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  1. I got this off of photoshop phriday
  2. Weed isn't a narcotic. Narcotics are opiates : morphine, heroin, codeine. You get seriously hooked on narcotics cause of the pain releving sensation. Weed is a depressent, and not a very strong drug. It doesn't cause addictions in the way alcohol, nicotine, or heroin can.
  3. The heating coils give off a nice orange glow; the window will let in enough light to see the toast/bagel etc.
  4. I think its about 85 low here today in sunny south florida. Went swimming today, got some sun, had fun. Its good to be home.
  5. Try going to a Cheeburger Cheeburger, they have the most massive burgers you will ever see.
  6. Colleges don't look at middle school grades. It's all about High School; the classes you take, class rank, clubs, teams, and ACT SAT scores.
  7. Definately get Halo 2 w/ Xobox live.When you get the chance, mod it, get a new HDD then put all of your games on your Xbox. My neighbor has Halo2 and Xbox live and i dont think he slept since it came out. Just read the news on the homepage. When getting a modchip, install a switch so you can turn it off to play Xbox Live.
  8. I think I got the easiest state to drive in 4 hr Anti Drug and Alcohol test - free permit for one year - $15 licencse - $20 I'm 18 and have been driving for almost 3 years.
  9. If you think she's cheating on you, and you don't want her taking what is yours, custody of the child, etc., I think you should quietly talk to a lawyer.
  10. Ecology, not to be confused with E. coli
  11. I like the flames, and the current one is good
  12. Well, that clears up a lot of confusion. Thx
  13. Aren't most IQ tests scores found by multiplying or dividing by the age of the taker? If the age is too high, wouldn't it abnormally scew the test score so it appears lower than it should be?
  14. It wasn't beer, just never do a triple Bacardi 151 shot after other weird shots. Remeber in The Last Samari, where the Brit guy was saying, "Engineers from Germany, architects from France, wand warriors from America"? And then the infamous George Patton speech in front of the big American flag The entire thing is about how we are a bad . people who love to fight. Fighting is in our blood. I dunno, I'm rambling now, but I just want to say Americans love to fight, just look at this thread. All this fighting. The french can go please how many women they want, but i'll just knock him out and take his women. all countries are in a defecit, that's how most modern governments work. Taxes don't pay for everything, so money must be borrowed. Almost every country in the world are indebted to America, but America doesn't collect. Something like more than a trillion dollars is owed us, (some countries still owe us from WWI). We stopped selling weapons to Israel (*snap No F-16 for you ) because we don't agree with how they are handling the palestine situation. I believe it was Bush who ordered the stoppage. This post makes no sense, just ignore it.
  15. We have always been in a deficit, ever since the Great Depression.We will always be in one. I love how the budget excludes the USPS because they never make money(food for thought). Anyways, being drunk gives you insights. 1) Kerry is the sandal I wear everyday, but I respect him like i do my dad because of what he did in Vietnam 2) Can't wait for when Wesley Clark gets the bid 3) Colin Powel is my hero 4) I will kill Osama with my bare hands 5) Brit newspapers print whatever they want 6) Goto UF and have the time of your life, FSU sux, We rock, Life, Loyal, TKE 6) 4 more years of Bush, what can be more interesting 7) USA roxors your soxors
  16. It's about time we have a president who will do what he wants and doesn't care who in the hell he pisses off. First of all, the greatest WMD in Iraq was found, it's name, Saddam Hussein. We all hate France, but is France doing anything to correct our opinon? No. Why? Who the hell cares what Americans think of France and vice-versa. Avenging his father!? crap no, Bush, Sr. went to iraq and did what? Set The Iraqi military back 10 years and accomplished just what he was supposed to do, liberate Kuwait. Was there any mention of taking Sadaam out of power? No, none, no mention at all. Take our minds off Osama? Hmm.... haven't really heard that much about osame recently, maybe something happened to him. Could he be hiding somewhere fearful his life is over when our military finds him? Possibly. I may not agree with everything Bsuh is doing, but he does what he says, and I respect that of him. He said that we went to Iraq to remove Sadaam from power, and a supporting detail was that he had WMD's. Who cares if none was found. The world knows he had them, and that he wasn't helping things in the Middle East. He's gone, and things are getting a helluva lot better over there. Not just in Iraq, but everywhere. Things are stabalizing. We are coming off an economic smash mouth in the 90's and the economy is averaging out. Competition is fierce and companies are doing well. Would Kerry have made a good president, who knows. We have a very short list of good presidents to campare other presidents to. What makes a president good or bad? History, we will have no idea how good of a job Bush is doing until 14, years from now at least. maybe we will look bcak and say that Bush was a great pres. Maybe not, who knows. In 4 years, we will have a change, for good or bad, I dont know. Good for some, bad for others i believe, but all presidencies are like that. I love America. Can't wait to see what the next 4 years bring.
  17. Why is it foolish to vote for Bush? He hasn't done that bad of a job in his first 4 years, and the economy is doing better. The other day, while walking down a sidwalk on campus, I heard this one girl say, "This is the darkes time in American politics". I believe her to be misinformed. The darkest time for American politics was upto and including the Civil War. How darker can you get, Father against Brother, Brother against Brother. The South seeceeding from the Union, a senetor beating the hell out of another senetor, while the Senate was in session. Pretty dark. Not to mention the year leading upto WWII, and I. How foolish is it to vote Bush? Not very, if you like tax breaks and a safer world. Right now, the Middle East is in a precarious situation, Arafat is sick, and might die, leaving a a vacuum of power in Palestine. Israel will now negotiate directly with Palestine, because the successors are more inlcined to peace. An assualt is planned on Fallujah that will crush any resistance. And Baghdad is close to being peaceful and the Iraqi government is almost totally in place. I believe Bush would be the only choice if you want to see the total freedom of Iraq, and the start of a new peace b/n Israel and Palestine. Bush has the balls to act, whereas kerry wanted to pull out of Iraq immediately.
  18. What about cooling? Think about getting the xp-120 or xp-90 for a heatsink.
  19. Adaware finds stuff in WMP that it thinks is spyware. It's weird.
  20. I love the lyrics, and the '70s style music...heavy guitar and solos.
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