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    Intel C2D E6300 [email protected] (1.86ghz: 445x7 @1.34v)
    Coolermaster V8
    Noctua NT-H1
    Gigabyte EP45 UD3P F10
    Kingston KVR800D2N6 2x2gb DDR2 @2.1v
    Xigmatek Dragoon
    Palit 4850 Sonic
    Corsair VX 550
    Klipsch Promedia GMX D-5.1

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  1. Here's my PC specs: Processor: Intel G620 @2.6GHz Motherboard: Asus P8Z77M-Pro Memory: G.Skill PC3-10600 4GB(2x) DDR3-1333 | Xigmatek Dragoon Memory Heatsinks Graphics: AMD Reference 6950 2GB Storage: OCZ Octane S2 128GB SSD | Hitachi 2TB 7200rpm Power Supply: OCZ ModXtreme Pro 700W Casing: Silverstone SG02B-F Display: Samsung SyncMaster XL2370 Country: Singapore Thanks for running this contest, OCC!
  2. well, space-wise - i still have enough space to put on a 2nd Radeon 6950. but maybe someone here has already tried using the BS-08B with the SG02B-F, im really curious just how much of a tight fit it is.
  3. I just got a used Silverstone SG02B-F, and so far I'm able to squeeze in every component on the cramped case. As can be expected however, my Radeon 6950 2GB isn't enjoying the limited space, as its fan is running on high whenever i play graphically intensive games such as The Secret World. I'm thinking of slapping on a Lian Li BS-08B PCI cooler on the 2 vacant PCI slots underneath the VGA card. So the question is, will the Silverstone SG02B-F have enough space to accommodate the huge Lian Li BS-08B PCI cooler? I haven't seen anyone here try it, so hope to hear any input from you guys. Thanks.
  4. good for you - now if i could just figure out how to unlock mine...
  5. isn't the #2 switch supposed to be the backup in case something goes wrong with the flash mod? P.S. Yeah, i accidentally tried that too(forgot the switch was in the #2 position), but it wouldn't allow me to flash it.
  6. Yeah, I'm currently using the default BIOS on the card right now - and it's working fine, too. Also, the BIOS Switch is set to 1, which uses the successful flash of the original BIOS.
  7. Yes, i could also flash the card back to the original BIOS, which I backed up before the attempt.
  8. Yes it works fine, i just flicked the bios switch to 2 and the card uses the original BIOS. also used RBE to unlock the 6950 but i get the same issue - 2 beeps and it won't bootup unless i turn the bios switch back to 2.
  9. Hi folks - I just recently got a AMD Reference 6950 2 GB card and was looking to improve performance further by unlocking the shaders, but have been unsuccessful. Here's what i did 1.Used ATI Winflash to backup original BIOS 2.Used multiple 6970 Bios (SAPHHIRE, Club3d, Asus) 3.The BIOS switch on the card was set to the 1 position 4.Load the HD 6970 BIOS into Winflash by clicking Load Image, followed by Program. Winflash says i was successful, so I did a reboot, but I keep getting this beeping (2x) sound and it won't boot up at all unless I switch the BIOS switch to 2. Also used multiple 6970 bioses but still unsucessful. Any ideas guys? Thanks!
  10. Hey folks, I know that it's not exactly a good idea to play Witcher 2 (even on the lowest [email protected] x 768) with a measly NVIDIA GT540M 1GB-based laptop, but maybe you guys have got something to suggest on how to improve framerates for this game. **Drivers have been updated to nvidia's 296.10 Specs: Acer Aspire 4743G I5-480M 2.66Ghz Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 1GB 4GB DDR3 / Win7 64 HP Mass Effect 3 / Skyrim / Age of Conan / Arkham City - run fine (playable) on low settings, but Witcher 2 is extremely unplayable, which is a shame, as it's a great game. So, apart from any hardware upgrades, any suggestions on how to improve my Witcher 2 performance on this laptop? Thanks!
  11. Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition Officially Headed to PC On August 24
  12. congrats again to the winners. Merry Christmas to everyone too.
  13. I never win at contests, but since the prizes can be shipped at any country, count me in!
  14. My Nokia 6070 is probably the most primitive of the bunch here.
  15. I should've played as a Khajiit instead of an Imperial. Heck, I might as well do that this weekend =)
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