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  1. I have that board and the SATA drivers are on the CD. Open up the CD and look under drivers, and click on the RAID Drivers and it will tell you which files to copy to the floppy.
  2. On windows side : gives me default error of "cannot access this...contact server admin I think i found my problem. On the 'allow IP addresse' section on smb.conf, can I put 192.168.2.*, 192.168.2.* being how my router assigns IP's. Will that work for allowing computers on my network to access my linux box?
  3. I recently installed FC3 on one of my rigs and I figured out how to connect to my Windows rigs from it, but can't get connect to the Linux one. it shows up in my Network places, but won't let me connect to it. I messed around with SAMBA some, but couldn't get anything to work.
  4. We used Ghost in school. It does exactly what you're talking about, we used it in high school. It's great because it will keep the computers name and IP the same so you won't have conflicts. It's a great program and I think you can get a trial version of it.
  5. I guess none of you know about the 1985/6 Buick Regal Grand National GNX, the fastest production car at the time. It was built on the frame the the Monte Carlo used at the time. One sweet looking car.
  6. I looked for the San Diego on Newegg and couldn't find them. I thought they were supposed to be out now.
  7. Guess who is building a system for a friend? Guess who got a 3000+ Venice Core to play with? It's going on an Epox 9npaj nForce 4 board, and a Chaintech 6200 PCI-express. Can't wait to play with it, I'm not expecting huge benches, or an extreme OC, but I just want to see how good these Venice cores are.
  8. Where are the other 2 going? In the x2 setup?
  9. replace the fx-57 with the fastest A64 x2
  10. dude, when i saw this thread, that was the quote i was going to use. I also like the one where he gets the golden ticket to tour the beer factory, and he's running home and scrapes his knee. Then, he just grabs it, rocks back and forth and inhales between his teeth for like 5 minutes.
  11. Had to vote for my home team, Miami. Of course they're going to win; Wade, Shaq, Zo.
  12. It's any page. It crashes on 'print preview' too. Just noticed the error it gives me; couldn't reference memory at 0x000000000 or some such thing.
  13. Do any of you guys have Firefox shut down on you when you try printing to a shared printer on a LAN?
  14. They don't have BPL yet. I think Clevland or Cincinatti does. They sent a full DVD in one second with it.
  15. Hey, I just saw a link on the newegg site for 'classic newegg'. Clicked it, and it's the old site design, awesome. http://www2.newegg.com/OldVersion/
  16. use "netstat -an " for me please Looks like normal network traffic between the a64 rig and the xp2500 rig. I assume the 2500 rig goes through the a64 rig for internet and that you have broadband?
  17. Hot in the day, cold at night. Could get around freezing at night time because there are no clouds. I wish your brother good luck. There is a book out called "Generation Kill" about some Marines in Iraq. I forget the author's name, but the book is really good. The guy who wrote it was embedded with the Marines so he experienced all of this stuff first hand. I think you should pick it up.
  18. Continuing with the guide... You know you're an OC'er when your computer tells you how to build a better one
  19. Window tinting and blackout curtains will cut temps down by like 15 degrees at least.
  20. Are all computers on the same subnet? Is the router configured properly for DNS? Are the Comps obtaining IP's automatically? edit: are your NICs configured to run at the same speed as your ethernet cable is designed for? Are they all set to the same speed?
  21. Weird, I idle at 57 with the stock cooler and at 427/1.12
  22. If you have a 6800GT and a NV Silencer 5. What are your temps now versus the stock cooling?
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