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  1. This is mine. And yes, that is a dorm room and that is me.
  2. AFI Thrice Blindside Riddlin Kids NOFX Tigre Army - Incorporeal <---one of the best songs ever Led Zeppelin The Doors Queens of the Stoneage
  3. Goto the doctor. Best thing you can do. Make an appointment for today. You might have bronchitis. It usually goes bronchitis ----> pnuemonia. Are you coughing up lots of plegm?
  4. I was a bag boy at a supermarket, and mostly old people shopped there. You should see the guilt trips and other things they used to pull there just to save 25 cents total on their bill. They would argue for 15 minutes about prices and have me run all over the store checking prices. The manager would get involved and would usually give them the discount, which i thought was stupid. All this for 25 cents. I would take change out of my pocket just to avoid the hassle.
  5. I'm in college right now, a freshman at UF. High school was a joke. College is where it's at. You finally get to take classes that interest you, classes that teach what you want to know. It's difficult, yes, bt I'm having the time of my life. The social life is amazing, also.
  6. MIT = uber computer college, unequaled. Harvard sux, Princeton doesn't matter.
  7. LotR Battle for Middle Earth MP is amazing. I played it a LAN party, so much fun. Much better than Warcraft 3.
  8. I want the rest. That is a killer opening. Im seeing some sort of spy novel with double agents and corrupt high gov't officials, a la' Robert Ludlum.
  9. I stumbled onto a p4 2.8c Gateway. Im not an Intel guy so I need help choosing a board and ram for OCing. Its an m0 stepping BTW. Im planning on keeping it at home and using it for [email protected] only while Im at school, so any help on running 2 instances would be good too.
  10. Whats your ambient temp? My sp-97 keeps my proc at about 30C idle (2500+ @ 3200+), but my dorm room is cold. Just ry lowering the ambient, or have better airflow in your case, that will bring down your temps some.
  11. Netstat -an is a bit more powerful when looking at the connections of your computer.
  12. BF 1942, Desert Combat, Halo, CS, Warcraft 3 : Frozen Throne, and Rise of Nations.
  13. Paul your IQ score is 135 Your Intellectual Type is Visionary Philosopher. This means you are highly intelligent and have a powerful mix of skills and insight that can be applied in a variety of different ways. Like Plato, your exceptional math and verbal skills make you very adept at explaining things to others
  14. Get it out of the way now, before bigger issues arise.
  15. Something doesn't sit well with me from that article. All they did was inject the cells into her back, and voila, she can walk? Something doesn't seem right. With all the research scientists have put into this, don't you think they would have already tried simply injecting stem cells into someone already? Maybe I'm wrong, possibly the article left out some pertinant information about the procedure. I don't know, but it seems like a story to hype stem cell research to get more public support. Stem cell propoganda, if you will.
  16. Don't you mean girl? Good job on the wallpaper.
  17. I saw the funniest thing the other day, it was an ad for an apartment complex "Now with 3GBps ethernet connection!!!" When did they come out with that? And yes, it said gigaBYTES.
  18. Dasterdly


    I don't think they are being warned. They woke up one day, tried to sign on, and couldn't.
  19. Dasterdly


    I wasn't banned, but my sister and a bunch of my friends had their AIM screen names banned. Has anyone else had this problem?
  20. You could do that, but how are you going to put in CD's, or plug in your USB cables. Not to mention the power cord and Monitor cable.
  21. OMFG...... You could easily get 10k for that. Thats what Alienware would sell it for, anyways.
  22. http://oz.plymouth.edu/~s_roby/The%20Man%20Code.htm laws to live by. Enjoy.
  23. Ah, I just had an extreme insight into this. Legalize some drugs and have the FDA regulate them. Make sure people get what they pay for. Making sure the X you buy really is X, and is not laced with LSD or something. Sort of what they do with beef, making sure it's not contaminated or anything. And put an age limit on it like tobacco. When you turn 18, but drugs, and you can only have so much on you, you can't have intent to sell. Have special licenses to be sellers, growers, and manufacturers. Then make it illegal to take some drugs in poublic, like LSD, as tripping while walking down a sidewalk does not seem like a good idea. Heroin does not need to be legalized, stupid . drug that cuts off your seratonin production, hardest drug to quit. And date rape drugs like ruffies and such should not be legalized.
  24. I like quality. Quantity has a quality all its own, though i dont think it can be applied to electronics resiliance.
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