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    DVI to Component

    Not sure if this is the best place to post but it is where I will start. I have a MSI R7950 TF 3GD5/OC BE that I want to connect to a CRT TV (samsung txm3296hf)using Component out. I have a Polycom 23533-001 cable that supports component out but when I hook it all up the screen is far from viewable. Is it even possible with this setup or do I just need to change a setting somewhere?
  2. okay so I am about to shove a hot spoon in my eye over all this. I have a Seagate 9sean3-500 Expansion Desktop external 3TB hard drive with a mini USB 3 connector (which sucks) so I bought a rose will RX-358-U3B reading that it will support up to 4TB hard drive. When I remove the drive from my Seagate and put it in my RX-358-U3B, it does see the drive as a 3tb it sees it as broken up partitions. now I know windows 7/8 doesn't see anything over 2tb with an MBR unless something fancy is done but I would think I could move it from one external case to another. of course this drive is virtually full and I don't have another drive to back up the data. Someone please help before I go even more crazy. I did think I could convert it to GPT while it was in the Seagate case but apparently you can't do that with an external hard drive.
  3. I didn't find anything on here asking this so I apologize if I just missed it, but is there any here that has hacked/formatted one of these to work as a normal SSD? I am thinking on using it for an openelec install I have to rid it of the mech hdd that is in it.
  4. It will have to wait for the weekend, seen as I am not home until late now during the week because my kid is in high school now.
  5. I recently purchased a MSI HD7950OC TF3 PCi3 from microcenter. It seems like a great card. I was looking up some things about it for overclocking and I seem to stumbled across something odd. Every single 7950 card I find MSI or otherwise seems to have 6x6 power plugs. Mine has a 6x8. When looking on MSI's site they don't show photos of that side of the card. The card even came with a 6 to 8 pin adapter. Anyone else have this card and know why it seems to differ from all the other 7950s or did I get some other magical thing? This was not an open box or anything that I am aware of. **UPDATE** Found a post on another site that said this: MSI has started using reference 7970 PCBs for their 7950 Twin Frozr 3 OC cards Here is the link to that site although it really was created to talk about Aquacomputer 7950 blocks: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1704168
  6. Okay so I tried, the new Tomb Raider, Dirt 3, FFXIV ARR, and C&C 3 Kane's edition and I noticed no issues with the GPU freq Maxed out. I also left FFXIV ARR open for several days straight and didn't notice any over heating issues.
  7. I do have C&C 3 Kane's edition I could play, I also just downloaded my four free games from Steam that I got for buying the GPU. I will try them out tonight. Honestly though, I played FFXIV ARR and let it run for a few hours so that is good there. I also have CIties XL so I do have some "simple" games graphics wise I can test out. I'll play around the next couple days and let you know.
  8. The only game I had installed I couldn't get online because of congestion, but I had kombustor running at full tilt for a while. I am going to try and get on to FFXIV ARR tonight and see how it goes since that is the game I bought this card for anyway. Also I still am not sure if I should try and increase the memory clock, or how I know when it is too much. Also I really would like to know if it is possible to go past 1100 which is what the slider maxed out at.
  9. So I have literally maxed the core clock to 1100, is there anyway to force it past there? I have not touch the memory clock yet though, so I don't know if I should or shouldn't. Waco: I don't know about older or newer but I agree about the good find. I have never had something that when I put it to the max, it just worked flawlessly and didn't even over heat much.
  10. Well I just maxed out the core clook to 1100 on afterburner and I have zero issues. When I change memory MHz it doesn't see to do anything so I am not sure what that does for me. and I don't really know what else to change.
  11. considering it is only a few days old I don't want to go flashing things to other things just yet, but I was going to try overclocking it this weekend. I am only playing FFXIV ARR so it is not like I am playing Crysis or something. I was going to use the MSI utility to over clock and I suppose you just increase a bit then run the benchmark for a while and see what happens eh?
  12. The more I read into this the more confused I get. I bought this at microcenter and when I look at my online receipt it shows I purchased this: http://www.microcenter.com/product/403013/R7950_TF_3GD5-OC_AMD_Radeon_HD_7950_Twin_Frozr_III_Overclocked_3072MB_GDDR5_PCIe_30_x16_Video_Card#tab-specs But the Specs listed don't match up to what GPU-Z reports which is this: http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/13/08/27/980.png I have not overclocked it or anything, but I had wanted to see if I could get it to 1Ghz which from the looks shouldn't be too hard. Anyone know what I am looking at here?
  13. well as it turns out the box says I have the BE version although there is still nothing that says it uses a 6 and an 8 pin for power.
  14. Oh I dono, just a pain to download and reinstall since I just uninstalled it last night. lol... when I was messing with it, I did get positive results, so I think I might be experiencing issues related to the game its self not the cards.
  15. Ladies and Gents, I am trying to get my dual 5770 cards working and although they work I get way more performace out of them if I use 1 card at a time rather than using xfire. I did some research and came to the conclusion that I might need a bigger PSU for runing xfire. So here I am asking for others thoughts on the matter. The main issue is FPS is sugnifficatly reduced with Xfire and I get a ton of flickering especially with white graphics (logos) and lighting effects. I am using an OCZ 600W Stealth Xtream and 2 1GB 5770 cards. Main card is XFX 2nd is HIS (it was given to me for free which is why it doesn't match the maincard). I also have 5 harddrives, a DVD drive, and a vasat array of fans. Thanks for your help!
  16. so I have been doing some reading today in the forums for the game I am trying to play and it appears that it doesn't yet support crossfire/sli. I am still going to get a new bridge just to make sure that is not the issue, but it seems like I am fighting a problem that really doesn't exist. Is there any software short of 3DMARK that would let me know crossfire is working properly?
  17. okay since everyone seemed worried I was removing the bridge with it powered on please be assured it was powered off. I will go and purchase another bridge tomorrow. I forgot to upload the video before but here it is now. This is what it does in crossfire. http://www.dodgecityrc.com/test.mp4
  18. okay when I removed the bridge it will allow me to do crossfire. Is there somthing I missed or does it just not work with my setup? okay wait, it seems like the FPS is way higher than I remember but then again I am looked at this thing a millon times today... hmm do you remove the bridge when the machine is powered on or off? I removed it while the machine was powered off.
  19. Crossfire with out the bridge? well I supose I can try, I didn't think it would work.
  20. well after all is said and done I have removed all existance of AMD software and then readded it, change slots arround both dual and single cards and everything works just like before; great with crossfire off and crappy with crossfire on. I have taken a small video of the issues I am having incase anyone thinks it may help. I am going to try and get a new bridge tomorrow and see what that does.
  21. haha, oh don't I know that. I just don't have the time or energy to back the whole dang thing up and reload it. I was running RAID 10 for speed reasons but I wanted the redundancy. I was thinking on changing to raid 0 with my 2 750 drives but I have to back up all my crap and that just takes FOREVER. I am rebuilding my HTPC and when I do that I am moving the drives for the raid 10 into that as raid 5 so when that happens I will be reloading the gaming machine I just don't know if I am going togo with a SSD or using the 2 750s, it is a topic I could sped hours running round in circles with. t is probably time to build a new machien soon anyways. Thinking on going intel this time around but who knows. I need to get this HTPC out of the way first since everyone here usses it and only I use the desktop.
  22. Will try. Anyways, don't uninstall your chipset drivers, uninstall just your graphics drivers. I didn't know the AMD Catalyst Un-install Utility uninstalls the chipset drivers as well. If so, that's bunk. In my sig link (for the same AMD Catalyst Un-install Utility link), it links to an OCN link on how to properly uninstall graphics drivers (particularly AMD). It's a great guide, and I know it by heart now. It works every time. I changed it to use Driver Fusion and CCleaner to make it faster to get everything out, but you don't have to use those. well for now I am in the proccess of reinstalling all the AMD drivers including video, using 13.1, so we will see how that goes; might get lucky. Other wise I am goign to try a new bridge tomorrow. THe big thing with AMD is that they are trying to integrate EVERYTHING so when you change one thing it effects everything. At first it is one of the reasons I went AMD everything, until I uninstalled my RAID driver on accident for the first time a year ago and had to reload my machine. It was better when AMD and ATI were seperate that's for sure.
  23. as an update both slots work and both cards work individually in each slot. So it is not the cards or the slot I would gather.
  24. Relax. He's trying to help. Have you tried a different crossfire bridge? I had one go bad once and had similar issues. you know, honestly I don't know when this setup ever worked right. I hate this HIS car as it is because it is so damn loud so I always just assumed that is how it was. I will deffinatly try another bridge card assuming microcenter has one.