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  1. College. Not really a day, but the best of days.
  2. Kamikaze Badgaer : Did you read the craping article??? It craping explains why they did it. It's a way to save money and to only let American voters view the site, saving money and bandwith, and ensuring the site is up leading up to the elections and available to American voters. note : Sry bout the runon sentence, didnt want to press the '.' key during my rant. It would of thrown off my thoughts.
  3. Whenever I think my computer is running real slow, and when I deem I have too much shi.....crap installed.
  4. Spectrascope : where in florida? HAHAHAH... Im Floridian and that's the funniest thing Ive seen in weeks.
  5. my eVGA has given me no problems, OCs like a beast too. Im hitting 433/1.13 on my 6800GT.
  6. I saw a poster of Michael Moore yesterday. I saw itf rom a distance at first and thought it was a Jabba the Hut poster. So it gave me an idea. IS there anyone here that's good with flash, and would consider making a flash movie of Jabba the Hut spouting Moore-isms. I think it would be pretty funny. Maybe Darth Vader as Dubbya, Bobba Fett as Sec. Rumsfield, and John Kerry as Luke?
  7. First thing.... Dust off your heatsink!! Do a general cleaning up first.... and I bet as you do that, you will get a few good ideas.
  8. link above is working now oh yeah... the fields for registering are in black, so you will have to highlight them when you finish typing to see if you made any typos.
  9. The forum is up now. You can go ahead and register there. http://www.singletrader.com/forums/
  10. Yeah, but it would mean adding a few hundred pounds of reinforcement to the Crossfire's frame, negating the increase in HP and torgue. the SRT-8 package is like 320HP /330 torque. They put a massive blower on that tiny v6 it origianlly came with. My bad, its the Crossfire SRT-6, not 8.
  11. My fraternity brother had a 1500 Ram quad with a HEMI. Loved the engine, hated the truck. Everything but the engine fell apart on him. If your getting a Chrysler, what about a Crossfire SRT-8 package? Supposed to handle and drive like a Porche, and it's mostly Mercedes parts. About the same, or cheaper than the SRT-8 I believe. BTW.... I think the new Durangos look like garbage.
  12. I would put a fan on that and get 2 more mhz.
  13. What kind of cooling do you use for an oc'ed calculator?
  14. You can't overclock with the stock AMD heatsink, its garbage whenit comes down to the cooling needed to OC. Get a thermalright si-97 and a panaflo 92 mm fan. Once you get that, you will be in OCing heaven.
  15. Omega got it all, but here's some extra info Most wireless routers have 4 wired ports on them. So you can plug your desktop directly into the router, and not need to get a wireless card for it, saving yourself $70.
  16. He said his gf is an artist/artsy girl.
  17. Make her a painting Just put your soul into it, and she'll like it.
  18. Film it all in regular speed and what not. For the different camera angles, do multiple takes and have the camera in different positions. I used Windows Movie Maker to do my movie, it does what it's supposed to do. It's all about the editing though. Filming is the easy part. Editing will take a long time to do, to get right. I always thought it was funny when they showed close ups of the fighters screaming, and then they start running, and the camera pulls back and they're like 100ft from each other, and it just shows them running and screaming and doing karate moves for like 10 minutes.
  19. It's been a dream of mine for a long time to do this Kung-fu fight scene one guy vs. like 10 other guys and have ALL the sounds dubbed in, especially the crazy karate yelling
  20. its thermalright not thermaltake. And the xp-120 cannot be compared to this as its for p4's and A64's.
  21. This 80 degree weather is so cold right now, I don't know why I live here, can't believe it's 80 degrees in October. OMG its unbearable.
  22. Or the xp-90. Excellent lapping job on that.
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