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  1. Not sure if this is the best place to post but it is where I will start. I have a MSI R7950 TF 3GD5/OC BE that I want to connect to a CRT TV (samsung txm3296hf)using Component out. I have a Polycom 23533-001 cable that supports component out but when I hook it all up the screen is far from viewable. Is it even possible with this setup or do I just need to change a setting somewhere?
  2. okay so I am about to shove a hot spoon in my eye over all this. I have a Seagate 9sean3-500 Expansion Desktop external 3TB hard drive with a mini USB 3 connector (which sucks) so I bought a rose will RX-358-U3B reading that it will support up to 4TB hard drive. When I remove the drive from my Seagate and put it in my RX-358-U3B, it does see the drive as a 3tb it sees it as broken up partitions. now I know windows 7/8 doesn't see anything over 2tb with an MBR unless something fancy is done but I would think I could move it from one external case to another. of course this drive is virtually full and I don't have another drive to back up the data. Someone please help before I go even more crazy. I did think I could convert it to GPT while it was in the Seagate case but apparently you can't do that with an external hard drive.
  3. I didn't find anything on here asking this so I apologize if I just missed it, but is there any here that has hacked/formatted one of these to work as a normal SSD? I am thinking on using it for an openelec install I have to rid it of the mech hdd that is in it.
  4. It will have to wait for the weekend, seen as I am not home until late now during the week because my kid is in high school now.
  5. Okay so I tried, the new Tomb Raider, Dirt 3, FFXIV ARR, and C&C 3 Kane's edition and I noticed no issues with the GPU freq Maxed out. I also left FFXIV ARR open for several days straight and didn't notice any over heating issues.
  6. I do have C&C 3 Kane's edition I could play, I also just downloaded my four free games from Steam that I got for buying the GPU. I will try them out tonight. Honestly though, I played FFXIV ARR and let it run for a few hours so that is good there. I also have CIties XL so I do have some "simple" games graphics wise I can test out. I'll play around the next couple days and let you know.
  7. The only game I had installed I couldn't get online because of congestion, but I had kombustor running at full tilt for a while. I am going to try and get on to FFXIV ARR tonight and see how it goes since that is the game I bought this card for anyway. Also I still am not sure if I should try and increase the memory clock, or how I know when it is too much. Also I really would like to know if it is possible to go past 1100 which is what the slider maxed out at.
  8. So I have literally maxed the core clock to 1100, is there anyway to force it past there? I have not touch the memory clock yet though, so I don't know if I should or shouldn't. Waco: I don't know about older or newer but I agree about the good find. I have never had something that when I put it to the max, it just worked flawlessly and didn't even over heat much.
  9. Well I just maxed out the core clook to 1100 on afterburner and I have zero issues. When I change memory MHz it doesn't see to do anything so I am not sure what that does for me. and I don't really know what else to change.
  10. considering it is only a few days old I don't want to go flashing things to other things just yet, but I was going to try overclocking it this weekend. I am only playing FFXIV ARR so it is not like I am playing Crysis or something. I was going to use the MSI utility to over clock and I suppose you just increase a bit then run the benchmark for a while and see what happens eh?
  11. The more I read into this the more confused I get. I bought this at microcenter and when I look at my online receipt it shows I purchased this: http://www.microcenter.com/product/403013/R7950_TF_3GD5-OC_AMD_Radeon_HD_7950_Twin_Frozr_III_Overclocked_3072MB_GDDR5_PCIe_30_x16_Video_Card#tab-specs But the Specs listed don't match up to what GPU-Z reports which is this: http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/13/08/27/980.png I have not overclocked it or anything, but I had wanted to see if I could get it to 1Ghz which from the looks shouldn't be too hard. Anyone know what I am looking at here?
  12. well as it turns out the box says I have the BE version although there is still nothing that says it uses a 6 and an 8 pin for power.
  13. I recently purchased a MSI HD7950OC TF3 PCi3 from microcenter. It seems like a great card. I was looking up some things about it for overclocking and I seem to stumbled across something odd. Every single 7950 card I find MSI or otherwise seems to have 6x6 power plugs. Mine has a 6x8. When looking on MSI's site they don't show photos of that side of the card. The card even came with a 6 to 8 pin adapter. Anyone else have this card and know why it seems to differ from all the other 7950s or did I get some other magical thing? This was not an open box or anything that I am aware of. **UPDATE** Found a post on another site that said this: MSI has started using reference 7970 PCBs for their 7950 Twin Frozr 3 OC cards Here is the link to that site although it really was created to talk about Aquacomputer 7950 blocks: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1704168
  14. Oh I dono, just a pain to download and reinstall since I just uninstalled it last night. lol... when I was messing with it, I did get positive results, so I think I might be experiencing issues related to the game its self not the cards.
  15. so I have been doing some reading today in the forums for the game I am trying to play and it appears that it doesn't yet support crossfire/sli. I am still going to get a new bridge just to make sure that is not the issue, but it seems like I am fighting a problem that really doesn't exist. Is there any software short of 3DMARK that would let me know crossfire is working properly?
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