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  1. What about using canned air to spray off the dust? Nice looking mod, I hope you perfect it.
  2. New mobo. It will benefit you in the long run.
  3. Everything is fine on mine. I haven't noticed a problem at all.
  4. Sounds like someone has done this before
  5. I get about 12,200 with my rig. 2500+ XP ----> 3200+, eVga 6800GT at 420/1.09. The reference cooler is beefcake, just put some AS5 on it and remove the PCI Slot cover just underneath the 6800 and it will lower temps by like 3 degrees.
  6. Shouldn't using 3 spliters work? Have the speaker connection from e/ soundcard plug into the 2x3.5mm side and then the actual speaker in the other side. You would need male-to-male wire going from the soundcard to the splitter.
  7. AMD is going ater the server market, and Intel is going after the enthusiast market. I wonder which will sell better.
  8. WD... I love mah raptors, no problems with them at all, even after lots of video editing. Also have the WD 80gig special edition. All are quiet, and all are fast.
  9. Excellent job on the case. Fron now on, all color schemes shall be orange and blue.
  10. Looks good. What did you use for paint? And what kind of prepping did you do? I'm planning on painting my case this summer.
  11. SI-97. It's just hetapipes, looks cool and cools like a champ. http://www.thermalright.com/
  12. I had that case. It's big, roomy, lends itself to be modded, and has decent airflow.
  13. I don't know much about macs, but I am pretty sure you can't change their BIOS at all. So I would assume that putting in a different speed RAM than what the BIOS supports would cause it not to boot.
  14. The GT and Ultra are the same, except that the GT has lower clock speeds. My eVGA 6800GT OC's like a beast and I have had no problems with it. Get the GT, save some money, and get the NV Silencer 5 and shoot fot the moon. My GT owns, I have some benches up somewhere when we had the video card benching war awhile back. I got like a 12,200 in 3DMark03, thats with a regular old 2500+ Barton, not many people can boast that, I think.
  15. You're on the right track. Throw away the -12 answer, 'cause you can't use it. 8 is the length of the base, 2(8)+8 = 24. then to find the hypotnuse, 8^2 + 24^2 = c^2. The hypotnuse comes out to about 25.3.
  16. x^2 + (x+1)^2 = 421 x^2 + (x^2 +2 x +1) = 421 2x^2 + 2x - 420 = 0 2(x^2 + x - 210) = 0 2(x+15)(x-14) = 0 x = -15, 14 answer = -15, -14 or 14, 15 edit : you guys complicate things, this is alot easier.
  17. I have a friend who goes to FSU and lives in Cawthon Hall. What happened, back when FSU was an all girls school, was that a girl was sun bathing on the baclony when a freak lightning bolt struck her and killed her. She's been haunting the dorm ever since. The room where she was killed always has reports about furniture being moved, and sometimes a wailing can be heard throughout the dorm. She also screws up the elevator, making it stop in between floors and having the doors open up at random times. Also, in Gainesville, there's a Steak n' Shake where a disgruntled employee came in a killed the 5 people working the nightshift, put them into the freezer, then shot himself. I hate going there at night, espescially late at night around 5am cause of the malevolence that can be felt. I get the willies. I was also camping in Ocala National Forest with my fraternity brothers and there were these strange lights that appeared across the lake, would disappear and move around the bank closer to our campsite, then reappear. No idea what they were. A brother had a $500 flashlight with an insane amount of candles, and we couldn't see anything when we shined it over there.
  18. I think part of that settlement was that anything one company developes, the other can use. I forget what they call it, 'non-exclusive' something or another.
  19. Have you thought of mounting an LCD monitor to the inside of the lid of the briefcase? Then you could mount a thin, laptop style keyboard ontop of the actually components. Install small speakers in the front by the clasps. It would end up looking like a brief case laptop. I don't know if that's what you had in mind. Can you imgaine going to class/work with a briefcase, looking all professional, then you open it up, and bam, you're playing CS or sumthin. It's a brief case!! get it? it's funny.
  20. I put XP Pro on my lappy from Compaq. The Laptop should come with driver CD's, just pop that in and install the drivers automatically through device manager. That's a good deal, especially with the discount. And the Jansport type case is a good idea. PS. A format will take off all the stupid Dell and AOL software that slows down the comp.
  21. What does nVidia have in the works. All I've been hearing about is the r520 and 512MB DDR x850. nVidia seems pretty quiet right now. Maybe waiting for the r520 to come out, and then release something bigger a week after?
  22. Things like this happened all the time in WWII, and none gave a dang. Both sides did it. It's war.
  23. My high score on '03 is 12,138 I have the same exact rig as you, with the same overclocks on the CPU and GPU. The only difference is I have 2 36.7 gig Raptors in RAID 0. Upgrading your HDD will give an increase in performance. Edit: I have pc3200 value ram, I don't think my RAM would give me the 300 pt increase as they are OC'ed to the same speed.
  24. Try going to the manufacture's website of your card, and look under the support link. You should be able to find drivers there.
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