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  1. Sturdy and slobber-resistant, the PetCell isn't just for dogs. PetsMobility's parent company, On4 Communications, is simultaneously rolling out models for kids, the elderly and outdoor sports fanatics who enjoy snowboarding and kayaking.



    Good thing it's slobber resistant for the kids :D And the elderly sports fanatics :blink:



    Always remember to profread.

  2. The optimist: Half full

    Pessimist: half empty

    opportunist: drinks water

    cynic: predicted that opportunist would steal his water

    idealist: insists there's more water to be found

    realist: washes the glass.


    I'm the opportunist...now it's completely empty

  3. Best price i've seen on BF2 SF Recently.


    Pricematch it to Compusa and save $0.75 :P


    I bought it on black friday since I was at the store anyway and had a $15 GC from buying BF2 when it came out and I must say, it's the best official Battlefield expansion i've seen, this one actually caught on.


    Consider buying. Requires Battlefield2 to play.

  4. Sushi owns. Start out with a bowl of miso, move on to the tekka roll and rainbow rolls, chase with a california roll, and for dessert, caterpillar roll.



    It's all good though :P


    well, except that gasoline-playdoh-powerbar mix they call wasabi.

  5. what are u doing that requires 7-8?


    Flying jets and helicopters in BF2. ;)


    (try a dogfight while shooting the gun and launching missiles and talking to commander.)

    WA (Yes i use the rudder too), V to voice chat, Spacebar for Guns, KP_Insert for missiles, Arrow Left and Arrow Down at the same time. That's 7. 8 if I wanna view my scores :P

  6. you can get two tanks of gas for the price of that thing?? :blink:


    Dang my gas guzzling, environment polluting, Horned-Antarctic Otter killing, ozone annihilating, SUV :(


    In all seriousness, I have heard nothing but good things about that keyboard.  I myself have been looking into getting one.  I say go for it, and tell me how it goes.


    You first. :bah:


    The main issue i'm looking at is how many keys can be down at the same time.


    (btw, I drive Volvo 240...~15 gal tank, ~2.30 gallon = $69) :lol:

  7. I currently have a Logisys Illuminated Keyboard, but there are a few things that annoy me about it, the keys arent as visible as one might expect, you cant depress too many keys at once or else the keyboard stops responding, which has caused me to be outmaneuvered by numerous trees while flying in BF2. (Cant do joystick or mouse, but the enemy still hates me, kind of sad when I only get taken out by kamikazes, teammates, and the map though)




    Also, the multimedia keys arent illuminated and they are all the same shape, so it's hard to find the correct one. Who uses the sleep key anyway?



    Thirdly, the G15 just plain looks cool, especially with that LCD Display.



    Then there's the feature to turn off the game crasher keys such as the windows button...



    What the specs for the G15 dont tell us is how many keys can be pressed and registered at once? I heard that the Zboard allows for SEVEN! But I dont like the looks or shape of the Zboard.



    Anybody have the G15? How is key visibility? Are they lit evenly? (I've noticed pictures of the Saitek Eclipse showing only the letters lit well, everything else is dim, kind of defeats the purpose of an illuminated keyboard, as it's symbols, numbers, and F keys that people often need to look at the keyboard for.)



    Also, where's the best place to acquire one of these things? I do have a $10 rebate for it that came with BF2 SF.

  8. hehe, 18, didnt pay a cent, but I have to change phones every time the previous owner cancels their plan. :lol:









    but I am 18 and dont pay for it, it's more of a leash, to update my folks on where I am and to figure out why I went to the store, etc.

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