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  1. Well it depends... I cant think of anything at the moment, but some have made me laugh so hard that I get tear eyed...maybe you should narrow your def. of tear eyed.
  2. your weight in anything can kill you so is not doing those things
  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure that's steve pool..lol... Check out this article: http://www.forbes.com/business/energy/feed.../ap2240073.html
  4. Pfft...I'm sure if you go without, SOMEBODY will buy you some or at least
  5. ~1990 volvo 240 or 740/760, manual transmission...oh yeahh...
  6. I would like to get a forecast thing for Opera, but have no clue where to look or if it's even possible --Search bar, by pressing F3 in the same window. ---Add engines to search box ----and the ability to have ctrl T open a new tab instead of add a bookmark, which should be Ctrl B. Other than those three things, Opera is great, and if I can at least get the Weather and Search box like firefox, I will switch, until now...it's just sitting in my quick launch bar with a pretty little red O
  7. I'm getting help with the car, I do have to pay it off, but I basically get free shop work and experience (that is, I'm learning from my dad ) Computers, I paid for, electricity...nope Bike I paid for, frame size upgrade, my parents paid for because it's a health issue (I ride about 1000 miles a year, so a small frame would mess my back up) Education, my parents pay for, but college will mostly be on scholarships or the Coast Guard (they'll pay for the second 2 years of college assuming you agree to a certain amount of time in the service and maintain a 3.0gpa or better, plus they give you a wage) For the most part, parents pay for food and clothes so I dont know, I guess I'm in between, I dont get a brand new car paid for by my parents, but that would be ridiculous, then again I get a lot of financial help and free advice from them I think I'm getting a good deal.
  8. Mr_Yuck

    A Cs Spray For Ya

    1/4 joking for me, CSS is mostly dead because I've always sucked at it, and BF2 is the only game I'm good at. The main point was to share a bit of my humor, however lame it is.
  9. yeah, those locking gas caps make it so much harder to get free gas
  10. oh you beat me by one post and 5 minutes... Yeah, move around with the game, when you're turning, lean so you can turn sharper, when something is shooting at you, lean out of the way.... And people make fun of people who do that.
  11. I use new tabs anyway, I make mine link into same window, when I'm looking at photo albums, I prefer same window too. http://www.typicallyrandom.com/newphotography/first.htm So far I only have albums under San Francisco and Sonoma County in my new album. That's the one I've been working on, maybe we can exchange ideas.
  12. RAMEN SMEAT CHEDDAR CHEESE!!!! oh wait... Top Ramen Sushi Tea, from black to green, it's all good Mongolian Beef Milk and Cereal Snickers Breyers Rocky Road
  13. some people just dont get it... Here's a review. http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticl...435&articID=355
  14. They are glorified retro speaker device things, I dont think you get them for perfect surround sound reproduction or loudness, but you get them for sheer awesomeness, looks, and to be able to say you have vacuum tubes in your computer.
  15. i think I just found out where you can buy "awesome" online http://www.svc.com/rf-5ad-bk-19.html Use coupon code RF5AD5OFF to get it for $45 edit: here's a Review
  16. Mr_Yuck

    Bf2 Stats Page.

    I hope not! I like to see the % to next rank and estimated time, reduced KDRs (which is the thing that this stats site is missing) and I dont like going in game to find my stats...I like to be able to check it out with firefox
  17. Mr_Yuck

    Bf2 Stats Page.

    Good find, most up to date stats page I've seen. The Forum wont let me post mine, it cuts it off because I have brackets in my name. http://www.paradroid.net/bf2stats/bf2stats.cgi?nick=[j5]mista.yuck&pid=&lang=en
  18. I'm talking about the OLD indian creek markers, the Alleycat, Puma, Thundercat, (all the same) , and the Desert Fox. ~$100 but good luck finding them nowadays.
  19. http://www.alexisparkinn.com/photogallery/...us320_trees.mpg Technology is really advancing eh?
  20. Yes you can, Zap 'em or shank 'em My favorite is probably sniper, especially with the upgrade, helicopter pilots hate me. But my stats say I like AT the most...again...helicopter pilots hate me. Lately I've been having fun messing around with specops...all about the Lada's (jeep bombs) I'll play whatever though. Support: I rarely live long enough to run out of ammo. Engineer, if my squad is big into vehicles. Medic, if I feel like it, but there's always so many medics so why bother? Assault: if I want to play nade launcher.
  21. I also started with a piranha...and wish I went tippmann or got in on the oldschool Indian Creek Markers. I also have a JT Spectra Mask. And the teardrop barrels are awesome.
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