build

    Your probably right. that is 600mhz over stock. It seems to run pretty cool under stress though when rendering @ 100%. Ill see how much i can push it.
  11. RX7Rage

    Intel i7 970 Build

    Got it all fixed up. It was a defective Motherboard.. Crazy! I have never had one of those. Now time to Overclock the 970! Im hoping to get 3.8..ish on The stock cooler. My P190 case keeps Temps quite low by itself, i think that number should be achievable.
  12. RX7Rage

    Need a new Keyboard

    Gaming and using programs like Maya, NUKE and after effects. I dont need Macro keys, but if it comes with some, its fine.
  13. RX7Rage

    Need a new Keyboard

    Hey guys, So i am in need of a new keyboard. Im not sure whats out there for good quality Boards. I was looking at the Logitech MX series. But any other recommendations? Thanks!
  14. RX7Rage

    rendering machine help

    I have Final Gather, GI, Ambient occ, and reflections. Pretty highly intensive. and 2x AA. you can see the reel here: http://vimeo.com/7336142
  15. RX7Rage

    rendering machine help

    I use Maya/Mental ray, and after effects, and just built my machine. Going from a Phenom II x4 955 to my i7 970 Six core my renders are now 5X faster. Frames went from 5 minutes for this shot... to under 50 seconds. A huge improvement. With rendering it all about the cores and threads. so think about that. -M