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  1. Oh ok. Thanks for the link. Running my memory at half the rated frequency doesnot sound ideal. Even-though the timings have been tightened. Why's the best way to go about this then. This is my 1st i7 chip.
  2. I just noticd the Timings on my memory in CPU-z. CAS-6? 6-6-6-18. Wow. I actually never touched the Ram Timings in the Bios... How could have these changed? They were CAS-9.<br><br>
  3. Hey guys. So i recently built a new rig: i7 970 Asus Sabertooth 12 GB Vengance DDR3 Trip Channel Memory MSI 560 Ti Twin Frozer Corsair 850w PSU all in-closed in a P190 case. Now i started Overclocking the 970 ( Which has stock Cooler still) and well i have the BLK @ 162 and Multi @ 25. for a clock speed of 4050 MHz, and when the Turbo Boost Kick in ive seen 4.2 GHz. Now i ran y-cruncher on a 2 Million Test. And the Highest Core temp i got was 81 degrees C. That seems quite low still. This stock cooler that awesome-o? Or what am i missing here? I wouldn't say im New to OC'ing. BUT i know that 81C is still a fine temp under 100% Load for that test. What do you guys think? I know a New heatsink would cost me like 50 buks, and ill be A OK for sure. But why change something if its doing the job. Im thoroughly impressed with this chip! -M
  4. I have a MSI 560 Ti and no problems! The card is absolutely awesome
  5. RX7Rage

    3dMark 11

    Heres My 3Dmark http://3dmark.com/3dm11/590650
  6. Well of course i post this then figure it out. Apparently i needed to change from HD audio in the BIOS to AC97...AND use the "Front Speakers" Jack instead of LINEin. Well there ya go.
  7. Hey guys, i cant seem to get my On-Board sound to work. The Mixer shows that there is sound and it working. But i cannot get any sound through my headphones using the LineIN Jack at all! Its very frustrating! Any ideas?
  8. UPDATED OC on My i7 970: OC'ed @ 3.6 GHz 6.266 sec
  9. Your probably right. that is 600mhz over stock. It seems to run pretty cool under stress though when rendering @ 100%. Ill see how much i can push it.
  10. Got it all fixed up. It was a defective Motherboard.. Crazy! I have never had one of those. Now time to Overclock the 970! Im hoping to get 3.8..ish on The stock cooler. My P190 case keeps Temps quite low by itself, i think that number should be achievable.
  11. Gaming and using programs like Maya, NUKE and after effects. I dont need Macro keys, but if it comes with some, its fine.
  12. Hey guys, So i am in need of a new keyboard. Im not sure whats out there for good quality Boards. I was looking at the Logitech MX series. But any other recommendations? Thanks!
  13. I have Final Gather, GI, Ambient occ, and reflections. Pretty highly intensive. and 2x AA. you can see the reel here: http://vimeo.com/7336142
  14. I use Maya/Mental ray, and after effects, and just built my machine. Going from a Phenom II x4 955 to my i7 970 Six core my renders are now 5X faster. Frames went from 5 minutes for this shot... to under 50 seconds. A huge improvement. With rendering it all about the cores and threads. so think about that. -M
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