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    intel core i7 with stock cooler
    Gigabyte ga-x58-usb3 mobo
    6 Corsair XSP 1600Mhz Ram
    Pny GTX 570
    xigmatek Midgard case
    Samsung 1 tb hdd

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  1. I live in the UK otherwise I'd take you up on the megahelems offer
  2. Hey all, Just discovered OverclockersClub today and it seems pretty cool. I'm looking some cooler Advice, I'm looking to pick myself up a CPU cooler so that I can overclock my i7 930 to 4ghz hopefully I've got a Xigamtek Midgard case and I'm a little worried that the heatsink I'm intreasted in 1. wont fit, 2. wont preform very well. I'm currently looking at either a Corsair A50 or a Titan Fenrir Evo Cpu cooler. would these be up to the job? Also mite need a little help when ever I get it fitted to overclock the system havent done it in AGES. Cheers
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