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  1. I voted other. I just can't enjoy single player games any more and FPS are meh for me. MMOG all the way, and hopefully SWTOR will be on top of my list once 20th comes around.
  2. This is a fascinating question! o.O
  3. For Single Player - HALO: Combat Evolved For Multi - Quake 3 Arena - I had admin rights on the server and all the computers at school, so i installed the game and run a server, so the computer class can play, we spend many memorable afternoons playing that game, it may not be the best there ever was, but the memories i got from that time are precious. P.S.: I know the competition is over, i'm just sharing.
  4. That's a real shame. I don't know a lot about RAM OC, I've only ever tried to keep it working at recommended settings. I was going to buy the CORSAIR Vengeance™ Red CL8, but the heatsinks are too tall and i'm planing on getting a push/pull CM Hyper 212+ or EVO, so they may interfear with the second fan.
  5. Good review. Seeing this and the graphs, it would seem a good idea getting the 212 EVO, then the 212+. I'm i drawing the right conclusion?
  6. Hi m8, I'm also a long time lurker. And that video is very creepy, considering that Maria can be his mother. But hei what ever floats his boat, i always though he was gay, good to see that we can at least consider him bi. o.O
  7. Hi Guys, I'm going to upgrade my RAM for Christmas and i need some advise. I'm from Bulgaria and i'll be doing my shopping at 2 places, Amazon Italy (because they deliver to my neck of the woods) and Altech (becouse they are in my neck of the woods). From the Altech all i'm seeing that i like is this CORSAIR Vengeance™ Red CL8 and maybe this KINGSTON HyperX Grey But i have heard good things about G.SKILL, so i went to Amazon and i found this G.Skill F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR2 and this G.Skill F3-10666CL9D-8GBSR. The 1st G.SKILL is a 1600MHz @ 9-9-9-24, LOW voltage 1.25, my question is, if i install this RAM and bump the voltage to 1.5-1.65 will i be able to gouse the timings down to 8-8-8-24 or even 7-8-7-24 or will i burn the modules down? Also i would greatly appreciate it if you guys can give me some advise on some other RAM you may recommend, i have not set my mind in stone so i may go for some other make/model. All advise is welcome.
  8. Congratz. Please remember that FRAPS is your friend. ;P
  9. How did you get the invite? By being part of the OCC Guild on the TOR site?
  10. Good review. This is actually sold in my neck of the woods for the glorious price of €247.56. But I can get 2 of MSI N550GTX-Ti Cyclone II 1GD5 GTX550-Ti 1GB GDDR5 192bit PCI-E for €270.00 for some SLI goodness. Why doesn't NEWEGG ship to International addresses
  11. Awesome diagram, I'm also planing on doing my comp with the HAF912 Plus. Alex will it also be good to flip the PSU so the fan draws air from inside the case and blows is out the back?
  12. Unfortunately only the ASUS P8P67 LE is available here and i liked the GB board more. The ASUS pro looks good too but i can't get it.
  13. @Alex I'm getting the components atm, the last of them should be here Saturday, i'll build it then and post pics. For a couple of days i though my luck had run out. The site that was selling the K CPU units had only 5 and they all had been presold. I was like . But then the shop located right next to my work stocked on a few and i reserved one. @sack_patrol My Win7 is 64bit and i'll download one of the 64 Linux distributions. But i'm starting to think of keeping my 32bit WinXP on a partition just in case. @dihartnell I'm definitely getting the Silver Arrow. To begin, i'll run it in a single FAN push/pull configuration. Fan in the middle of the 2 radiators. I'll see how thinks progress from there and may add the second fan later on or buy a 3th one for more umf. @DexRain When it looked like i may not get the i5, i was considering getting the Crosshair IV, but the AM3 socket has no future as Bulldozer will be new architecture and AM3+ or a new type of socket. So my final build looks like this, barring any1 else calling and telling me they are out of stock: GIGABYTE P67A-UD4 Core i5 2500K DDR3 KIT 2X2GB 1600MHz KINGSTON HyperX Blue AMD HD6850, 1GB, Sapphire TOXIC WD 1TB Black 64MB SATA III Cooler Master HAF-912 Plus CM RS-750-ACAA-E3: GX 750W Thermalright Silver Arrow FAN CoolerMaster 200mm MegaFlow 200 Red LED Silent FAN CoolerMaster 120mm SILENT LED RED I want to ask as well which of the below monitors would you consider the best for gaming: ASUS 24" VW246H ACER 24" V243HLbmd HP 24" LA2405wg LG 24" W2453TQ-PF Philips 24" 240S1SB SAMSUNG 24" P2450H I'm eying the ASUS 24" VW246H, i like what i read about it on the net, but can you guys give me your opinions?
  14. @Alex I'm planing o adding another pair of 2GB Kingston's later on. I got XP Professional SP3 and a Widows 7 OS, I got Vista too but that came with one of my laptops when i bought it. But tbh I'm planing on migrating to Linux, I'm eying the Fedora 14 distribution atm, dual boot with Windows 7, i'm still thinking about it. @medbor Unfortunately the 6950 is +$150 more than the 6850 and that is more that i wish to spend on a GPU. Also the 4GB modules available to me are a 1333MHZ no name brand, so i rather go with the Kingston.
  15. Tnks for your advise m8s. I really would have loved to go with the Asus Crosshair IV (What a lovely MoBo), but with all the uncertainty of whether Bulldozer will be available or fully functional on AM3 changed my mind (I can't afford it yet to replace a high-end MoBo in 6-8 months, the females in my family will kill me). DAMN YOU AMD where is the INFO!!! Ok final configuration looks something like this: Case: CM HAF 912 Plus Fan: CM 120mm EXCALIBUR 600/2000RPM PWM (Thiese are extras so i fill) PSU: CM RS-750-ACAA-E3: GX 750W OR Corsair HX 750 W Modular OR Corsair TX 750 W (Haven't decided on this yet, i want to see how far my cash will get me before i choose) CPU Cooler: Thermalright Silver Arrow OR the CM V8 CPU: Core i5 2500K MoBo:ASRock P67 Extreme4 RAM: 2x Kingston DIMM DDR3 2 GB 1600 MHz GPU: Sapphire AMD HD6850 1 GB TOXIC HDD: WD 1TB Black 64MB SATA III @ a cost of aprox. $1'385 And I've chosen this ACER 24 LCD WIDE V243HL LED screen @ $265. So what do you guys think is this build? Worth the $1'650 investment?
  16. Haha, i haven't refreshed the page before i posted. I should stop going to forums while at work. Edit: If i use the ASRock board the 2 configurations are now both at $480.
  17. Uraaaaaaaaaa... One of the local shops just announced that they got Gigabyte P67A-UD4. So the dilemma now - which combo i should go for? Gigabyte P67A-UD4 \ i5 2500k = $535 OR Asus CROSSHAIR IV Formula \ Phenom X4 955BE = $480 My dilemma is that the Asus board is incredible and is only $50 more than the average that is P67A-UD4, i can live with the Phenom X4 955BE until Bulldozer comes along, but will my awesome AM3 board support the new AMD chips? I found a lot of conflicting data with Google on the Bulldozer / AM3 compatibility. I want an AMD machine, but i want performance for my hard earned cash more. Any1 here have any pearls of wisdom?
  18. I too want to go with the 2500k, but alas the MoBo is a deal-breaker.
  19. Can the 955 be overclocked to 4.5GHZ on air, without killing the processor in 6 months or less? There also is a V8 HS it's only $6 more expensive than the V6, and the Silver Arrow costs like $15 more than the V8. I may go with the Silver Arrow couse it cools better or so i've read on some reviews. Any1 here know if there is a website that sells better 1155 MoBo's and delivers Worldwide, i couldn't find one.
  20. Hi guys and gals, My 1st post here, greetings to all and prosperous new year. I'm planing on building my 1st computer that actually has some horse power in it and looks nice to boot. Unfortunately(hardware wise) i live in Bulgaria and computer components are not what i would call up to date and if they are expect a +30% markup on what ever you find in NewEgg. IDK if this is normal for Europe, as i have been a resident of Africa for the last decade and prices there where even more horrible. But on to the build(i'm in the planing stage here, as i may spend $1'000 or $1'500 on the build, not sure yet.) I use thees sites http://www.multirama.bg , http://www.mostbg.com/most/PriceList.aspx (no Tax here, so +20% and it's price2 column) and http://www.jarcomputers.com/l_en/?m=0 to look for the parts. I have two build in mind both use the same case/PSU/CPU Cooler/GPU/HDD. Case: CM HAF 912 Adv. + 2more CM 120mm EXCALIBUR 600/2000RPM PWM PSU: 900W FORTRON CPU cooler: Thermalright Silver Arrow 2x140(BIG, but effective) or the COOLERMASTER V6 GT(love how this Cooler looks) GPU: Sapphire AMD HD6850 1 GB \a second to be installed later for more umf... HDD: WD 1TB Black 64MB SATA III 1st Build: CPU: Phenom II X6 1090T BE OR Phenom II X4 970 Quad Core BE MoBo: Asus CROSSHAIR IV Formula RAM: 4x 2GB DDR3 1600MHZ, Kingston HyperX The above was too be my build, because i fell in love with the CROSSHAIR IV when i sou it in the local store, all i needed to decide was on the processor. But our local stores finally brought in the SandyBridge Processors. Namely i5 2500K for $295, but alas the best MoBo available here is the Gigabyte P67A-UD3. 2nd Build: CPU: Core i5 2500K Quad Core (3.3GHz (Turbo Boost), 6MB L3, 850MHz GPU, LGA1155) MoBo: Gigabyte P67A-UD3 RAM: 4x 2GB DDR3 1600MHZ, Kingston HyperX I dislike the MoBo as Crosfire will make the e-PCI x16 work at x8 if am not mistaken. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Edit: fixed a link
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