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  1. Man what a rush, I was riding my bike where I always ride, thinking, man this is boring and it sure is win--oh what's this, a jarring sensation? Hey what's this big gray thing rushing at my face? Oh I know that feeling, it's the ground! so Where did I come from? Oh that way, the same direction that those handlebars are coming from, wait, how are those behind m--ow...nevermind, that doesnt matter, they hurt either way. I wonder if I can stand, yep...hey check it out, everything is fine! Well I'd best acknowledge the imaginary applause. Yeah, I'm king of the sidewalk!! Well I'd better head home, hey nice, the bike is fine... What's that buzzing? Oh hey my cell phone is ringing, I wonder who it is, oh wow...that screen is broken? No I didnt call you, okay, see ya later...ok where was I, oh, duct tape, there it is... Yep, took a corner a bit too sharp, big pedal contacted curb at 14mph or so, I kept going...inspected the ground, involuntarily donated some blood, broke the outer screen on my cell phone. Came home, lifed dog out of car when my mom got home, heard a RIIIP! Felt a draft...hey...my back pocket fell off...dangit, that's cold.
  2. Yeah the Tippmann 98 is a good solid marker, I recommend bugeting for an aftermarket barrel, Smart Parts All american or tear drop will do ya just fine My type of playing is woods ball, moderate 10 on 10 max, 500 or so rounds...A DAY...at $15 a bag ...$10 max a day in CO2. That's ordering decent paint such as marballizer or my personal favorite, Zap Performance Plus from a seller online such as 800paintball.com. If I were to get into paintball again, I'd probably just go with basic Zap. I found that that brand fits my setup best. But this is a whole extra thing, no big deal once you get into it, but thinking of the type of paint you're buying is just kind of worrying a bit too much, just go with what you find works. But dont worry, if you can get a deal, you will be paying $15 or less per bag of 500 rounds. And I can easily stretch 500 rounds over 2 days...then again, I'm a psycho and get eliminated fast I'm the guy that runs around with a 100 round hopper, half the common size. Eventually I'm gonna go to the Balloon field nearby and see how well they wallup me
  3. 120+120 in RAID0 Main 200 Storage Main 20 Secondary 6 Thirdary? 2 Closet 20 Mp3 Player 488 Total. And that's in GB
  4. There's something about smacking your friend with a Marballizer that's just so much more satisfying than pulling a stick out of a piece of styrofoam.
  5. Well in this case you dont necessarily need legs...but the window mod is what struck me as awesome.
  6. /slap Nothing wrong with thinking about the future. I'm a senior in high school and hardly have a clue
  7. And yes, Miles are Bigger than Kilometers.
  8. well the 9600xt is like killing a fly with a thumbtack, but hey, that's what I do. The 6800 and the 6600gts are the flyswatters
  9. heh, 2 posts while I typed this message...stupid phone call. yeah, like when you're at a boat ramp and the car stalls and rolls into the water and uh...oh yeah, the water's so cold you forget that you have your seatbelt on. Anything is possible, but not everything is probable. Seatbelts should be legally required, I dont wanna have to be picking your teeth out of my hood.
  10. gah, you beat me by one post! I was gonna say if you drove into the water and forgot how to operate a seatbelt. (in this case, power locks kill too, the ones on new cars that lock the doors when you're not in park that is) yeah it sucks that some people have to be so stupid when they drive, I would have no problem with raising the legal driving age...heh, I didnt get my license till 18. Anything to reduce the rate at which cars flood the road. (no pun intended...well...) Stuff like this makes me appreciate the fact that I drive a volvo.
  11. Knife. It was my #2 weapon on my stats page. My #1 weapon was the noob cannon, I liked how it sounded I also liked the TMP and the MAC10. My favorite pistol was the Fiveseven. my #3 weapon I think was the scout, I liked that one after i got my MX1000 but now I play CS like once a week. Funny, I just hit KP_6, Period for that combo
  12. OK, so I have an Asus (surprise) motherboard, P2 power Power up: beep code "Long-Short-Short-Short", look it up, memory related, could be bad memory, seated wrong, or bad memory slot, well i tried all 4 slots, no go, tried taking bios battery out for a bit, back in, still no worky, so I try different memory stick, still no work. Anybody have other things I should try before throwing the motherboard out? if this motherboard is dead, looks like I'll be putting a VIA Motherboard/Processor combo in it's place and selling that instead....I just have too many cases and cant stand throwing one out for free
  13. gotta ask an employee, I checked and there were none on the shelf, but I asked a stocker/clerk if they had any left, and she brought one out from the back room for me.
  14. they may be marked at that, but when scanned, I'll bet you 3 cookies that it will be $13 Onto my question, i have the ps1 screen as my secondary monitor, works great, but windows wont let me go below 800x600 on it, using multires or powerstrip, i can go way down in resolution, but it also changes my primary display to that low resolution. Is there a way that I can get my 5" screen to go 640x480 and my 17" to stay at 1024x768? PS: if you didnt get in on the deal, keep an eye on the price tags at other stores, or, scan them at those self price check things once in a while, sometimes you'll get lucky, for example, at Target, Jones soda 12 packs are marked at $3.99, but when scanned, they are only $3
  15. /slap OP, I sort of know where you're coming from, my GF is 700 miles away. Try to take comfort in the fact that you'll be able to be with her soon. I still have 2 months.
  16. The beach where this happened is actually where I went surfing last, we're always joking about how Salmon Creek is where the sharks are but man, it's true. Come november or so I'll probably be back out there, but right now it's mountain biking season. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/10/21/...ain960850.shtml I thought I saw this on the local news segment, the shark warning sign DOES NOT picture a shark, that is a dolphin in the wave!! I wanted to go to the coast and take a picture of that sign, but I guess I dont have to haha, plus I dont think it's really worth going all the way to the coast and being unable to go in the water because the beach is closed Stupid fish. But man, she actually plans on surfing more, not that I can blame her. So true.
  17. http://search.ebay.com/psone-lcd_W0QQfrppZ...rdsreturnedZ300 Watch ebay, there are a lot of opportunists out there and the market is gonna get flooded with these things. I dont have the time or money to pick up a bunch of these and send them all over the place, plus the deal is insane and you'll have a hard time getting these if you dont hurry. But I do believe it is nationwide, if it's not on the floor, ask someone if they have any PS1 screens in stock. Good luck! I got mine at the Kmart in Petaluma California. http://forums.slickdeals.net/t146194.html?&page=4&pp=15 here's the thread I learned about it in, there's people that cleared them out of quite a few stores and there are some that bought a few and are willing to sell.
  18. I picked up a PS1 5" LCD screen at K Mart today for $13 ($14.01 after 7.5% tax). These things have mini AV Input jacks so I hooked up rca to my video card and it works quite well, paired up with the omega drivers, I can display video on BOTH the PS1 screen and my regular monitor at the same time. I plan on taking all the excess fuzz off of it and modding it into my case. AV Input should help make it really easy, and there are a lot of tutorials that can be found specifically for the PS1 display through google Now I can have a portable PC 1337er than fps_doug's!!
  19. I had a toothpick in my mouth at the time of reading that, forgot about it and noticed that it was INSIDE my mouth, not even sticking out. It's in the garbage now The dark shape in the wave in this photograph IS NOT a shark, it is actually a dolphin. http://www.surfshooter.com/DolphinInfo.html
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