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  1. Yeah I know, I guess it's not that big of a deal.
  2. Turbo mode disables at a multiplier of 34 or below. Should I double my bus speed and use the multiplier to bump it up? Its at 4.4GHz at 1.35V right now. It Throttles down under no load, but clocks at the overclocked 4.4GHz when doing anything. Okay I bumped up the bus to 105, Multiplier still at 44 and I'm getting 4.62 GHz, RAM is at 1680 and Prime95's.
  3. Just built the following Computer: Intel Core i7 2600K Sabertooth P67 Crucial 64GB SATA3 64GB Vengeance DDR3 1600 8GB (2x4GB) WD Black 640GB Noctuna Cooler 5770 Anyways, I've tried to overclock it to 5GHz, which ive hit and was able to run stable at, however when inactive the cpu is throttled down to 1.6GHz, I have C1E and Speedstep disabled, however I cannot disable Turbo mode. Any reasons why it's doing this? Voltage is at 1.4V @ 4.4GHz currently.
  4. GrimX9

    Project LanCan

    Updated, wasn't able to insert all of the images into the post so a link is provided to the image :/
  5. GrimX9

    Project LanCan

    Got all my stuff today! Everything worke when I put it together quickly, I was a little too excited to take pics, but hopefully I can get some up tomorrow or this weekend.
  6. One of the first results http://www.maxishine.com.au/forums/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=14341
  7. GrimX9

    Project LanCan

    Not much of an update, but I did get some fan screws today, just a bunch of screws nothing worth taking a picture for lol
  8. GrimX9

    Project LanCan

    Updated the project
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131330 This 5770 is a very short card, has tons of power and will save you some money.
  10. GrimX9

    Project LanCan

    The angle iron pieces are what the lid mounts to, as the lid has a thick rubber gasket that is squeezed onto the top of the case. I don't really mind them, they make nice handles and easy to lift I painted my 50cal box really quickly to see how the black and blue work together. There is no grey (except on a couple corners) but I think that it will look great once the digital camo is used instead of the corner-of-a-piece-of-paper method I used. Blue is darker than in the picture, here's a link that looks the closest to the real color: http://product-image.tradeindia.com/00308547/b/0/Oxford-Blue-Paint.jpg
  11. http://www.killdisk.com/ Kill Disk is free, and the free version wipes all data off the hard drive. Ive used it on countless hard drives, works great, I recommend it. Uses single pass zeros to wipe drives.
  12. GrimX9

    Project LanCan

    Forgot to mention, but this case is large enough to fit a 1x120 radiator inside of it!
  13. Matrix, obviously best movie you could watch. Obviously.
  14. GrimX9

    Project LanCan

    First mod/project btw, here's a pic of my current system, gotta love Cooler Master! Not too shabby wire management either, I would take the back panel off, but it would take a few minutes of sitting on the door and trying to slide it back on!
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