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  1. Don't be surprised if one day you're in her BFs shoes, watching her go for another guy. I would back off as gently as possible and try to keep both as "just friends" The way I would see this ending is you losing her BF as a friend because you "stole" her, and eventually her when she puts you in the #3 place.
  2. Student Money by fixing peoples computers that are trying to get ahold of a local PC shop that listed their phone number as my home number in the phone book...funny how things work out and of course chores around house I dont know what this would put me as.
  3. Good pick armistead. That's a good one. On subject of good commercials, I also enjoyed this Deoderant commercial, I think it's been posted here before, it's for Sure Deodorant...I wonder how you spell that anyway. But on the subject, it OWNS every american deodorant commercial I've ever seen. http://www.beam.tv/beamreels/play_clip.php...Gcd&action=open
  4. Agreed, I cant imagine living life without me "Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue." --Proverbs 17:28
  5. I want to make BF2 videos, but I dont want to run it in 640x480 for FRAPS because 640x480 is disgusting. Do you guys know of any commands or programs that will let me record video of BF2, maybe just from my perspective, but preferably something like battlerecorder that lets me do different angles, any help would be appreciated.
  6. personally I would go with GW because of the lack of monthly fee. But I dont think I'd play it
  7. Where's BF2 in the poll?
  8. for the record, it was the car in front of me going slow, I was just keeping a safe distance from it trying to "will" it into turning off, and this pickup truck driver decides to take over and try to FORCE it into turning off. of course just ahead was a school bus, so the guy wasnt gonna get much further.
  9. lol...yeah...how about the ones that honk at you for not going BEFORE the light turns green? that kind of thing makes me want to "not notice" when the light changes...until it turns yellow. are you the type that 94camaro talks about? Not that I like your type of driver, but I dont hate them. I try to think from the "idiot's" perspective, maybe they are having a really hard day, maybe they are a new driver, maybe they have car trouble, maybe they're lost, and maybe they're stupid, but that's only one of the options... I tend not to sympathize with the "maniac" the guy that passes you then cuts in front of you and stops to make his left turn....he's either lost or stupid, 50/50 chance of each. For some reason, I am reminded of the bumper sticker: "dont tailgate me or I will flick a booger on your windshield" unfortunately, I dont have good aim.
  10. thankyou! *adds into cell phone.
  11. So when someone comes up behind me in their pickup truck and decide to pass me on the right, in the turning lane at an intersection and pull up behind a little blue honda, which obviously has a beginning driver in it, and pulling up right up on the bumper of the car, do they really think they're gonna get there any faster? Wow, what an accomplishment...smacktard *it wasnt even legal to pass on the left in this particular stretch of road I'm wondering if there's anyone that can be called in California to report idiots like this, I have the license plate # of one of them, and a description of the vehicle I googled and other states have webpages that allow you to report them, but couldnt find anything for california What's great is the truck had to make a left turn at the same place the little blue honda was, so he didnt get past the slow honda. But his being late for his job at walmart is too good for him, I want the little silver police taurus to find this guy
  12. I play it quite a bit... It's awesome!! Vehicle TK'ers dont happen much if you find a good Clan server, sure there's bugs, such as the one that gives you TKs when your vehicle explodes, even though the patch was supposed to fix that...oh well.. The goods outweigh the bads methinks
  13. yeah, that happens to me all the time, except when it happens to me, I respawn shortly thereafter...man...
  14. Getting myself out of jams: System Restore AVG Firefox Making $$ by running it on Customer's computers: Adaware Spybot MS Anti Spyware Firefox
  15. very nicely done, you two make a great team. so who got who into modding/computers?
  16. Mr_Yuck

    Your Best Online Game

    The only game I is good at is BF2. The games with just small arms fire and grenades arent my specialty, give me a helicopter in BF2 though, and I'm quite happy. http://bf2s.com/player/44550700/ Hand weapons (guns, rocket launcher, nades, explosives, knife) k:d -- 0.69 vehicle (helo, plane, tank, car, etc) k:d -- 1.84 knife k:d -- 1.23 tank k:d -- 3.46 aviator k:d -- 2.56 helo k:d --1.46 (helo k:d should improve now with the elimination of the dreaded blackhawk squad) total k:d -- 1.07 so overall, I guess bf2 is my best online game, since it's my only game with a positive kdr.
  17. This '92 740 had about 65,000 miles on it when my dad bought it off ebay. The bike rack/packasport was not included. It works Florida to California, good deal even considering the shipping charge 0_o , works, just make sure you know what you're doing. Another thing you might consider checking is online classifieds, my '90 240 came from www.craigslist.org, and it allowed for local searches... I'll have to say that was a score too.
  18. Volvo 740...if you're willing to work, drop a larger engine in it Hehehe, Underestimation. (what the caption doesnt say though is that what really happened is someone dropped a smoke grenade under the back of it)
  19. mine was horrible, they put me completely out, I wasnt quite myself...I guess gas does that to ya...I guess I asked for a doggy bag of the gas I had one impacted too, and yeah...the hole still hasnt completely filled in, and that was in june!!
  20. Wiki Dictionary.com Fedex Tracking UPS Tracking Ebay Altavista Google
  21. Hotel Rwanda got to me, one of those movies that made me go "man..." As I recall, I didnt lose vision clarity from tears, but I didnt feel much like eating because what people did and do can just make you sick
  22. Proof of evolution? Traced? Tested? Dont count on it.... Yes I understand that this is not quite what they teach as evolution anymore, at least here, and they call the Peppered moth proof, well...it's still a moth, just a different color. Big bang? Whatever happened to the laws of thermodynamics? Teaching evolution, meh, whatever, that's not gonna change, but it is not fact, it's a theory (and if it were a cheese, it would be Swiss cheese, stinky and filled with holes), and the creationism that they aim to teach is basically just mentioning that there could have been a "higher power" it's actually quite vague.
  23. armed dolphins disappear...the end is near!! so umm...shouldnt we uhh...lie on the ground or something, maybe put paper bags over our heads?
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