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  1. /\ does his bunny in the bunghloe \/ wants to be the bunny
  2. Has anyone ever made a case out of PVC before? Or, would it be a good idea to make one, seems a little better than making it from a shoebox.
  3. http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc....-180-011&depa=0 panaflo 92mm fan
  4. If any of you guys have a Tt Xaser III case, what is your fan setup, and temps? I had an Antec SOHO II. My Antec with 5 fans had my CPU at 37 C underload. My Tt (which I thought would be an upgrade) with 8 fans has my CPU hovering around 45 C idle. My two fans in front are intake. 2 on side suck in, 2 in back are exhaust, blowhole on top, and one inside sending air from front to back. I am using the same heatsink, a Tt Silent Boost.
  5. Thanks. I put the probe on the underside of the CPU and the temps are already 6C cooler than what the software monitors said.
  6. I always thought putting a thermal sensor b/n the heatsink and CPU was bad. But I'll do it and see what happens.
  7. Alright. Have mobos been known to ship with bad thermo detectors? Is there a way to tell? Fan setup is the same. Front to back, with the sides blowing in and a blowhole up top. Im using Artic Silver 5, and applied it using the directions online. I don't think the grease is the problem.
  8. I used BIOS, mbm (not sure which version, i think 5) and ASUS probe.
  9. I noticed a bent pin on my CPU. I think it's from my new mobo, my old one was an Epox. My old idle temp was about 33C, now it's 44C. Everything is the same except the mobo and that bent pin. Could the mobo cause the heat increase, or could it be from the CPU?
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