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  1. gah, figures, my PHPbb doesnt have this, Cant find a download for it anywhere, so I might have to just redo the forum. It's version 2.0.1 too. there should be a visual_confirmation.zip in the /contrib folder to be installed, but there isnt for me, and all the guides and such say it's already there by default, nothing provides a link to it.


    Unless of course, I can get this zip file they speak of as an attachment. :ph34r:

  2. Provided you keep your monitor off and don't use massive amounts of lighting, a computer under full load costs about $15 a month to run.


    Ever see a California electric bill? :lol:


    What it all comes down to:


    Your call.

  3. Am I mistaken or is xbox live required to get the 360 playing online? ($6 a month...)


    Then again, power bill increase that a PC will cause might make up for that.


    MMORPGs dont count, I dont play 'em :P

  4. KB's beat me to it.


    Why do people insist on top of the line? My 9600xt plays games that look better than any console I've seen. You can get a 6600gt and it plays games fine for $100.


    If hardware manufacturers got a cut from the gaming industry, that would just mean the games cost more. Save a toe lose a finger.


    Then of course, I pretty much just play BF2, and maybe a little CSS once a week.

  5. do you have somewhere to put surround speakers?


    Too many times have I seen people buy surround systems only to find that they are too lazy to mount the speakers to the wall or they dont have furniture to put them on or the cables get in the way so they just have 5 speakers on their desk...so sad.


    Nice thing about logitechs is that they have built in wall mounts.




    It's got a little character doesnt it?


    EDIT: Just read a Review on the CC website, and those creatives have a "wall mountable design" so you might be in luck, but they wont look like little black alien heads sticking out of the wall :lol:


    looks like you can get them for $64 shipped at newegg.



    BEWARE: Newegg reviews indicate that the satellite connections fail and the system is sensitive to interference, one even recommended logitech over these things :ph34r:

  6. I keep getting bots on my website forum posting random and nonsensical stuff, looking for a mod that puts that picture in the registration that gives an image with a series of letters and numbers to ensure that it's a human registering.


    Here's some of the stuff it posts.


    I have absolutly no idea... You should really take it up with a professional.


    Well that was a bit messed up...


    I completly agree....this is actually what my theisis was based upon.


    post comments here


    What do i need to get this to work?

  7. So I just got a set of Logitech Z640 5.1s off ebay for $35 shipped and got them.


    I'm debating mounting them to each corner in the room and then adjusting the balance for the corners further away, but these speakers dont have balance control, only fader.


    So if I were to use the control panel to change the balance to be perfect for the speakers, when nighttime comes around and I have to use headphones, problem is, the right side of the headphones would be much louder, all fine and good if i'm using them for music, but if I'm gaming, that can be a problem ya know?

    Any suggestions on what to do? Hotkeys come to mind, but I'm just not sure..


    SBLive 5.1


    Logitech Z640 5.1

  8. Funny, I ping fine on BF2 servers, 1300kbps SBC DSL, Northern California. I usually play on Texas servers, no issues pulling up server list. Found an awesome squad/team the other night, great attitudes.


    There's fun out there, just gotta join in and contribute.


    Decent Servers:

    BFSupreme.com (64 player)

    wOw Ranked walkonwater.cc (32)

    Menofgod Ranked fellowship (32)

    Team Wonderful's RANKED server (64)

    Blackops 1 (64)

    Blackops 2 (special forces 64)

  9. I didnt bother to read this thread, but I hope these STREET RACERS get arrested, ticketed, lose their license, or get flogged with something long and thin and with pieces of fiberglass shoved up under your toenails.


    42,196*.003=146 LIVES LOST due to arrogance and stupidity oh wait, that's in only one year, so multiply that by X years and subtract the differences. grow up and take it to the track, learn to put your numbers in perspective. I dont give a rip if you're doing it "safely," there's no such thing as a "safe" street race.

  10. dude, size doesnt matter as much as you think. (Look at Bose, those little speakers pack a big punch)


    I ordered a set of z640s off ebay for $35 shipped (refurb, so it's a gamble). the awesome thing about the Logitech speakers is that you can rotate the bases of them and mount them to your wall.


    The X530 is another good option, they are the replacement for the Z640, but I prefer to have the volume control on the center channel, so I went for the Z640 set.


    Don't get me wrong though, size does matter, 20 year old 10" Polk audio 3 way speakers sound slightly better than brand new Bose systems with dual 3" cubes and 6" sub...but they are practically classified as FURNITURE.


    I'd Recommend any logitech system. Z640, X530, Z5500, Z5300, Z680 etc.

  11. ya thats probablly better than what Ive been working on... large school cafitera... we'd probablly destroy it...


    Yeah and you might get high centered on the counter :ph34r:



    *Add another vote to Anti Street racing side of things. Drivers like that make MY INSURANCE more expensive. We'll see which car is faster when one is wrapped around a tree. There's gonna still be ice even on a salted road at 13*F, I dont give a rip if you were going 64 at the fastest, you're still paying too much attention to keeping the lead

  12. http://www.cbc.ca/story/arts/national/2005...ght_051209.html


    Internet sharing of chords, lyrics targeted

    Last Updated Fri, 09 Dec 2005 12:06:15 EST

    CBC Arts


    The U.S.-based Music Publishers Association is calling for a halt to websites that share song chords and lyrics.


    The move is an escalation in the copyright war against file-sharing on the internet.


    Guitar licks and song scores are widely available on the internet but are "completely illegal," association president Lauren Keiser told the BBC.


    The sites seldom have sheet music, such as a music publisher would print, but outline guitar chords for amateur musicians trying to pick out their favourite songs. They also have text of the lyrics.


    Amateur guitarists and bass players have long copied popular songs by ear. The internet has become an alternative source for when they can't figure out a chord.


    Keiser called for closing of sites that share guitar licks and lyrics and recommended jail time for site administrators who don't comply.


    A U.S. Supreme Court decision in June opened the door for lawsuits against file-sharing websites, especially those that encourage sharing of songs and movies.


        * RELATED STORY: File-sharing decision quashed by U.S. Supreme Court


    The recording industry has begun taking action against websites and software developers, but this is the first salvo by music publishers.


    "The Xerox machine was the big usurper of our potential income," Keiser said. "But now the internet is taking more of a bite out of sheet music and printed music sales so we're taking a more proactive stance."


    This week U.K. music publisher Warner/Chappell sent a cease-and-desist letter to the developer of song-lyric search software, pearLyrics.


    The company claims pearLyrics "enables people to copy and download lyrics" and that is a copyright infringement equivalent to copying songs online.


    PearLyrics worked with Apple's iTunes, searching the internet to find lyrics for songs in a user's collection.


    "I just don't see why pearLyrics should infringe the copyright of Warner Chappell because all I'm doing is searching publicly available websites," pearLyrics developer Walter Ritter said.


    Ritter has complied and killed the application. However, there are dozens of other search engines, including general-use search engines such as Explorer, that can be used to search for song lyrics.


    The MPA plans a co-ordinated legal campaign in 2006, targeting the largest, most popular sites that carry song scores and lyrics, according to Keiser. The association has not said which sites it intends to shut down, but says it will pursue strong legal action.


    I think this is a suicidal move on their part. I check lyrics before buying music to make sure it's something I want to listen to, I check lyrics when I cant understand what the artist is singing.


    Apparently somebody in charge put their finger too far up their nose. :bah:

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