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  1. Hi, Tanks for the advice guys. I'm definitely giving mom the 2500K, i'll get a GTX 770 for her build. That should make it a killer. I've settled on the AMD Athlon II X4 760K / ASRock FM2A88X EXTREME6+ combo, its the price of just the processor for any other combo i can go with and the ASRock board is good and feature reach (any other combo i can get i'll have to sacrifice a lot on the board). I'm hopping that new Excavator cores will be available for FM2+ sometime next year for more umf. Or i can eventually convert this to a NAS when i get a better hardware down the road. Or get the Excavator and put the 760K in a cheapo mATX board for a NAS, all the possibilities are awesome. As for the X4 760K, have a look at this guy's benchmarks link, very impressive. Now for the GPU, i'm having a real trouble choosing here. I want a AMD card, below are the option currently available to me: SAPPHIRE TRI-X R9 290 - 387 Euro SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X R9 280X - 300 Euro MSI R9 280X Gaming - 295 Euro PowerColor TurboDuo R9 280X - 279 Euro I've found some difficulty in locating descent user reviews of thous cards so i cannot decide which one to get, i'm interested in long term card usage and how it went. So which card should i get? John.
  2. Hi, Problem is I play mostly MMOs, occasionally i boot up something from my Steam library like Dishonered/FarCry 3/Skyrim, but mostly i play less demanding titles. My mom on the other hand plays mostly Oblivion/Skyrim/AC4 with mods and Path of Exile/Torchlight2. That is why i want to give her the 2500K, i'll get her a new GPU for xmas too. I wanted to correct myself from above, the Case/Cooler/MoBo/CPU are 384 Euros, this excludes the GPU. I was actually right now doing some research and i was thinking of getting the below CPU/MoBo combo for 150 Euros, and adding a R9 290 GPU, maybe this one link AMD Athlon II X4 760K - link ASRock FM2A88X EXTREME6+ - link My problem is thinking about it the above does not look that much better the my P55A-UD3/i5 650 combo i got right now. The issue is that i most MMOs the CPU is still a bottleneck, or more precisely the single core performance is the bottleneck. I'm actually hopping that with both the XBONE and PS4 having multi-core AMD CPUs that future titles will be more friendly with multi-thread CPUs, that is why i want a 6350, maybe a 8350(if i can afford it.). Or am I deluding myself. Edit: The A88X mobo looks good, i may be able to change the CPU in the future with a better one.
  3. Greetings All, Its build time again (has it really been 3 years)! Tempus Fugit! I'm very happy with my i5 2500K build, but i've decided i'll give it to my mom(She's a gamer!), so i need a new machine. I'm trying to keep the budget as low as possible, but still get a good system. I've decided to go with a AMD system. So what i have so far: Box : Fractal Define XL R2 - link PCU : Unknown? CPU Cooler: Coolermaster HYPER 212 EVO - link CPU : AMD FX X6 6350 - link MoBo : Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 - link GPU : Sapphire R9 280X VAPOR-X - link HDD : unknown. RAM : unknown. The above comes to about 384 Euros (all the prices you see on thous sites divide by 2. ) Below is a link to a aggregate site that basically pulls its results from about 5-7 online shops here in Bulgaria: http://www.pazaruvaj.com/informatika-c3067/ Still undecided on RAM and HDD configuration, i'm thinking a 128GB SSD, and a 2GB HDD or 2. So i need some advice, i'm unsure about the future of the AM3+ socket, should i go for one of the better FM2+ boards and a AMD Athlon II X4 760K(getting a better chip when they become available?) and save some money, or get a better GPU, or spend money elsewhere on the build? I'm also looking for a 1440p monitor on the cheep. All advice is welcome and will be greatly appreciated. P.S.: The build will be taking a few weeks(couple of months) and i'm in no hurry, so i can wait for better deals on parts. (I'll be back to using the "old work horse" from this weekend)
  4. I really like what i'm seeing here, an awesome card and the price is amazing. Too bad that it does not look like a much of an update on my 5830. Guess I'll save and wait for the 88xx to come out and then update. I could be great if i could crossfire one of these with my 5830, but alas it can't.
  5. This looks really nice for ppl that may want the GCN architecture, but cant afford the upper level cards or wait for the 8xxx series. Too bad that this will not make it to my country or when it does it'll be months from now and then we can just wait for the 8xxx stuff.
  6. Well my wallet is certainly screaming. Deus EX + DLCs Bioshock 1+2 Arma II for DayZ, i've been waiting to get this for a long time. Magic the Gathering 2013. And i thing this is as far as i'm going, maybe something during the Winter sales, but the above should keep me entertained for a lot of months.
  7. I'm intrested in getting one of these for my mother. She is a great D2/TES fan. What is like the performance with dual graphics like? Maybe slot in a 7750 in there and try?
  8. @Trankop: Toshiba is a good choice, i have had a few laptops by them and except for a flaky keyboards i have no complains. But the new GFX need better cooling, which Asus has. @Dan: Unfortunately that shop does not ship out of UK. The A10 is only an option, if i cannot get the budget for a 660m laptop, and i'm getting it with a X-Fire card that is why i asked if any1 knows about the Asus K series and when they'll be available.
  9. Hi OCC, I would like to purchase a Laptop which i'll be using for gaming. I have a tight budget, that may increase during to holidays. I have looked around, and i really like the Asus G75 line of laptops. I would like to buy the GTX660m version, its a newer architecture than the 670m and runs cooler(or so I've read online), but it is currently unavailable in my neck of the woods. Hope that will change in Nov/Dec. Now in case i cannot increase my budget to afford a G75 i would like to get the K75DE, but with the A10 APU, does any1 know when these will become available? Google failed me. What do you guys think of my choices, can any1 that uses any of the above laptops comment on what they think? I would also like your suggestions on any other lapis i can try? Oh, i use this site for shopping: http://interacom.eu/ If any1 can suggest a another dealer that ships to or is in Bulgaria, it'll be greatly appreciated
  10. THIS a THOUSAND TIMES THIS! What is wrong with you guys the 1st 4 are unquestioning winners. I just change the 5th one to Morrowind.
  11. John_Grimm

    Torchlight 2

    A light at the end of the tunnel and it from a torch. I'm really glad it's coming, D3 has been such a disappointment, i regret buying it.
  12. Ah, thats how EvE Online's Market has been working since 2003, except that their markets are region locked for each region of the galaxy. Through the years i have always wondered why no Fantasy MMO will implement a system like this and it has finally happened. Although tbh in GW2 looks more like the contract system in EvE.
  13. Wow, got to wait 5 months till it comes out. But it'll be worth the wait.
  14. Haha All the guys above me moving games around, this is hilarious. I think the best for the future is guys entering a contest saying which games they want to win if chosen, in order of preference..
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